Wednesday, June 30, 2010

Fence Posts

fence posts
Sunday morning Kev and I headed out to grab breakfast. Having grown up in a town speckled with farm land we didn't have to go very far to find a perfectly quaint farm house. I had some idea in my mind that I wanted to be leaning on a fence so we drove around for 40 minutes looking for the perfect spot, and waiting for the breakfast place to open. Of course we ended up back at the first place we saw. This  is owned by one of Kevin's friends. He said it's exactly what you would expect out of an old farm house. Wide wooden floor planks, charming kitchen, walk through bedrooms, the whole deal. 
Fence Posts
fence posts
fence posts fence posts
Fence Posts
I wore this on my car ride back to New York. Ok, ok again without the shoes. It's really simple, but that's what I like about it. This was by no means what I had intended to wear. When I was getting dressed this just came together. Sometimes you just have to go with what's easiest. I even like that I'm not wearing a belt. Simple, simple. And all the vintage pieces are from family members, which I of course love.

fence posts  fence posts fence posts
This post is short on writing because I just got a brand spanking new roommate! I showed her my blog. She called my "style" earthy, vintage, and chic. I'll take that. She's also inviting me to the Gilt Groupe like it's no big deal. Then she threw in that she is going shopping tomorrow and is excited because she wants to dress me. I think craigslist is paying me back for the terribly crazy lady I got stuck with last time.
fence posts
JCrew TShirt, Madewell Jeans, Jeffrey Campbell Splendid Sandals
My Moms Vintage Scarf, My Moms High School Ring as Necklace, My Great Great Aunts Coral Earrings
(Kevin's middle school in the background)
Fence Posts

I'm heading out of the city tomorrow for two weeks. First, I'm going to two weddings. One of a friend from high school and the other of my old roommate. After that Kev and I are heading to the beach for the week. My office closes for two weeks every summer, it's a really nice break. I'm not sure what my schedule will be posting here, but I can guarantee that I will be taking full advantage of having Kev around for the week to take pictures. Thanks Kev! 
See you all soon!

Tuesday, June 29, 2010

Lake in the Park

Lake in the Park
Saturday was unbearably hot in Maryland. Kev and I had big plans for the day. We decided to head to the store, grab some picnic friendly food, and go to a nearby park with Lua.
Lake in the Park
Lake in the Park
Ducks in flight. Spooked by Lua.
Lake in the Park
A hawk flew low overhead and dropped a feather right in front of us.
Lake in the Park
In the heat with a redheaded boy. Redheads do not like the sun. I love freckles though.
Lake in the Park
And then we walked through an enchanted forest.
Lake in the Park
Lake in the Park
The truth is that we only lasted about 40 minutes and enjoyed our picnic food in the A/C back at Kev's house. It was just too hot. This park is full of creatures, pretty views and is huge! The first time we went to it Lua was a new addition to my life. We walked her around the entire lake with her doggie backpack on for some exercise and it took over 2 hours. That was back when she was only 50 pounds. What a monster now.
Lake in the Park

I'm testing some things out photo wise, but tomorrow another outfit is coming your way!
Weardrobe Featured Page
Also extreme excitement. Kate from O My Heart! just let me know that I am on the featured page over on Weardrobe today! I am truly so excited about it. Last time I checked I am the third one down.
Thanks for being here everyone!

