Tuesday, May 31, 2011

Scenes from a Trip : Pittsburgh, PA

Pittsburgh! A couple of weekends ago I made the long drive out to visit Terra in her fair city. Since our last meet up in New York we'd been planning on getting together again as soon as we could. I'd never been to Pittsburgh so it made perfect sense for me to hop in the car and make the trip to see her. The drive was long but it was worth it as soon as I put my car in park and saw Terra's smiling face. That night we took a stroll around her neighborhood and grabbed a bite to eat. Then we went back to her house to relax for the rest of night. I'm sure I talked her and her husband's ear off as we lounged, flipped through their photo albums, and played with the pups.
Saturday morning Terra and I woke up bright and early and went out on a breakfast date. She took me to Coca Cafe in a different part of town. We had been talking about all the delicious food we would have for weeks leading up the trip. Terra knew exactly which places to take me to. We both eat fairly healthy so it was easy to pick out places she knew we both would love. It was so nice just to soak up the morning sun, sip on tea, and catch up with each other lives sitting face to face. 
Of course she had to show me some of her favorite places to shop in town. Terra made sure to take me to Pavement and Jupe Boutique. We had to pick up a special item at Jupe for Terra's Style My Closet feature. I tried on a few different pieces for her, but she ultimately decided it would be the best to style a sheer polka dot top
We toured around Pittsburgh for the rest of the day, went grocery shopping, drove through the different neighborhoods, and gabbed it up the whole time. One of the best things about girl only time is all the brutally honest conversations you have. There are no barriers, no filters, and it's fun because we've all probably been there, wherever there is. We had some pretty lively debates, some advice giving, and of course plenty of story telling. Somewhere between seeing the city and settling in at the house, we went out to take pictures for the Style My Closet feature. 
Saturday night was spent relaxing in the backyard with some of their friends. I'm pretty sure we covered every topic imaginable, including a lengthy discussion on Nuclear Power. I may have been in a little over my head, but I enjoyed all the discussion none the less. It's always interesting for me to meet new people and hear their stories. After a late dinner of veggie burritos that Terra and I sleepily whipped up, I was off to bed. Not for nothing but they were pretty darn delicious. Sunday morning I woke up to the smell of fresh pancakes in the kitchen. Like I said, the weekend was going to be about food. The pretty lady had made her special banana pancakes. It was just what I needed before I hit the road for the long drive back to my city
I talked a bit about the trip already, but I honestly can't say enough good things about it. I'm so thankful that this blog has given me the opportunity to have all these new people in my life. I loved being able to stay with Terra and have her show me around her city. Terra, her husband, and the pups welcomed me into their home with open arms. The trip went by way too quickly! I can't wait until I get to see Terra again. The next time I see her she might even have a little baby girl in her arms...
If you haven't met Terra yet, make sure to check out her blog, Stylish White Female. She is one of the most generous, warm, funny, sweet people I have ever met. Not to mention extremely stylish and an exceptionally cute pregnant lady.  
Thank you so much Terra for letting me stay and showing me around your city. I miss you already!



uhooi said...

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SWF_Terra said...

It was truly an honor to have you in my home. I still cannot believe you drove all that way to see me. You challenge me to think about the world in a new way. That's the true sign of a great friend. I miss you to pieces and cannot wait to see you again.

Sweet Laundry said...

Congratulations to Terra on her pregnancy! Baby bellies are one of my favourite things. Pittsburgh looks lovely too. I have never been there before, but it seems like a nice place to retreat to.

Caroline said...

I love reading about your trips!!! And, your photos are always stunning!!! XO!

Unknown said...

We are moving to Pittsburgh from Los Angeles this summer, and when we were investigating whether or not we wanted to make the change we were greeted with the same reaction. Global Visas is the world's leading authority on Immigration. We learned to just say "it's wonderful here, why wouldn't we be moving" and as Hopes said, people would then say "you're right . . . but you'll freeze"

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