Thursday, September 23, 2010

Scenes from a Weekend : I

I headed out to my parents this past weekend. I took advantage of some down time and finally played around with my camera a little. On top of that I did things like make brownies. Then I did things like make tea to eat with my brownies for an after breakfast snack, an after lunch snack, and a dinner dessert. That's just what happens when you make brownies though. You eat them. 
Horse salt and pepper shakers I gave to my mom as a Christmas present.
This is Poppy. She's my mom's Norfolk Terrier. She two years old and very crazy.
I took Lua for an afternoon walk and a swim at the park. This is where I took my outfit pictures as well. It would be so much easier if Lua would learn to use the camera. 
Sunsets from my bedroom.
On Sunday I stopped by the beach before I headed back towards the city. 
I'm heading out of town this weekend! I did take outfits pictures but I wasn't really happy with them, so I'm just going to pack the outfit and have a re-do on my long weekend. See you again  next week. Have a great weekend!



veronika, tick tock vintage. said...

what beautiful pups - we had german shepard mixes growing up. they're such intelligent dogs.

Rose said...

perfect snapshots of a weekend. i love the contrast in size between the two dogs, great photo.
Excited to see your outfit posts!

merl said...

i love your scenery shots..maybe because Lua was in them as well.. I'm kind of in love. Hopefully Clyde, Mo and Copa will leave a similarly great impression [I'm not counting on it.. they are bastards.]

SEE YOU TOMORROW!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

mandy said...

I've only newly found your blog, mostly from looking at pictures of NYFW from some other blogs I follow, and I have to say, you are amazinggggg. I love your relationship with your dog, and it makes me feel less crazy about my cat. You're so beautiful and even when you just post pictures of scenery or things like this post it's beautiful and interesting.

I'm looking forward to reading more from you!

KristiMcMurry said...

Looks so relaxing! I love those salt and pepper shakers :) That looks like something my mom would like too.

Vicki said...

beautiful photos! thank u so much for replying to me via email, ive been thinking of coming over for fashion week in feb, it'll def be something ill look into if i can get the time off work! It would be such a great experience to attend all the events and meet my fellow bloggers! :) x have a nice wkend!!

Alli said...

I know how Lua must be feeling hanging out with Poppy. I'm 6 feet tall and I'm often caught in photos with my petite/cute friends. I apparently love to look like a giant in comparison... I might have some subconscious issues with this.

I love all of your shots and your scenes at beaches are always my favorite.

SWF_Terra said...

I showed Murphy these shots and he's very excited to meet Lua. He was a little jealous that she was playing in the water with her ball.

SWF_Terra said...
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