Monday, June 28, 2010

Through Fields

Oh hi there. What's that you say? No water in this post? Correct! For the first time in many outfit posts this will be one without water. This weekend I went down to visit Kev in Maryland. While I was busy growing up at the waters edge, Kev was walking through fields and hanging with friends on their farms. 
This area used to be a farm when Kev was growing up. It's now owned by a company who has subdivided it and is selling plots for homes. There is one model home at the entrance to the community, all set up complete with a prop car in the driveway. Model homes will forever remind me of Arrested Development. Please tell me you've seen it.
I wore this Friday for my road trip down to see Kev. Ok, everything but the shoes. I would however definitely wear this to a happy hour event, or BBQ joint, or to bed. I'm pretty obsessed with these shoes. They truly are substantial. I love a shoe that has that feel to it. I've gone through many a pair of shoes, just because I've worn out the heel by walking too many miles in them. I have no idea how I could even attempt to wear down the heel on these. These are quality shoes that have been on display in my apartment since they arrived.
They're 50% off. Can you go buy them now? I promise you won't be disappointed.
If you happen to follow my nonsensical tweets you'll know that I got my haircut Friday morning. What you see here is a direct from the salon, in the car for 6+ hours later style. I am still pretty upset about my bangs. I think they were cut too flat if that makes sense. This normally wouldn't be that much of a problem but I'm in a wedding this coming weekend and I need my bangs, and skin to be spot on. 
Kev and I pulled into this field on our way to pick up dinner. We spent the rest of the night on the couch watching Alice in Wonderland. I highly recommend it if you haven't seen it yet. I'm a huge Johnny Depp fan so naturally the Mad Hatter was my favorite character. It was a big coincidence that I ended up wearing light blue that day, but after seeing the movie, I'm completely up for expanding the light blue pieces in my closet, despite not having gorgeously curly blond hair.

Madewell Top, Modcloth Shorts 'n' Sweet Shorts, JCrew Belt, Jeffrey Campbell Splendid Sandal
Vintage Necklace from Jess James Jake, Antique Ring gift from parents

I retouched that scar on my right leg, but it was strange not looking at my own leg, so I left it untouched. It's a shaving scar from a few years ago! How intense is that. I guess I scar easily. I actually left all the photos untouched because I'm sort of loving my new camera. And Kev was sort of loving the lighting. 

Are you a land lover or do you have sturdy sea legs?

How was everyones weekend? I'm still adjusting to this whole work all day, come home and do the blog all night schedule. It's been draining, but also very rewarding. Are there any seasoned pros out there with tricks up your sleeves? Or newbies struggling along with me? I'd love to hear from you all! 

Friday, June 25, 2010

Thriftaway Giveaway Winner

Without further adieu, the winner of the Thriftaway giveaway is,

I'll send you an email with all the information soon.

And don't forget you have the rest of Friday to get 15% off anything in Mikhaila's shop by entering code "Morgan and Lua" in the message to seller at checkout. 
Go grab all your favorites!

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Thank you everyone who entered and a big thank you to Mikhaila for hosting. You can keep up with Mikhaila on her blog if you aren't already. 

I'm off to see Kev for the weekend and catch up on some quality time with him. You girls have any special plans? Or fun things to do in the Maryland area? 
Have an amazing weekend!

Wednesday, June 23, 2010

Fogged in Lavender

On Sunday Kev and I once again grabbed breakfast and headed to the beach with Lua. After a weekend of full sunshine it was nice to wake up to a thick fog. I especially like fog when I'm with Kev, because that means things like, tea inside, talking on the couch, and not being rushed to get up and go before we miss one ray of sunshine. A foggy day is unhurried in a way that is comfortable and cozy to me. Especially when it seems all I've been doing recently is scrambling around.
After we ate breakfast and sat around for awhile we headed to the park with Lua and took some shots. The truth is, I was being pretty hard to photograph. Kev took some pictures and when we went to review them he said, "Your hair is kind of struggling." ha. It was true. I was also making the most terrible faces. I think this outfit is supposed to be cute. Especially with the wonderfully light lavender color of the pants (which I love). I don't know how to make a cute face. I don't really even know how to smile in pictures without it looking like I'm posing for my middle school shot. Instead I made faces like these:
At least Lua always look cute.
I really love this buttermilk yellow vintage clutch from Tree & Kimball Market! The leather is so soft and the lining makes it really special. Lisa, the shop owner, just got married. Make sure to head over to her shop and show her some newlywed love! She has some truly extraordinary finds.
My favorite part of the day was that Kev decided instead of leaving at 11am he was going to hang around until 4pm. Five more hours with him and I'm a happy girl.
Gap Chambray Shirt, Madewell Striped Top, JCrew Pants, Abercrombie Belt (from middle school) Minnetonka Moccasins from DSW
Vintage Necklace from Jess James Jake, Vintage Clutch from Tree & Kimball Market

