Wednesday, February 9, 2011

Bridge the Gap

It feels strange not having documented everything I've been up to over the past few weeks. I don't know where to pick up. The weekend after Kim and Brian's epic visit I retreated to my parents for some quiet time. Then the following weekend I went back to Philly to help celebrate Brian's belated birthday. I even got to meet up with a few other Philadelphians, Veronika and Lisa while I was in town. 
That weekend is when I started to feel especially run down from blogging. I wanted to enjoy the weekend with people instead of feeling pressure to document every waking moment. Whether that was a seasonal, emotional, or hormonal reason I'm not exactly sure. I just knew that I wanted to be present that weekend instead of worrying about how I'm going to format my pictures into posts or when I'm going to use certain outfits or keeping notes on potential writing topics. 
I came to the unavoidable decision that I was going to take last week "off". Even though this blog is supposed to be a hobby, it was beginning to feel like a hassle and a job. I feel a responsibility to churn out a certain level of "work" that I think is expected. I know I put that pressure on myself but if I'm taking the time to write something almost daily, I want it to be worthwhile. At least, that was the thought process.
I wasn't able to keep up with blogging as well as the other day to day things I had to take care of. Nearly everything was taking a back seat to getting my pictures edited and posts written. I had over 1,000 unread posts in my reader, a bedroom of stuff that was overflowing into my living room, and some BIG life decisions that needed to be considered (I can't share those just yet). Basically I needed a breather because I wasn't functioning as a blogger or as a 25 year old single, tea drinking, granola eating, puppy mamma, living in Manhattan. Everyone needs to take a step back once in awhile. 
I couldn't keep up with the schedule I made for myself. I needed to spend more time in the real world. Especially since out of this whole blogging thing came the idea that I needed to embrace life experiences more. That includes my tangible life as well, not just my internet one. That said, I also missed my regular interaction with the blogging community. I wasn't commenting on posts or connecting with people who left me comments like I had in the past. I was bogged down and both aspects of my life were affected. 
So where does that leave me? I love this community and being a part of it has brought so much to my life. At the same time I'm not sure I should be denying my face-to-face relationships because I have to write a post or go out to take pictures. I think it'll be about finding a schedule that works for me, a good balance, because I want to do both, do each well, and bridge the gap between these two very important parts of my life. 
Selima Optique Sunglasses, Scarf from Anthropologie
Saint James Shirt - Cords - Socks - Boots from Madewell 
Pendant Necklace from Clyde's Rebirth

Have any of you dealt with similar problems managing your time? How have you handled balancing real life friendships with maintaining friends in the blogging community? That asked, is there something else you would like to see here? Something you'd like to know from me or hear my thoughts on that I haven't covered yet? I'm open to suggestions on how I can make my blog function better not only for myself but also for YOU, the friends who come to read and share. What about only posting a few times a week? More outfits without the writing? More Scenes posts? Some baking or food related posts? Fill me in. 
Photos by Kim and Brian
And don't forget that I live in NYC! If you're in town for all the fashion week craziness let me know. I know there are a few conferences this week, then probably even more cool things this weekend. Feel free to send me an email or a tweet if you want to meet up at any point! 



tree and kimball said...

this feeling was why my (very) fledgling blog never got off the ground. between twitter, etsy, & facebook,it was hard enough trying to find time to interact with my real-life husband & friends. i exchanged blogging for living in the moment, and for me, that was the right choice. i'm sure you'll strike the right balance soon enough, miss morgan. xo

Between Laundry Days said...

I do so identify with you on this. It's been a very hard balance sometimes, and I have redesigned and re-prioritized my blog a few times since it began. I want my blog, and my non-online life, to be happy, and satisfying, and fulfilling goals that I am so excited about. The community is what makes it so incredible, but it also adds a different time commitment and inability to step away.

I think you've done a lovely job balancing things so far, and I'm sure you'll continue to pursue things that are right for you and make you happy. We'll be here, whenever you do post, to see what you're up to, 'cause we just like ya so much. :)


Fabulous to hear that you took a breather! I have certainly grappled with the very same questions, as well. I have dealt with it, by doing posts that are about quality rather than quantity. And I also stick to a schedule: I spend about 2 hours in the morning commenting/connecting with other bloggers. AND then, my day is mine all mine, to pursue my photography & fashion en-devours.

Sorry for my long comment. ;-) And may I just say that you look absolutely stunning as per usual, those boots & stripes, are GORG! xx veronika

Emily said...

Anything you want pretty lady. I'm pretty sure we'll be coming back again and again no matter what you blog about. I think we all go through these blog crisis moments. Even tho sometimes I try to not think about blogging just live my life, I miss blogging and I'm constantly looking for something to blog about. It's a weird hobby because you have so many people reading the blog that it's almost not a hobby anymore. it's a job that doesnt pay in cash. (unfortunately) it does pay in friendship tho (this feels like a "the more you know" moment, doesnt it?)
i love your outfit posts and your food posts... id be interested in anything really.

