Monday, May 9, 2011

Sarcastic Sweets

I am, in real life, an extremely sarcastic, occasionally quite abrupt person. It doesn't always come across in my writing because I try to write with the mindset that no one else is reading this. That tends to make everything seem intimate and read much more like a diary. So here we go: Dear Diary, 
I know I'm a sarcastic, sometimes a little rough around the edges type of person. The problem I have is when my sarcasm goes from light hearted to coming off as mean spirited. Unfortunately it happens much more than I would like it to. Quite a few of my friends have stories in their back pockets about specific times when I was far too unedited with people. It tends to be people who haven't been around me long enough to know that I don't really mean everything that I say. Especially if I'm meeting a person for the first time or if I'm particularly nervous, the comments start to fly. 
pink  pink
I've been trying really hard the past few months to reshape some things about my personality. I will always be who I am, but I want to be the best possible version of myself I can be. I know I'll always be slightly harder to take than the stereotypical bubbly blond, miss giggles a lot, but I'm ok with that. I just don't want to bombarded people within the first five minutes of meeting me with an unexpected or  exceedingly short comment. I know I wouldn't like it, so why have I always been that way towards other people?
It's especially hard for me to remember that this is something I've been working on when I'm around people who are also extremely sarcastic. I forget to pause for that breath before I respond. Then it escalates. Sarcasm can go from kind of funny to completely mean with the change of a few words or a tilt of the head. 
pink  pink
I can and have to some extent become much better at curbing my initial rude and sarcastic comments to people I've just met. Luckily, I decided this was something I wanted to work on before I started meeting a whole slew of new people. As time went on and I started to work on a hundred different things about myself, I naturally forget about a few. I feel like as I begin to get more comfortable in my own skin again, every once in a while I see my attitude starting to shift back.
Then I start to think about the whole theory of love and be loved. If I want to be a better person, than I have to start treating people the way that I want to be treated. One of the oldest lessons we've all ever learned, but sometimes it takes a little reminder before things really start to sink in. You can't expect people to be sweet and kind to you, if you don't act the same way to everyone else out there, right? 
Tank from H & M, Skirt from Anthropologie, Heels from Bloomingdales 
Vintage Ring from my Grandma, Pink Lipstick borrowed
Harness Necklace Borrowed from Clyde's Rebirth 2011 Spring/Summer Lookbook

I've very aware of the fact that I'll never be described or introduced as the "sweet girl". I think I'm ok with that too. There has to be a way for me to keep my sarcastic nature in tact, while still being a nice person. I am a kind, warmhearted, compassionate person and I generally only have the best of intentions. I just don't always know how to say the right thing at the right time. I'm working on it. 
Goodnight dear diary. xoxo, Morgan
Photos by Merl, Cheering section by Jentine
Many thanks to Merl and Jentine for helping me get ready on Saturday night. I had the basic idea of what I wanted to wear all lined up, but they really helped me pull everything together. I figured I'd give the lipstick look a try after Merl slapped some on me for a few of the Lookbook shots. Jentine was basically my cheering section the whole night out. I did feel slightly fancy walking around with the long flowy hot pink skirt on, but it was my party and I'll cry, I mean dress up if I want to. 



megannielsen said...

Firstly, you are KNOCK OUT!! I love this outfit sooo much - you look gorgeous hun!! I think these might be my favourite photos ever.

Secondly, I know I haven't met in you in person yet - but if I was to describe you to anyone, I would definitley describe you as the sweet girl. You have been nothing but an absolute doll to me - love ya hun!!!

I'm so impressed by how pro-active you've been with your introspection - it makes me want to look at myself a bit more deeply :)


granola2glam_chris said...

You sound a lot like me....the sarcasm can be offensive to some. I have to remind myself to be a bit more kosher around others :)

Great skirt, btw!

Santina said...

Morgan, you look so ridiculously beautiful in these photos! I love the skirt, and, of course, the necklace is amazing!

I totally understand what you mean. I'm super sarcastic and really honest. Sometimes I say things without even thinking (bad habit) and someone ends up hurt...when that was never my intention at all. I do try to ease people into the full on sarcasm. No one would describe me as the "sweet girl". Ha ha ha. Just thinking about that made me laugh...

Anonymous said...

Sometimes I'll get a knot in my stomach and not know what it's from. I mean I know it's from something I've said but it could be from years ago or last week. I'm not sure how it creeps into my mind but it won't go away until I pinpoint the exact cringe worthy fully well intentioned "joke" I made sometime in my past. It's. Painful.


Stunning, you are such a beauty. And that gorgeous sun flare has me spell bound. Love what you wrote, so personal, and relatable. Oh and I adore everything about this ensemble. xx veronika

Matchless Vision said...

