Friday, February 11, 2011

Things Borrowed

philly dress
This is an example of an outfit I didn't wear out. I wore it for the first third of the night, then changed into something much more familiar to me, a silk button down, cuffed skinny jeans, and booties. Since I've been particularly slacking about taking pictures lately I thought I'd still share these. There were some elements of this outfit that I really liked. 
philly dress
It's great having met all these ladies through blogging because they are usually more then happy to swap and share the items in their closets. It reminds me of getting ready in college and running around the dorm borrowing different things from all your girl friends. I don't have a sister so that was the first time I ever got ready with a group of girls. 
philly dress
Terra from Stylish White Female and I contacted each other a few weeks ago about swapping some items. I'd been emailing back and forth with her about outfits and we decided that there were some things I had that were missing from her closet and vice versa. She lent me two basic black mini dresses. I wore the tank mini under this dress, because the tan dress was see through. It also helped give me a little more shape. 
philly dress
Before I went to Philly, to visit Kim and Brian again, I had a girls night with Melissa at her apartment. We ate dinner, sipped wine, and tried on a few options. She has been helping me add some more feminine to my wardrobe. I borrowed this belt she got at the Brooklyn Flea Market and tried to soak up all her how to be womanly advice. 
philly dress
The necklace was another purchase from Merl, friend and shop owner of Clyde's Rebirth. I asked her to bring a fresh crop of necklaces to Philly when I saw her for New Years and this is the one I picked. I have been getting so much use out of it. Its casual, versatile, and I love that I have a friend who makes one of a kind vintage jewelry. I can count on her whenever I need a new piece. Recently I've been bugging her for a ring, and she hasn't disappointed there either. She has a few hitting her shop in the near future! 
philly dress
Dress from Lord & Taylor, Tights from Bloomingdale's, Booties from Seychelles
Brooklyn Flea Market Belt Borrowed from Melissa, Black Dress Borrowed from Terra
My Grandma's Vintage Ring, Necklace from Clyde's Rebirth

This outfit had its highlights and its flaws. Everything considered I just needed to be comfortable in what I was wearing. I think I'll try to wear this dress again in a more me friendly, casual way. Huge thank you to Kim for tackling my make up, and her friend Tara for curling my hair. I can always count on Kim for the best winged eye liner when I'm in town. 
Photos by Kim

NYC has been buzzing with all the New York Fashion Week goings on. I've been at work, but hopefully I'll get to meet up with some of my favorite ladies this weekend for some chat time. Since I haven't been able to attend any of the conferences in town I signed up for the Indie Conference run by Tieka and Elizabeth. They're doing a great job running it! After going on about how I don't have time to balance work, real life friends, and blogging I have absolutely no idea how they're able to keep up with everything! Hats off to them for doing such a wonderful job!
Have a great weekend wherever you are. If you're in NYC don't hesitate to get in touch with me. Otherwise go hug a puppy and snuggle a kitten!



amanda said...

so is one of the elements of that dress that you like include that you look smokin hot?!?!? because ya do. you look super fantastic!! and i do wish i could be out there for nyfw amid all the craziness, at least once. i hope you get to enjoy some of it :) and is it okay that i snuggle with matt since i am dog and kitty-less?

amberly said...

It's offical. Next time I'm in NYC, I'm definitely going to try to connect with you! Which part of the city do you live in? Downtown, mid, up? My boyfriend lives in the Flatiron District, on 25th street, and thats where I usually stay :)

You are so beautiful, Morgan! Thank you for sharing this outfit with us, you look stunning and you are a lovely woman! Look at those curves!! Ow, ow! And your nail polish color is wonderful too!!

Enjoy life!! I'm glad you are, enjoy even the littlest things, don't work too hard and its nice to have you pop in and blog whenever you can! But don't feel the need/pressure to. And oh my goodness I want a Clyde's Rebirth item sooo badly! You know how to rock it!

Oh and one more thing, I've shared the kale chips recipe with three of my friends and they can't believe how delicious it is. You are a goddess, m'dear!

Julie said...

Can I just say how much I love that belt? It's great! You look amazing!

Kate said...

Always best to go with what you feel comfortable in, otherwise you'll be fidgeting all night, but I must say you look pretty darn hot here, m'dear. Is it weird for me to say you have one of the hottest blogger bods out there? Seriously envious, lady. Lordie!

SarahAnn said...

Va va voom.

The Daily Fashionista said...

I know what you mean about not feeling like yourself in something new. But you look vivacious!! The color works great with your skin tone and your hair is beautiful. said...

Smoking hot is an understatement, and also two words I don't usually align together.. but hey, you're worth it my darling! You look FAB!

love amy ^.^

Chica said...

The dress is really nice...and u r looking really awesome in it !

. said...

You look stunning!!! You gotta rock that outfit sometime!

Been reading your blog for a while, huge fan of yours and Lua's.

Happy Valentines!



Emily said...

Holy hot tamale. And I am in love with that belt! GORGEOUROUS. K that's not a real word. but it should be.

Tieka, Selective Potential said...

I'm just now catching up on all of my posts from when I was too busy with INDIE, so thank you so much for the shoutout!! You are too kind! but ps; I was exhausted.. and am still playing catch up. Hahah! xo

jenn of boy howdy daily said...

you look beautiful! love the dress and belt. so cute.

kelsey said...

I love that belt! It's so interesting to look at! And the color is amazing, too.

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