Monday, May 23, 2011

Laugh It Off

Things don't always go exactly the way we plan. It's a hard idea to accept. A few weekends ago I had to stop, step away from everything and hit the reset button. At least I felt like I did. Things weren't going the way I thought they should've been and I felt defeated and deflated. So I took the weekend to adjust my frame of mind and try to figure out why I was so unsettled thinking about where I should be versus where I was. That's when I realized it's hard to reset when all you're doing is thinking about the past. 
I drove past my alma mater this weekend on a road trip. As I was approaching the exit I had a little debate. Do I drive through my old college campus and stir up all those outdated feelings or do I keep driving towards my new destination. In a dramatic move I merged into the far lane, stepped down hard on the gas, and kept driving. I realized in that moment going back to my school wouldn't help anything, just as thinking about other past experiences might not help me figure out any new ones. My trip this weekend was all about getting to know new people and having fresh experiences in a city I've never been to. So I kept driving. 
doorway  doorway
And also last week I laughed. Full, out loud, head in my hands, laughed. I got together with a few friends to see a comedian in the city Thursday night. I put on my best jeans and headed down with high hopes for the evening's events. I had no idea what to expect, but I certainly didn't expect for that night to be exactly what I needed. It helped me get some necessary perspective. If you're patient, and you wait long enough for it, things tend to turn around just when you think they never will.
My shift in perspective carried over to this past weekend in Pittsburgh. I got to be exactly who I am right now. I wasn't trying to impress anyone or be someone who I thought they might like. I was sarcastic at times, then apologetic, perhaps even sweet at others. And I laughed. I laughed a lot. I laughed with people, at situations, to myself. The best part was that I wasn't over thinking anything. It was a much needed break from my usual level of self awareness. For a moment there, I was living in the present. I wasn't thinking about who I had been or who I should be, I was just being myself.  
Selima Optique Sunglasses, Top from Anthropologie, Old Jeans, Minnetonka Moccasins
Ring from Anthropologie, Necklaces from Clyde's Rebirth

I can't feel sorry for myself because I had a difficult weekend a few weekends ago. Especially when there are plenty of new ones waiting for me. If you can push through the grayer days, there are usually more exciting ones up next. Ones where I get to travel, meet new people, laugh until my sides ache, and continue to learn about myself and who I am right now. Things can be really great if you just relax and let them be. 
Photos taken on May 7th by Val
In the spirit of spreading the laughter around, are there any California people interested in having the same belly laugh experience I did? You can check out Colin Kane in the flesh on the West Coast, starting June 9th. If there are any New York locals interested in getting together to see his next NYC show, shoot me an email! It's a great excuse to finally meet a bunch of you. I would tell you that he puts on a good show, but you can decide for yourself.
Hope everyone had a great weekend!



Eat.sleep.wear. said...

Oh that smile, those bangs, that sass look. Ever since I met you, one of the best things about spending time with you was knowing I can always be my goofy self and you accepted me for whom I am. That is something so special.

Ps. Like Your colors! Xo, Kim

The Daily Fashionista said...

Your perspective on life needs to rub off on me like right now:D And you look absolutely gorgeous. I love this outfit and the blouse is fantastic.

And I'll have to check out this guys stand up at some point. I wonder if he has videos on youtube or something?

Myrna ♥ said...

Love your style, love your hair, your take on life, your photos are phenomenal and obsessed with your blog. Wish I was in NYC to pick your blogger brain :) if your ever in New Orleans...

myedit said...

I like your shirt.

myedit said...

I am hosting a giveaway.

myedit said...

Boy is hoooot!

Caroline said...

You are absolutely beautiful. I love this outfit!!!

ashley said...

it was so great to hang out with you this weekend, and I am so happy you felt comfortable. you look lovely, miss morgan

Lynzy said...

Your smile and laughter come through it the photos and is totally contagious. I love the laid back feel of this outfit and I may have to steal your mocassins... that is all.

xo Lynzy

Taylor Marie said...

I know the feeling you're talking about exactly. For me though, I have trouble moving on from things I still feel guilt for and I just can't help but beat myself up about it. It's really hard. Kudos to you for hitting the gas and moving forward!

I love this outfit, simple and chic :)

kelsey williams said...

I need that shirt. (!)

Between Laundry Days said...

I've had a few weekends like that lately myself, and I can't say that I've totally beat them. I think I need to keep working on ways to get past the blues.

This outfit also makes me happy. So easy, casual, and perfect, especially with the necklace.


what a great post! while our pasts definitely help shape the mold for who we are in the present, it shouldn't define who we are in the now. it's so easy to worry over things that have already come to pass, but it's more important to laugh it off, live in the moment and embrace the wonderful parts of life. i feel like keeping that kind of perspective can only make for a better future. (end self-help book sounding rant)

Sarah said...

Great post and great perspective. I'm so happy I just found your blog! You and Lua are both adorable :)

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