Monday, August 30, 2010

Follow the Leader

follow the leader
First thing first. Yes, the scarf as a top idea came straight from Christina. There I said it. I stole an idea. I'm sorry I'm not sorry if that bothers you. I like this idea and I think it's ok to "take inspiration" from people. Thank you Christina. I heart you. 
Second thing second (duh). I am wearing a Clyde's Rebirth harness. After staring at Merl's shop way too long, I took the plunge and made it mine. It helped that when I met her she threw a harness on me for the night. I recommend flying Merl out to try on her pieces in her presence. I mean if you can afford to do that sort of thing. This one kind of makes any outfit better.
follow the leader
I've been stressing out about all the New York Fashion Week and Blogger meet up talking that has been going on. In many ways this represents everything I hate about fashion. I don't like stress and I don't like competition when it comes to something as varied as looks or personal style choices. To me, a lot of it feels like you're thrown back into high school. Everyone judging you the moment you walk in the door, sizing you up and down, and right there deciding if they're going to be your friend or not.
follow the leader
I also realize that I said giving a good first impression is one of the reasons I wanted to start dressing better in the first place. That's still true. However, giving a first impression that represents who I am as a person, is different than trying to give an impression because you know you're going to be judged. Will you be able to sit at the cool bloggers table, or not? High school, I know but I can't help it. 
follow the leader
I have been going over and over what I should wear to each of these events. Am I perhaps overanalyzing how much people will care about what I'm wearing? Probably. I also think about the fact that I'm a new blogger. Not only has relatively no one met me yet, but most other bloggers and people attending these conferences have probably never even glanced over to my page. Which I understand. I may not have glanced at theirs either, but it does make me feel a bit more pressure that I need to make that impression a positive and memorable one.
follow the leader
All of this has been admittedly getting the best of me recently. I think that on top of the recent realization that yes, I am single, the idea of having to make first impressions has been really hard to swallow. I will certainly admit that it's been hard to drown out the thoughts of oh that color is in, or those boots are everywhere right now, etc. versus listening to my own voice. The one that has to remind myself that I've worn jeans almost everywhere since high school, that heels hurt my ankles that have been sprained far too many times over the ten years I played lacrosse, and that I'm the girl who has worn the same bracelets everyday of her life since she was six years old. Yes, that is all me. And what I hate about fashion is that it too often tells you to be someone you are not. 
follow the leader
Vintage Scarf from my Mom's Closet, Seven High Waist Jeans, Anthropologie Wedges
Harness from Clyde's Rebirth

These are the thoughts I have been struggling with recently. I have been trying to stock up my closet with things I think I need and some things I probably don't. Hopefully I get a grip on myself soon. It's a little bit a lack of self confidence. Which is something I know I have to work on. 
follow the leader
What do you guys think about all this fashion talk?
Thanks for hanging around while I took a little hiatus last week. It was nice not to have to worry about having a post ready. I know I didn't give any warning, but I really didn't even know myself that I wasn't going to post until I wasn't heading out to take any pictures. So thanks for hanging around. Let's get this thing back on track. 



Kate said...

Oh, honey, you always voice so many things that go through my mind. I'd want you at my table, just sayin'! ;)

Archives said...

definitely listen to yourself!!!! that's one thing im struggling with, too...ive gotten much more trend conscious, which im not proud of. hold true to your roots!

merl said...

holy mother effin goodness you look HOT mama! I don't know why you were confused you got lots of looks.. try looking in a mirror without your self doubt draped over your shoulders. It's really not your shade. Speaking of shades and trends, don't sweat it. Like I've said a million times, you should only wear things you feel comfortable in, and if you're trying to dress like someone you're not, you're not gonna show people the real Morgan. And that would be a real loss because they'd be missing out on gaining a great friend. Although to be honest, I'm kind of selfish and don't want to share you with that many people so choose wisely ok?

heart you.

Little Ocean Annie said...

First things first: You look stunning. Your back is amazing, way to highlight it!

Secondly: Girl, don't even fret about all the meet ups and such. I have bought literally ZERO items for NYFW, and I have absolutely no idea what I'm going to pack. You always look great, you have a fantastic attitude, and I just can't wait to spend time with you! We can just be the ones not stressing, but enjoying ourselves!
I'll be calling you as soon as we get in. :)


Rhain said...

you and your dog make the loveliest pair. :) such a darling outfit, you are looking great. hope you are doing well also.
xoxo, Rhain or Shine

Christina said...