We all have parts of our personality we'd like to change and I am glad to see that you don't want to change who you are but better what you have. I think you've got a thoughtful and unique personality that you should never give up. Thank you for sharing your deep thoughts on yourself, it can sometimes be the most difficult thing to look at.

Kate said...

You are killing me in this outfit. SO GORGEOUS I cant even handle it. The skirt is absolute perfection. Also, I adore your honesty, and I love that you are not trying to change who you are but become the best version of you possible... that's really inspiring and a great way to look at things. And did I mention you look super hot & gorgeous here? Yes? Okay, just wanted to reiterate.

Taylor Marie said...

You look absolutely gorgeous! I love your hair and that skirt is to die for!

I know exactly what you mean about sarcasm! I feel that I do the same thing, and it is really hard when you first meet someone, or someone doesn't know your personality as well. I would never want to come off mean, but I am super sarcastic at times as well and it is a difficult balance!

Amanda Blair said...

WOWZA! You look amazing. This skirt is perfect...and i am super jeal' that I don't have one.

I'm pretty sarcastic/upfront too. I don't always filter either but I know I always love people that are super honest too, so I hope people feel the same about me. Although, maybe that's just letting myself off too easy haha.

Anna Jane said...

you look amazing in pink and i have total hair envy. i really like this post as i'm actually the same way. i'm super sarcastic and i'm just not that bubbly. i love to laugh and joke around but it's usually self-depreciating :)

but again, you look awesome!

Frannie Pantz said...

A) You look AMAZING! I love the necklace and the skirt. They are breath taking on you
B) I have the same issue with sarcasm and dry humor. My best friend and I love to be "cruel" to each other and people who don't know us think we are just awful to each other, but it is all out of love. I know that when sh*t hits the fan, he's there hands down.

eat.sleep.wear. said...

I am in love with everything in this outfit, and everything about you! You look so girly and beautiful!!! I am glad Merl slapped some pink on those lips and these photos are just gorgeous!

Of course i am going to snatch this necklace up from merl. OF COURSE.

And ps. i think your NICE. and if your not, ill just slap you :))) LOVE you to pieces. And don't change a single thing about you. xo, Kim

KristiMcMurry said...

Morgan, you look STUNNING!!! That is such a great color on you. look amazing.

I can sort of relate on the sarcasm thing. I'm not as much like that on first meetings, but as I get to know people I start to let go of my restraints. I've put my foot in my mouth SEVERAL times. I think my biggest problem is always saying what I think...sometimes I should just THINK it. I hope your attempts at curbing the sarcasm are successful :)

Anonymous said...

This is my favorite outfit of yours ever. You look beautiful!

~ Lara the Denverite

daer0n said...

You are sooo gorgeous! I totally LOVE this outfit!

SarahAnn said...

The best, smokingest photoshoot you've ever done.
And I love your sarcasm, for the record.

Sarah said...

First of all I love this outfit so much!! I wouldm love to re-create it but not sure I'd be able to find a bright pink maxi skirt in NZ :( You look lovely too - I love the lipstick on you. Secondly I think we may have been twins.....I am EXACTLY the same as you in the sarcasm department, alot of people when they first meet me just assume/think Im a bitch because Im a bit of a smartarse/sarcastic biatch and half the time I think I am so smartarse/sarcastic because I dont know how to interact with people sometimes - especially people I dont know, Im very shy when I dont know people and when they get to know me Im the opposite....Im weird lol. Im glad theres someone else like me out there, Im trying to work on it too :) xxx

myedit said...

You know I love these pictures! I have to admit, you were sharper than I expected you to be (when I met you IRL) but I like that because I suspect I am also sharper than I come across on the bloggity. Maybe it's just a defense to say the funny truth instead of brushing it off. Every year, no joke, it is my New Years' resolution to be easier with mu comments and words.

Brittany Videll said...

First of all, the obvious. These pictures are the best I've seen of you ever! You look like a MODEL and these look like they belong in a magazine!

Secondly, good for you! It's so hard to look at ourselves from an outside perspective and truly realize what people might not get or like. We can't please everyone, but you are right about being the best version of yourself. Such a mature thought.

Emily said...

Amen sister. I can't tell you how often i blurt rude things to people who dont really know me. Especially boys. girls dont really react well to sarcastic girls they dont know hahaha.
cute boys... omg i lose control and i say terrible things lol well i just say joking making fun sarcastic things. i did it like 5 mins ago and he just reacted like uhhhh what? oh lord.
needless to say, i understand. and my mom doesnt get sarcasm so i already have to watch it when i talk to her or she'd be mad at me every time i opened my mouth.

