Thursday, September 16, 2010

No One is Looking

With all the craziness of fashion week that was going on it was very easy to loose sight of my own style. Heck, with a blog it is very easy to loose sight of own style. Saturday morning I woke up bright and early. 6:30am to be exact. I couldn't sleep. Since Merl was snoozing away on the couch I couldn't exactly set up shop out there. I sat up in bed, with my computer on my lap and started checking out everything I usually check out online. No luck. I couldn't shut my mind off and go back to bed. A few hours of restlessness later I got up, got dressed and set out to take Lua for a walk. When I emerged from my bedroom Merl was awake. She immediately commented on my outfit. 
I hadn't realized how much the pressure of having to dress impeccably was getting to me. Take all that away and I threw on what I usually wear. It was sunny out with a little chill in the air which led me to balance the shorts with a scarf and boots. And while there haven't been any pictures of me wearing this shirt on the blog I've worn it every weekend since I bought it. I took Lua for a long walk to try and calm my anxiety from the weekend. It was nice to be alone with my thoughts and be able to relax.
I didn't even plan on taking pictures that day. This outfit wasn't all lined up in my closet with the mental tag attached of "Chictopia Conference", "out for drinks with bloggers", or even "perfect for a Wednesday post". This is plainly and simply a version of what I wear when no one is looking. When I'm packing and driving away from the city for the weekend, when I'm running errands, or in this case when I'm taking Lua for a walk and a friend to brunch. Merl convinced me that we should take a few shots later in the day.
We grabbed brunch and chatted more about blogging, our frustrations over HTML, and the community. We treated ourselves to manicures and then shuffled around the neighborhood. It was all we could handle really. I think we were both feeling drained to the bone over the last few days of activity. Non stop activity. I was exhausted both mentally and physically. On top of that I had only slept three hours the night before. 
Sucre Sunglasses, Madewell Scarf, Saint James Shirt, Anthropologie Shorts, Bag from DSW
Earrings from Market in Australia, Vintage Frye Boots from Old Baltimore Vintage
Photos by Merl, taken on September 11th

We rounded out the day with a nap before getting gussied up for more blogger hang out time that night. 
We are trying to be these stylish ladies, but what happens when we aren't trying? Are those our best outfits? Our worst? Does relaxing and dressing in confidence come through in our style? Is simple really better than complicated?  What happens to our style when no one is looking?
I heading out of the city this weekend and can hopefully refocus and restart. I'm planning another post for tomorrow, but the internet is spotty out there so I'm sorry if it doesn't happen. Just know I had every intention of having a Friday post. Talk soon! Oh and by the way there was a tornado here tonight! Pretty crazy. Who knew New York gets tornados.



Anonymous said...

i LOVE theses photos of u in ur environment on what you would do on any other normal Saturday. I also LOVEEE love love the outfit. particularly I want to swipe those boots from you! Everyone always puts to much pressure on themselves!!! It's exhausting isnt it?? But just so u know you are fabulous without having to try. Love uuuu girlllll <3 xo, Kim

Anonymous said...

i always feel like your photos have so much more emotion behind them than most other bloggers. i don't know if it is intentional or not, i just kind of get the impression like you are giving us a glimpse into your life rather than just an outfit photo. i love it, your blog is becoming one of the ones i get super excited to see an update from!!

Archives said...

morgan, i feel like more and more of your personality has slowly unfurled since your breakup. i hope it continues and that you're healing well.

also, i agree - its important to keep perspective: are we dressing for other vs. ourselves? the blog vs. ourselves, etc.

Renée said...

Love the pictures :)

Amanda said...

I agree, it's so easy to lose track of my style sometimes, even with a fashion blog!

And I really like this outfit. Sometimes casual outfits really are the way to go. It's like we put all this effort into looking stylish and at the end of the day, when we throw on an old trusty outfit, that's what ends up working best. Weird.

Roo Paprika said...

I really admire bloggers that are happy to blog their 'off duty' outfits, I think it gives more of a rounded insight in to their personal style.

Holli said...

Wow, what a fantastic post! This post and that outfit are just what I needed to re-inspire myself. Thank you Morgan! Have a relaxing weekend...

Mikhaila said...

For me, I absolutely know when I'm wearing something that reflects who I am. And it's usually the outfits that I don't try too hard to put together...the simpler ones. I think we all try different looks, take risks, get inspiration from others, and sometimes it works but sometimes it doesn't. Sure, I'd love to layer crazy patterns and wear oversized sweaters and look as chic and effortless as some girls, but I know I'd just feel like a five year old who dressed the dark. I also think that's the fun in finding your own style, what looks good on you and most importantly, what you feel good in! I can totally relate to this post and I think your outfit is very you and looks great! :)

Between Laundry Days said...

Honestly Morgan, these are just the most natural, beautiful pictures, and this is one of the best outfits I've seen in awhile. You look so ... you, which is great.

Glad you got a day to relax!

SWF_Terra said...

I love the ensemble. I love the post. I love that you captured a piece of what style bloggers often fight hard to avoid. And you do it with pinache.

I think a person can get her closet to a point where she can throw on anything and it will look effortlessly chic. This is one of those outfits. xo

Lynzy said...

OK so TRUE! I have found that when I wake up late and throw something on, it's usually my best outfit (and best depicts my style).

Those boots look ridiculously comfortable, yes??


megannielsen said...

Hope you enjoy your trip out of the city - I LOVE those boots, they are to die for!

showgirl godzilla said...

your legs are OUT OF CONTROL.


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