Friday, May 6, 2011

Scenes from a Weekend : XVIII

So much loveliness happened over this past weekend. It's also when I decided to really celebrate my birthday in NYC. Another birthday gathering for me just ends up being a reason to force all my friends to get together to have a good time. Along with a fine group of old friends here in New York, Jentine and Merl flew in celebrate. They managed to fill my space limited apartment with piles of jewls and plenty of vintage clothing and I didn't mind one bit. My apartment is teeny tiny but we all managed to coexist quite nicely over the long weekend.
wkndXVIII  wkndXVIII
Merl and I came back into the city on Saturday after a few days out of town for a not so top secret photo shoot (ehem another lookbook cough cough). We met up with Yen at my apartment and started to get ready for the night on the town. One of the things I absolutely love about having girls over, let alone fellow blogger ladies, is the getting ready process. It's always nice to have people around to chat to, make snarky comments with, and bounce ideas off of. Plus the added bonus of having Merl there to curl my hair, let me borrow her lipstick, and throw jewls over my neck didn't hurt either. 
wkndXVIII  wkndXVIII
Yen was my self appointed date for the evening as we headed into Brooklyn to enjoy the golden hour and watch the sun go down behind Manhattan. She helped me navigate around uneven sidewalks, serenaded me in the subway, and was a fantastic big spoon the morning after. It was by far the best date I've ever had. She's a keeper. 
After hopping around in Brooklyn for a while we met up with Veronika, Nikka, and Mel. Once again I was caught between my blogging world and my world of real life friends. Moments like that always make me appreciate the really great people I've found in my life. It took some narrowing down over the past few months, but I love being able to look around and realize how very lucky I am that these people are in my life. All the old friendships, and the brand new ones. 
Sunday morning Yen, Merl, and I grabbed a delicious bite for brunch then functioned our way through midtown. Having no particular agenda was actually nice. I didn't feel like I needed to tour guide them around the city, and they were fine with wandering aimlessly which is what I usually like to do. We took the long way home, leisurely walking up through Central Park. 
wkndXVIII  wkndXVIII
We dipped into a cozy little wine bar near my place for a romantic meal together. Then back to my apartment for the rest of the evening. It was such a laid back and fun weekend surround by some truly amazing people, which made it all the more surreal when the historic news broke. I'll never forget the way I felt as an American, or as a New Yorker that Sunday night. 
Photos by me, Merl, Jentine, and Veronika
You can check out a few of Yen's posts from the weekend, Brooklyn View and Tulips and Technology. Or head over to Mel's, Nikka's or Veronika's posts. And keep an eye on Merl's blog for sneak peaks of the Lookbook! If you haven't been to all of these ladies blogs yet I'd highly recommend checking them out.
Thank you so much to everyone who could make it for my birthday! I had a blast and am so glad I could celebrate my 26th with all of you very wonderful people. Thank you, thank you!



megannielsen said...

you girls are the cutest!! sounds like you had such a blast!!

Also can i just say how much i adore your pink skirt? GORGeous!


oh my goodness, the cutest thing ever!! You girls are all so adorable and it looks like such an amazing time. Can I jump on a plane next time? Hehe, so jealous of this fab weekend. ;-) xx veronika

Sarah said...

Looks like such an awesome weekend, great photos! I love the bright maxi skirt xx

showgirl godzilla said...

oh, what an amazing weekend it was! so so happy to have been there to celebrate with you. more soon, please!

myedit said...

Haha...big spoon. We were more like fork and knife! Next time? Spoons all the way!
I forgot about dancing in the subway. Probably because just around then we discovered that Merl's heels were melting.
What a weekend...
Next question. When you gonna put on sexy time post? I am dying.

Santina said...

This looks like so much fun! It also makes me a little sad...I miss my girlfriends so much! It's so true that getting ready is a million times more fun with friends. I have some amazing memories from Portland of getting ready for a night of 80's dancing at my house. Awwww...

Now let's talk about you! Morgan, you look goooooorgeous in that bright skirt! Seriously, wear it every day. It's just too amazing!

ModeKarussell said...

Wow. This pink maxi skirt is so damn amazing!!

Hope you'll stumble over my blog too ;)
Modekarussell (

Sweet Laundry said...

The connection and chemistry between you and Jentine is so evident in these photos. You two should be on Dancing With The Stars. And you look so pretty in pink!

jessie said...

looks like the best time ever!!! glad you gals had fun, and i am totally coveting that pink skirt you have on. (confession: i've tried it on BOTH of the last two times i was in anthropologie!)

looks gorgeous on you, dear! XOX

Between Laundry Days said...

Looks like you all had the most wonderful time!

kelsey williams said...

You look amazing and it sounds like you had a wonderful day!

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