Friday, June 10, 2011

Scenes from a Weekend : XX

Memorial Day Weekend
Memorial Day Weekend! I spent the long weekend out of the city at my parent's house. Melissa and her pup Cooper came out to enjoy the vacation. I was really looking forward to having a girls weekend at the beach. It's always nice to spend quality time with good friends, especially when there's no pressure to entertain or make plans. We both just wanted to relax the weekend away. I picked up Melissa, and the two girls and two pups drove out together. 
Memorial Day Weekend
Memorial Day Weekend
In true girl's weekend style, we filled our time with plenty of pampering. Saturday morning I took Lua with us and we all went for a morning run. After we got cleaned up, Melissa and I went into town and shopped around for a bit. Mostly window shopping, but we did pick up these friendship bracelets from Madewell. One of my oldest friends and her boyfriend came out to spend the night. We all grabbed a quick bite at a low key place near by. Then we went to a beer tasting that was hosted by my friends who brew their own. They use local ingredients as much as possible and are really getting good at their craft. As soon as their company gets off and running I'll be sure to let you guys know all about it!
Memorial Day Weekend
Sunday morning we drove to the deli for breakfast and I took my friends by my absolute favorite beach. We lounged at the house for the rest of the afternoon. I whipped up some homemade hummus that hit the spot. My friends had to leave for a BBQ, so Melissa and I were basically on a date for the rest of the night. I took her to a great sunset spot, followed by an amazing dinner, and wound down the night sitting by a bonfire with friends.
Memorial Day Weekend
Memorial Day Weekend
Memorial Day Weekend
Monday we slept in late. It's not really a vacation until you sleep past your work alarm. Melissa and I eventually rolled out of bed and made some coffee and breakfast. We sat  at the table and talked for a while. Discussed the nights events, our goals for this summer, our pups, and anything else that crossed our minds while sipping down our cups of joe. I love leisurely mornings like that. 
Memorial Day Weekend
Memorial Day Weekend
We packed up, cleaned up, made a quick pit stop at the beach, then started the long drive back into the city. It was great to have a real girls weekend away from all the hustle and bustle. I always love being able to show people my favorite places and I'm really glad that Melissa could make the trip out! I'm sure there will be plenty more summer weekends that look pretty similar to this one. I can't wait. 
Memorial Day Weekend
Hope everyone had a great week! Sorry it was so quiet on the blog. Hopefully you can understand that sometimes enjoying real life just has to come first. That said, how is everyone?



Kate said...

Your weekend looks so lovely! Going somewhere not too far away often makes for the most relaxing getaways... no travel stress, but away from everything and just able to relax & enjoy! Lovely!

Myrna ♥ said...

Your small vacay looked very relaxing and hassle free those are always the best :) enjoy your blog and pics keep on blogging sister...

Dust of Diamonds said...

We love your style! :)
Your blog is really nice. If you want you can check out our blog too.

Kisses from Spain

Plain T-Shirt said...

Beautiful pictures and scenery, nice to get out of the city and find some green.

veronika, tick tock vintage. said...

i like your pictures, and i'm happy that you had a fun weekend.

that is all.

Nita -Karoliina said...

Nice shots!

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