Wednesday, August 10, 2011

Not So Far Away

June 18th

Once upon a time, in a land not so far away (Brooklyn), there was a picnic. Since then I've been doing exactly what I said I would. I've been getting out and away from my computer whenever I can, taking in this summer for whatever it needs to be, restoring old friendships, and securing new ones. 
It's strange looking through these pictures and suddenly realizing how much has happened since they were taken. The summer was practically just getting started. I was beginning to like my city again, which meant spending a lot of time exploring and ending up at places I hadn't been before. Which of course led to meeting new people and plenty of new experiences.
Before the summer started I made a point to try and get myself all sorts of put together, in a cute little package with a big ribbon on top. Over the last couple of months it would seem that I've lost interest in that. I've been acting in the moment so often that it became easy to stop worrying about the future. I wanted to be more hands on and in control of my life. I now find myself doing almost the exact opposite of that.
In the past few months I had some unforgettable first time New York City moments. I got swept up and did things I never thought I would do. I don't regret any of it, I can't. I was there and I made those decisions too, and for a lot of reasons I'm glad things happened the way they did. I'm learning from them. One choice, one moment, can't possibly define everything about me. I happen to be a nice little collection of things. 
picnic  picnic
It's interesting to realize how different I thought of things just a few months ago. I certainly never would have predicted or planned everything thats happened. Being able to accept things as they are is clearly something I have to learn to be better at.
Selima Optique Sunglasses, Tank from H&M, Shorts from Madewell, Dolce Vita Sandals from Piperlime
Wooden Bangles & Necklace borrowed from Melissa, Taurus Pendant Necklace from Julie Nolan Jewelry

For now I'm content with living in these moments, however right or wrong they end up being. It's easy, it's dramatic, and you learn quickly. Summer doesn't really lend itself to deep, life shattering thinking anyway. That's what the fall is for.
Photos by Veronika
By the way, I love Veronika's camera, or lens, or whatever it is that's doing amazing things here. Many thanks to Veronika for snapping a few for me after the blogger picnic. Oh, and HELLO AGAIN. 



Anonymous said...

lovely post, morgan. veronika took some really amazing photos of you!

Myrna said...

Morgan I am so obsessed with your blog. Your style is so amazing, I am calling it comfy-sheek. I bought those exact same DV sandals, however the noise those zippers make DRIVE ME INSANE. Do yours make noise as well or did I just get a bad batch ????


The Daily Fashionista said...

Nice to see your presence on the blog:) I love your posts. Summer is such a great time for letting go and doing what you want to do. I only wish I could've done that a little this summer. But summer lasts about another 2 1/2 months in southern VA, so I still have time;)

amanda said...

gorgeous gorgeous girl. and i'm so happy you're in the place you want to be. that makes all the difference, yeah?

Monique said...

these photos are crystal clear and lovely. glad your having a good time! i'm a ny native and just love brooklyn...glad you do too

Frannie Pantz said...

Gorgeous photos! I love your sandals. You look so casual and pretty!

J'Anns Boutique said...

Your wedges are so cute, love 'em

Caroline said...

I absolutely love love your style!!!! Gorgeous lady! xo.


I'm loving Veronika's snaps, and your gorgeous outfit, love the neutral hues, and those shoes are freakin gorgeous!! And, yay, to getting off the computer, that is something that I'm realizing I'm SO in need of. xo veronika

Kate said...

These photos are gorrrrrgeous! Love the effects of the camera, but YOU are looking so summery fresh & pretty here! Love it. And your summer adventures sound scandalous and exciting and leave me wanting more. I think you could write a book, Miss Morgan, I love the way you live life, always seeking something new and working to make life better, then allowing yourself to step back and just enjoy it. You, m'dear, are lovely.

SarahAnn said...

Hi pretty! You're back.
And you're so right about fall.

Ashley, Lions Lace Lattes said...

I really love these photos so much! I'm in love with your shoes and necklace. So pretty. Glad you are having a good summer reconnecting with friends and rediscovering yourself. This summer has been one of my best. I've spend so much time with family and friend. I think good relationships are what makes life special.

xo Ashley

Jennifer King said...

I really like your shoes! And Veronika's photos of you are spectacular! I love the shots with all the cars lined up on the street.

Santina said...

You look so fresh and pretty - exactly how we all hope to look for summer. Those nude wedges? LOOOOOOOOOVE them!

I'm a big believer in living in the moment. Life isn't always about carefully pondering every decision and weighing all options. It's the unexpected things that make life fun, isn't it?

myedit said...

Holy shit. Welcome back. You are a pretty lady and on your advice, I am going to save my thinking for the autumn.

Natalie said...

Heya Morgan! I'm new to your blog and it's just lovely!! I love your laid back-cool outfits. I think we have similar style...and now I'm thinking about bangs. Thanks. Here we go again on the should-I-shouldn't-I bangs train, hee hee. These photos are fab, love the street setting. OXO Nat

Sweet Laundry said...

Gorgeous photos of a gorgeous lady! Those shoes are amaze-balls. And I want those wooden bangles!

Kelsey said...

I love your blog. Not only do I love your style but more I love what you write.. in a weird way it relaxes me and reminds me that life is good :D your by far my favorite blog to read and I don't mind that you do post all the time because I'm so busy I don't get to read blogs that often.. but I always read every single post of yours :) keep it up girly!!! you inspire me!

Roberta said...

I like your blog and I'm following you.
I like to visit and follow me too!

Evelyn said...

Welcome back! :)

SWF_Terra said...

I'm glad you're having these moments. And reveling in them. Get caught up in it all. You'll be just fine. Miss you to pieces. xo

Leah Today said...

Hi! Good to see you again! (:

I have to say that this year has evolved in interesting ways for me too, just have to soak in the moment, learn from it, and leave the bad behind you. (:


Nicole said...

Glad you're having a summer away from your computer! We've been on similar wavelengths, I think, for the past few months. Sadly for me I've had to put blogging aside mostly to be a grown-up and do big girl things... but in those free moments, I just LIVE!

Enjoy these last fleeting weeks!


Katherine said...

Love the nude shoes, and all the layered bangles! great look for summer - simple and chic :)

Cara said...

I love your blog, I am a brand new follower and am so excited to keep up with your new looks-
Love this outfit, I am dying over the sunnies & heels!
xo Cara

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k f e d l a n d said...

Gorgeous outfit. So simple yet perfect! I love the colours, and the wedges are beautiful to! x

Audrey said...

Beautiful photos and beautiful blog!

Tori said...

Fantastic! I love the nude shorts!!!

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Anonymous said...

Love your blog!! and love your outfit, those sandals are perfection.

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Ankle Boots said...

I love the styling with the white dress like summer feel-look already and what I like most is the ankle boots or is it a peep toe? I don't care but I think I could use this style of yours.

Tiana said...

you are SO gorgeous! i can't get over it :) and those shoes are gorgeous as well! they are the perfect shade of brown for the summer!

tiana of l'esthetique

Ginger said...

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Sarah said...

Hey Morgan,

LOVE this!! Adore those shoes, they look sooooo cosy for your feet lol

Gorgeous cute outfit for a gorgeous girl. Keep up the great work.


PS Great legs!

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