Monday, March 29, 2010

Rain & Boots

Not much today. Fairly normal work day. A lot of rain on the east coast.
Rain means I get to wear my Hunter rain boots to work. That’s a good thing. They are so comfortable. They are probably one of the best investments, clothing wise, I’ve made since moving to the city. I really hadn’t considered rain boots necessary before.
So what it’s raining? From the car, run to the door. From the door, run to the car. Easy. 
I hadn’t thought about all the walking in the rain that I would be doing in a big city. Let alone all the walking Lua in the rain. And that’s unavoidable. When she has to go, she has to go. 
Conveniently, when I lived in DC Kev was around on rainy days to walk Lua. Hm, figure that.
One particular day he took Lua out for a nice sunny walk while I was making our gourmet dinner. Less than ten minutes later Kev returned soaking wet, out of breath, and with a cell phone carcass. A thunderstorm had broken out when he was too far away to make it back in time. And his phone was murdered by rain! Evil rain. Sorry Kev!
Regardless of all that, the Hunter's are great. They save my feet from the fate Kev’s phone suffered, well not exactly, but from being mushy at least. And green being my favorite color, these were the obvious choice. Somehow I think these count as a neutral.
What’s your favorite rainy day attire?

Rain for the day means dark indoor photos. Still trying to figure this whole place out. 

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SarahAnn said...

These are such cuuuute pictures. And I love your Hunters. I wear my Wellies that I bought in London still--the ones with rainbows all over them--and a Martin and Osa yellow raincoat that I'd never been able to own if it weren't for my precious momma. ;)

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