I'm newer (I know that's a word, but sounds funny) at blogging and you've got it down. Your photos are professional and capture you (not that I really know you). Fashion to me has a negative connotation because I immediatly think expensive, trendy, pretentious, sexy, etc. Words that don't exactly describe me or my style. Stick to what you do best. I love wearing clothes that highlight my better features: shoulders, back, neck, calves...

Anyway, listening to that inner voice is more important than listening to Vouge Magazine (although, they'll have a tip or two for sure).

..Sorry for the novel, I got carried away!

Becca said...

Dear Morgan, stop reading my mind. I'm being totally bipolar about fashion week too. I don't know what to wear, or who I'll hang out with, or what I'll do. Most of all I'm terrified that people won't like me, or that I'll be left feeling silly around all the other girls with "serious" or "established" blogs. When it comes right down to it, I guess you have to be yourself! Or at least that's what I'm telling myself. I mean, I didn't start a blog so that I could masquerade as someone else - I did it so I could show what I wear (because sometimes I think I do pretty darn well at dressing myself), say what I have to say, and have a creative outlet. Also, I'm assuming that if everyone is even half as nice as they seem in their blogs and comments it's going to be a big love-fest. Hopefully it's also a no judgment zone, no one needs the trip down memory lane back to high school?

If I'm wrong we can make a rebel contingency and go hang out under the bleachers or wherever the uncool kids hang out these days.


Thief! Kidding. Ideas are meant to be shared, in my opnion, and you look gorgeous.

I can empathize with your stress. I think most people in the blogging community are quite friendly though and you'll probably have a blast! If anyone is less than gracious and kind then it's their problem, not yours. And remember, Lua will always love you no matter how you look. In your case, Lua's a lucky dog to have such a stunner of a mom! :)


Fletcher Fairbanks said...

I am terrifically impressed by your insights and reflections. Style, as it were, is the confluence of what you are wearing, how you are wearing it and what you are saying through all of it. So with that your voice and your style are singularly captivating.

Second Skin said...

Morgan, trust me, you got this. I totally understand your trepidation since I was feeling the same last February, but you have style oozing out of your eyeballs! Let your gut lead you and be as yourself as possible! You are such a charming lady anyway, what you are wearing will be secondary to your smile and grace. Enjoy every minute! It goes by fast, and remember that the smaller moments usually out shine the larger.

Santina said...

Since I just moved to Mexico I won't be attending any blogger meet ups in New York, but just hearing all the buzz on Twitter made me think very similar thoughts. Let me just say that if I was going, you could totally sit at my table! Blogging has introduced all sorts of pressure I didn't anticipate. It's hard not to compare myself to those bloggers that inspired me to start my own even though it pales in comparison. I think it's important to maintain your personal style even while incorporating new trends or inspiration from others. That being said, you (and Lua!) always look beautiful. Be you!


myedit said...

You amke that harness look good or the harness makes you look good. Whatever... teamwork, it's all hot.
Gah... I feel your stress. Well, firstly I'm a touch jealous about your participation in any fashion events. I'm a little isolated in the blog-world. Canada seems a world away...
Ok, past the jealousy part, I know what you mean about feeling the stress to make that impression. I find when I have no where special to go I dress up and love it... but when there is an event, I over think and end up in black skinnies and boots...
Have fun!

JMay said...

Ummm, can I look as perfect as you please? ;-)

Gorgeous lady!

Sarah said...

"I've been stressing out about all the New York Fashion Week and Blogger meet up talking that has been going on. In many ways this represents everything I hate about fashion. I don't like stress and I don't like competition when it comes to something as varied as looks or personal style choices. To me, a lot of it feels like you're thrown back into high school. Everyone judging you the moment you walk in the door, sizing you up and down, and right there deciding if they're going to be your friend or not."

I couldn't agree with you more! I wish I had seen this and your blog before last week so I would have had the reassurance I wasn't the only in that boat.

Also wish we would have coordinated an impromptu mini photo shoot at Chictopia10!! Oh well :)

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