Thursday, April 29, 2010

Take a Trip

This is the gift I got from Kev for my 25th birthday. A black journal with a Rottweiler bookmark. What's important about it is that it's not just any journal. It's a journal from one of our trips. 
We starting keeping track of ours trips this way with our first one right after college. We met up in Maryland and road tripped it down to Savannah, Georgia for a week. It was our graduation present to each other. Instead of getting anything we took the trip together. The next big trip was Denver, Colorado. We started this journal for that trip. 
I'm not including all the trips to NYC, all around Long Island, DC, Baltimore, snowboard trips in the North East etc. I guess only certain trips qualified for the journal. Then there was the period after Savannah where we passed the book back and forth. One of us would have it for a week and then when we met up on the weekends we would switch and so on. It was fun for a while, but neither of us are the best at keeping journals. It was something we tried when we made the switch from normal relationship, to long distance. 
Savannah, Georgia - May 2007   ~   Breckenridge, Colorado - January 2009   ~   Newport, Rhode Island - March 2010

I think I'm going to do a retrospective post about our Newport trip. That was my Christmas present from Kev this year. It was right before I started doing all this here and we talked about if I should do it or not while taking outfit shots for the potential blog. Maybe I'll even go as far as doing a way back when post on the Savannah trip. The Savannah pictures are funny because we are so fresh out of college, and fresh out of being full time athletes. I played lacrosse, he played football. 

So, what's the gift? A trip. To San Francisco and surrounding areas (which might morph into a trip to Hawaii). 
San Francisco pictures taken from my senior year Spring Break trip with the lacrosse team.

The itinerary:
I hope you can read Kev's handwriting. He has us in San Francisco, Big Sur, Yosemite National Park "take cool pictures for your blog", and then Sonoma.  I don't even know if all that traveling within one trip is possible, but I'd definitely like to try! Thanks for the bday gift on my bday Kev! You know I'll always take a trip. 
Sorry the journal pictures are a little fuzzy. I went hunting for a Nikon today. No developments yet, but soon. I think I'll get impulsive on this one. Also looked around for a new phone. Mine isn't holding a charge anymore and the place where you charge it is starting to break. Better than my phone in college that was held together with a rubber band and tape for months. Making moves with all this technology.

Wednesday, April 28, 2010

Swimming Pup

More Lua, less me.
Sunday we drove back to my parent's house at the midway point on Long Island. It was super overcast and pretty cold. When Kev and I got back he ate quickly and then continued on his way to Maryland. We headed down to the end of the block before he left to left Lua take for a little dip. She loves the water. I'd say it's #1 on her obsession list. Also on that list are skateboards, balls, and other dogs. And not always in a good way.
Ready, Set, Go
This is the bay. Just over that bridge in the background is the ocean. It was amazing to grow up so close to all this water. I can't imagine it having been any different. Kev and I took a trip out to Denver in January of 2009. It was the first time I was in the middle of the country. Strange experience to say the least. I kept looking for the harbors. Ask Sarah. She can vouch for me.
Outfit was me trying to be uncomplicated on a gray, get in the car and drive a while day. This is easily my new favorite shirt. It's so soft and easy to wear. I think all the details on the front add a lot of interest. When I got it I had to hold back from buying it in every color. Having never been a pink girl before I'm really liking it now. It might have something to do with my girl crush on Zooey Deschanel, but I'll never tell. Plus it has the whole crochet / macrame thing going on that I was talking about being newly obsessed with.
Old Navy Cardigan, Gap Chambray Shirt, Anthropologie Top, Madewell Jeans
Earrings made from reclaimed glass from Camden Market, London
Shell bracelet from market, Vintage Frye Boots from Old Baltimore Vintage

Here's a little question for you all. I'm thinking of going DSLR. What's your opinion? Nikon, Canon, other?