Kathleen said...

woww you are just SO SO chic. i seriously love this outfit, and omg that necklace gorgeous. your style is amazing and can i just say, you're definite fashion eye candy ;).
now following you! :)

<3, Kathleen.


cute blog! I’ll follow you!
I have a fashion blog too, I hope u'll be one of my followers on Bloglovin and on Facebook:-)

Claire M. said...

Nice necklace I love it so much :)

Claire M.

Louise said...

The skirt is just amazing!
I have the same problem where my nervous, jokey silliness sometimes comes off wrong and people just think I'm rude. I like what you said about the being the best possible version of yourself.

Leah Faye said...

I don't mean to say that we have the same personality, I know that first of all it is impossible, everyone is slightly different at least and secondly I only 'know' you through your blog. But, I do have similar feelings about my own personality. I sometimes am way too sarcastic with certain people, It especially hit me when boss told me that one of my fellow employees told her that I was rude to her. I was so shocked! I had never intended to be rude, and when it was pointed out I still didn't think it was rude because I know I was being sarcastic.
I look at all the 'sweet' 'lovable' girls around my campus though and I realize that I cannot be like that either, it just isn't who I am. I just need to be a more toned down version of myself when it is appropriate.
This was a great post.

Anonymous said...

the pictures are so pretty and the skirt is definitely something to be envious about!

regarding your topic of this post i can relate in a major way. certain times i have to watch myself and kind of censor myself around others, especially new people that i meet. thank you for sharing! feels good to know that i'm not the crazy one in this world, but that there are people out there that think the same way as i do :)


Jacquelyn said...

OMG your outfit, your makeup, your hair! I love it all!!!

Love your blog!! New Follower <3

xo Jackie

Mancina said...

aaaaaaaaaaa aaaamaaaziiing!!!!! you look stunning and the outfit is perfect!!!! a am literally blown away by this post!

The Daily Fashionista said...

You've been nothing but sweet to me:D I am so much the same way with my sarcasm. It was my defense mechanism as a young nerdy person who got picked on and it seems to have stuck into adulthood. So I totally understand where you're coming from. My goodness!! If we were to meet in person! There'd be unintentional insults all over the place!! hehee..just kidding. I'd be sweet as pie to you.

And you are so gorgeous!! I love the pink skirt.

katou said...

I just commented your pictures on Jentine's blog and i have to say you have an amazing sense of style i love it :)

tima i. said...

wow, just gorgeous!
thanks for inspiring :)

jenloveskev said...

Morgan! Holy cow this pictures are gorgeous!! I hope you had a fantastic birthday with everyone.

Kelley said...

beautiful sweetie

Kel @ ser·en·dip·i·ty

Lauren said...

love the pictures, and I completely understand your woes of sarcasm. I'm always used to being around guys and being jerky and when I moved from home and started to hang around new people I really had to think about what I said. I still to this day sit and dwell on my sarcasm, if something I said wasn't right or if I shouldve said something. But whenever you are able to reflect upon yourself with positive outlooks, it's a good day.

and your hair is awesome.


viewfrom5ft2 said...

Wow - you look fabulous!!! :) The skirt is amazing I thought you were going to say it was from Zara but I love that it is from Anthro.. when did you get it? I love the necklace too, super chic and fun!


Sweet Laundry said...

WHAT?! I can't believe I missed these photos! I like the range of facial expressions and poses you display here :) That pink skirt is dynamite and of course all you would have to wear with it is a black tank with Merl's jewellry.

It's funny how we imagine bloggers to be in real life when we only know them through photos and their writing. You seem pretty nice to me and I think people need to be more open to scarcasm :)

Have a great week!

Cristiana C said...

this post has a great style! If you are "obsessed with glamour" we could be followers each other, what do you think? tell me something!


holy hotness, morgan. these are stunning. obligatory comment of praise aside, one of the reasons i personally liked you so much when i met you (irl) was that you seemed real - you weren't overly sweet and you seemed completely genuine. i could also tell you had a bit of edge to you, which is always a plus in my books!

Lindsey A. Turner said...

You look stunning! I love your skirt!

Lindsey Turner

Caroline said...

One word: BEAUTIFUL.

kelsey williams said...

you are gorgeous and these photos are aMAzing.

those tricks said...

oh that skirt is wonderful.
wish I had seen this post a few days ago!!
Just did a pops-of-hot-pink-in-the-blogosphere story for my company's blog. This outfit would have fit right in!!

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lee woo said...

I don't want to be with someone boring because I'm always laughing. I like to play jokes on people and be sarcastic. See the link below for more info.


Leslie Lim said...

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