About Morgan

My name is Morgan. I'm 25 years old. I live in NY, NY. I have a dog named Lua, she's on the site too. We live in a tiny apartment, with a tiny bedroom, and a tiny kitchen. It sounds a little strange to say "we" live in an apartment,  like we're roommates or something. Don't worry, Lua doesn't use the stove. 

How do you describe yourself without sounding so, so, self involved. I guess the question really is how do you have a blog without sounding so self involved. Good question. I honestly started this because I felt like I needed an outlet. Somewhere to say something, about anything.  Somewhere to keep tabs on my life. There's also the fact that I like blogs. I like reading other peoples blogs. I like being inspired by their stories, their outlooks on different things, the food they make, and yes, their clothes.

My interests vary daily, but what 25 year olds don't. I 'd like to think that one day I'll have things all figured out (the reality is that most people never do). Some constants in my life have been the water, the environment and animals. I deepened my love for travel when I studied abroad for the first time in 2005. I've been many places since then. There are so many more places to go. 

I'm working hard on a lot of things in my life right now. Being a better person is one of them. Reaching outside my comfort zone is another (this blog fits that bill). In order to be better you have to try new things right? 

Cheers to this, one of many new things,


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