Tuesday, April 27, 2010

Wine Tour

Wine Tour
Ok, so Saturday morning we woke up early to get ready and make some breakfast at my house. Little did I know the work was already done for me! My friends showed up with dozens of bagels in hand. They also brought Champagne, Orange Juice, and plenty of snacks for the limo. Things like Peeps were involved. I packed some Vitamin Water and Cheez-its for the ride and we were good to go. 
We took off promptly at 10:30am. Our limo drivers name was Sixto. This is no joke. 6-toe. We didn't find out his name until lunch. The only reason we knew was because his name was written on our lunch bag.
The day took us from vineyard to vineyard. At the second one we ate some lunch outside. The weather was gorgeous! And my friend brought a cake for me! The big -25-. Woah. So nice of her. I blew out the candles and everything. I think it became a legit birthday party when the cake got involved. We actually got to meet up with another group of friends at the 3rd vineyard, completely by coincidence. I guess it was a good weekend for wine drinking. Then onto the 4th where we were all settling into our day full of wine, fun, laughter, and quality time with top notch friends. 
Please note: Highly Recommended [It's an explosion in your mouth]

I went with a little variation of this outfit. Switched out the belt for the vintage scarf, lost the hair accessory, went plain on the cardigan and pink on the necklace. I like how it came together in the end though. Very much representative of me. This dress is actually a lot more blue in person. I wasn't expecting that when I ordered it from Modcloth, but it was a pleasant surprise. I was happy with the blue-ish, pink, green combination. All colors I like and all colors that are fitting of spring. Not to mention that I can't get enough of these shoes. The heel is not too high, so I was able to wear them all day. And the ankle strap really holds me in there. 
I had an amazing time this weekend. There's something so comforting about being surrounding by some of your best friends, and knowing that they are truly people who care about you. Since my friends don't exactly know about this blog yet -woops- I'm not going to use any of the pictures with them, because I'd want to ask them first, and I can't ask if they don't know about it. For the time being I'm ok with not telling them. I think it'll have to happen naturally, I don't want to force it. 
Sucre Sunglasses, Zara Cardigan, On the Veranda Dress from Modcloth, Anthropologie Heels, Madewell Bag
Coral Earrings from market in Australia (?), Coral Necklace from store in Rome
Amber Ring from Portobello Market in London, Scarf from Beacon's Closet

We got back to the south fork around 6:30pm. Great time to catch the sunset, after 8 hours of wine tasting, ha. Kev and I snuck away just as the sun was setting to take some pictures.
These are reasons I love this place:

I love that Kev took these pictures. It was a great weekend and now I'm 25. What a way to close out all the celebrating.

Monday, April 26, 2010

Romp Around the Lake

Text to Kev:
I'm wearing a ridiculous outfit.

This was the text I sent him as he was driving up this weekend. I think he was scared. 
To other people this outfit may not seem strange in the least. But to me it was a huge leap. I'm usually a plain jane and since starting this blog (a month ago!) I have done alot of things that I wouldn't necessarily ever have tried. This floral romper is certainly one of them. 
Kev and I met up at my parent's on Long Island. It's the midway point between the city and the east end of Long Island, and just made sense for us to meet there before heading all the way out east for the wine tour (pics tomorrow!). We got in pretty late, the sun was going down as we set out to look for places to take pictures of my ridiculous outfit.
We took a few very quick pictures at this abandoned house near where I live. These pictures don't really do it justice because we were both so nervous! I was scared that someone was going to drive by and yell at us for trespassing. It's this huge white house that looks like it belongs on some sprawling Southern Estate. 
After we ran away from there we headed over to the lakes in a nearby neighborhood. I spent alot of time around these lakes growing up. Riding bikes, walking with girls, running away with boys, woops! One of my best friends lived over here as well as many other not as best friends. 
The ducks are used to people coming to feed them so they swarm as soon as you step foot near the water. 
I picked up the romper on Friday after I got my haircut. Could you tell? See, I'm a plain jane. 
To be honest I've been impatiently waiting to wear this belt with something and when I tried on the romper I saw an opportunity. I'm really into crochet/macrame these days. I like the texture, the vintage appeal. I really like this belt. I like this belt to the point that I want to wear it everyday. The romper, I'm not sure about yet. It's certainly an adjustment for me. 
Scarf from my mom, Ann Taylor Loft Cardigan, Zara Romper, Modcloth Belt
Vintage Necklace from Jess James Jake, Vintage Boots from Capricious Traveler

Have you done anything in the last month that put you way outside of your comfort zone? Something that had you stop and think, who am I?
Thank you so much for being around this past month, these last few days, or just this first time. This has been a new and huge adventure for me. I genuinely appreciate your comments, time spent here, or just your lurking around, ha. I am learning so much about myself through this experience. I can only imagine where this will take me. 
Thank you, thank you!
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