Guess what else? I guest posted this outfit on Paige's site, Barefoot & Vintage! I was heading to work today when I saw her desperate tweet and decided I would be more than happy to help her out. Wordpress was a little tricky to use when I'm used to blogger, but I'm happy with the outcome. Here's the post! Then stay awhile and check out everything else Paige has done there. If you want even more Paige click over to her vintage shop.

Don't forget to enter the Thriftaway giveaway if you haven't yet! Mikhaila is giving away an amazing gray suede bag, and offering a 15% discount to everything in her store. Check it out here.

Thanks everyone! It's been a crazy few days, few weeks, few months. I really appreciate you all coming by and hanging out!

Monday, June 21, 2010

Circa 1962

This is my first car. It rumbled up to my house Christmas day of my junior year in high school. My parents bought it on Ebay and had it shipped down from where it was working on a farm in Vermont. I drove it to high school everyday my senior year. Driving in the winter was hard. Even though I lived less than a five minute drive to school I would stall out multiple times on the way just because the engine was still too cold to run. I had to lift the hood, and huge tire, every morning to manually turn on and off the battery. I love this car. 
I think the cars we drive really define us. When I went away to college my parents couldn't let me take this car, as it would never make it the 2 1/2 hour drive to school. I was really upset about the 'image' I was loosing. Sure it's shallow, but it's also sentimental. I had such a connection with this car and I really wanted to drive it around campus and have my newest friends see what I felt I was all about. Not something shiny and new, but this old rambling car filled with character. 
Features: John Deere Green exterior paint color from its days as a farm vehicle in Vermont. A bench seat in front, ideal for 60's nights spent necking at drive in movies. Individual wind shield wiper motors. Two front air vents. Four center facing foldable bucket seats in the back. To turn on the brights you have to step on a button. 
Fun Facts: My dad has done nearly all the work on this car to make it run. This is the car I learned to drive manual on. The white roof can be replaced by a canvas soft top, or removed all together for a pick up look. I passed Jerry Seinfield while driving this car and he gave me a thumbs up - true story. If I could go back to 1962 and drive this car cross country, I would in a second. 
The car is retired now, and lives at my parent's beach house. It's only duty to tote people to and from the beach. That sounds like a pretty good life to me. 
Saturday Kev and I got up early and grabbed some breakfast to eat at the beach (note his coffee on the step). I wore this outfit straight to the ocean beach afterwards. My olive green bathing suit is underneath. I've been looking for a giant brown sun hat and when I ran all my errands Friday I found this one! Pleasant little shopping surprise. It can be hard for a brunette to wear brown sometimes. The brown either clashes, or is too matchy. I was a little worried about this brown clashing with my locks, but I think it's alright.  
JCrew Hat, Madewell Dress, Minnetonka Shoes
Vintage Wooden Necklace from Capricious Traveler, Wooden Bracelet from Market, Vintage Scarf from My Mom's Closet

I sent a picture to Jessica of What I Wore again for her Safari Chic Challenge. It just so happens that Land Rovers are commonly used on Safari in Africa. I'm not sure exactly why other than the fact that they're reliable, easy to fix, and great offroad vehicles. If you watch Animal Planet I'm sure you've seen one. 
Besides the car the outfit was safari inspired with the animal print scarf, and giant sun protecting hat. The dress is white to reflect the sun, loose and airy to avoid the heat. Good for safari or beach, either way. ha
Pictures by Kev
Do you feel a connection to your car? Do you think it defines you in some way? 

ps - First official photo shoot with the new camera. What do you think?
pps - Check out the Thriftaway Giveaway here if you haven't yet!
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