Sunday, March 28, 2010

Tea & Boredom

This blog is the bane of my existence. Who knew it would be this hard?
It was a nice lazy, cold, gray, occasionally rainy Sunday in New York and it gave me the perfect reason to keep working on this. I can’t figure out HTML. Believe me I tried. I had to walk away for 3 hours when the format I had been working on all day simply decided it was time to relieve itself of it’s duties. It deleted, and reverted to some layout I’d never seen before. 
I don’t have the money I’d like to buy all the programs I would need to get this place looking the way I want it to. I’m having a lot of trouble sitting here and typing away when I’m looking at something that is an unfinished product. I’m a bit of a perfectionist but I’m trying to tell myself to work through it and just post. Hence, the boredom of this post. And the boredom on Lua’s face today. Working on my computer skills and bad weather means alot of indoor time for Lua. 
The chamomile and lavender tea did its job well. It helped cool me off.
Hope you all had a productive Sunday. Wait, I’ll be more specific. I hope you both, Kev and Sarah, had a productive, dynamic, vibrant, hopscotching, Sunday!

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SarahAnn said...

YAY! A post, a link, and I really like this background color! I think you'll keep changing and changing and changing. My blog always changes. :)

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