Anonymous said...

take the time you need and find your balance. but, keep looking supa fly while doing it :)


Megan said...

I've been following for several months and I love how you write the blog. Your pictures are always gorgeous and I like your style of writing. There isn't really anything else I want to see but more of the same! Your blog is one of my favorites. Of course if the tone of your posts change in some way that's fine, it's still your blog and in your particular style.
I have a pretty small-fry blog that I've had for over a year and I'm not super happy with it, but I still also struggle with balancing doing that with real life responsibilites. The people who love your blog will still be following if you take a break, and you'll still connect with the friends you've made. I think most of us can understand and relate to the whole balance issue. I honestly think doing what makes you happy should be the priority, whether that's living in the moment or documenting everything every minute. Maybe you want to do one today, and something else next week. As long as you're doing what you love.

Sweet Laundry said...

Thanks for writing this, especially because I felt the exact same way this week. Things were so crazy at work that at the end of the day I was too tired and unmotivated to take outfit photos and think of what to write on the blog. I'm glad I'm not the only one who has to take time away. I always worry that my blog won't be successful because I'm not posting everyday, but it's hard to do when you have to deal with real life issues too. I'm a new reader of your blog and so far I enjoy everything I see, so keep up the good work :)

Santina said...

I definitely understand where you're coming from, Morgan. When I left everything behind to live a simpler and less stressful life on the beach, I really thought I would devote a lot more time to blogging than has become my practice. It's something that I still have mixed feelings about and am not sure how to reconcile. While I have come to terms with the blogging schedule I've adopted, I still beat myself up when I chose sunset on the beach with a few beers and the boyfriend over outfit pictures. One thing I know for sure is that you have to enjoy the moment, whatever it is, because it'll be gone in a blink of an eye. Sometimes I'd rather be fully present in the moment than documenting what I was wearing during it. Blogging is definitely important to me, but I don't allow it to take over my life. I mean, choosing to live on a beach certainly wasn't a decision made with growing my blog in mind.

I applaud you for taking a week off. It sounds well-deserved…not to mention fun! I love all the smoochy Lua pics!

Kayla said...

I so appreciated this post, and agree with most of your thoughts whole-heartedly. I often stop and think, if I wasn't going to take a picture of this to post later, would I still have choosen to wear it? Is this a representation of me, or of my blog? It is so easy to put pressure on yourself and to feel overwhelmed by those thoughts. A while ago I put myself on a no schedule, schedule. When I'm feeling productive I can edit a ton of photos, and post them, or put them to the side to post for when I'm not feeling so productive. I no longer beat myself up if I can't get a post up every day, or even every other day. People come to my blog, and to yours to peek into our lives. Our lives are busy and full of other things, and I think readers can respect that.

Caroline said...

I love these photos!! BEAUTIFUL!

Bridget said...

there's not enough time in the day dammit!

but i am glad you're still here and i am glad you kiss lua like i kiss gracie. best kind of kisses (don't tell my husband).

Vintage Mavens said...

your blog is the most adorable thing I've seen.

Monique said...

Love your outfit and your blog. Glad I came across it. Yes, I know what you mean about documenting and just living it up. Glad you took some time to yourself. Have a great weekend!

Anonymous said...

if you discover the secret of balance between blogging and actual'll be a millionaire.

Fashion Fabrice said...

I feel you on the balencing between online and real life. It's hard if you really want to be a good blogger and post every day, you go to school, you work, you have your friends..somethings have to suffer fromit sometimes..
Apart from that I want to say that your pictures are fantastic! i love your outfit and the dog is beautiful:)
that's why i hate winter.. you can put as many clothes on as you can, you're sill freezing..!
I love your look though:) The poncho is fantastic!
You have a great blog! I'm really happy I ran into it!:) You 're very stylish and i like reading your blogposts:)
So i'm going to follow you from now!
Hope you visit me back and become a follower too!


Bridget said...

how do you tie your scarf like that?
I keep attempting to follow how it's wrapped but have yet to get it proper.

shoes uk said...

your shoes color is so cute and your coat design is outstanding very nice post all your pic is so beautiful and you look like a princes after see your clothing i think this dress made for you perfect every angle

Savannah said...

What sweet pictures! I love them.

God's Favorite Shoes! said...

I absolutely agree with you. The pressure becomes overwhelming. I've just learned to do it when I feel like it. Even taking outfits were beginning to become a dreadful process so I just stopped.

I needed the brain break. But then I miss it and I will dip back into it. I've learned to only blog when I feel like it...not because I have to!

glad to know I'm not the only one!

kelsey said...

This is SUCH a great post, Morgan. I have been thinking all of these same things, but wasn't sure how to express it in words. I've been blogging for almost six months and have also experienced the highs and lows of the rollercoaster ride that is blogging. Thanks for this post.

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