Monday, September 6, 2010

Revel In Simplicity

While this isn't my most inspired outfit, it is definitely representative of the second half of my summer. I mentioned that I've always been a jeans and t-shirt person. And while this blog has been a huge motivation for me to step outside my comfort zone and try new things, I also want to remain me. I spent the last month trying to get back in touch with myself. I'm rediscovering the things I used to enjoy, the things I used to revel in and am pursuing them. 
One of the biggest realizations I've come to is that better doesn't always have to be more complicated. Maybe that's reflected in this outfit a little. I feel like I was always trying to build up this life. Work at it, make it something that perhaps it was never meant to be. Instead I should have simply been living it. I know that sounds idealized and like something that would be on a cheesy greeting card, but I've been trying to get back to the simple things that make me feel comfortable in my own skin. 
My new roommate came out to the beach with me this weekend (and took these pictures). It was nice to have someone new out. It made me revisit all my favorite places there, even if it was something as simple as driving down to the beach for a quick chat, or dashing out after dinner to catch the last orange hues of sunset. It was a great reminder of the person I used to be and the girl I want to get back to. 
JCrew T-Shirt, Jeans from Scoop, Espadrilles from DSW
My Mom's Vintage Scarf, Necklace from Clyde's Rebirth

I spent the weekend relaxing at the beach and catching as many beach naps as I could. As much as I've said I hate napping, if I fall asleep at the beach I am completely fine with that. The passing hurricane gave us some left over wind and chill this weekend. It made me excited for fall at the beach. I'm sad to see the summer go, but I'm lucky enough to have the ocean near by year round. I love each season at the beach for very different reasons. It's safe to say that I will always be a water bound girl. I think I was forgetting that a little. It's nice to be reminded by such a perfect weekend reflecting and relaxing at the beach.
How was everyone else's weekend?
The heat is on! It's almost time to meet a slew of new ladies in New York City. I'm excited, anxious, nervous, and mostly I can't wait for another new experience. Will you girls get here already?! Hey, out of towners don't forget they're predicting in the 70's for next weekend. Think fall, but don't forget it's still going to be warm here!



Misty Funk said...

Hey, Morgan and Lua. I just found your tweet on Twitter that linked to this blog post. Fantastic. I am new to blogging and can't believe all of the amazing content that out there. Great post and photos! Thanks for keeping me inspired about Simplicity!


Re-visiting familiar places that you love with new people is almost as wonderful as the first time you discovered them, but maybe even better because you're getting to share something special. Sounds like you have lots of exciting times ahead of you and that you're also on a very positive personal track!

Becca said...

First off, scarf belt = really awesome touch to dress up your simple outfit! I have a couple really rad scarves laying around in my closet, but I never really know what to do with them.

Second, the weather forecast has me in a full blown packing panic. It's not quite summer, not quite fall. Hence, I am at a loss with what to wear! Ahhh! It doesn't help that I'm going to meet a slew of well-dressed ladies who talk about clothes all day long. And this is why I should pack well in advance.... oops. You're so lucky to have your whole closet at your disposal for the weekend!!

Ashley said...

I have always wanted to own Adirondack chairs. It's on my list of things for my house when I grow up. It sounds like you've really got your head on and your prorities figured out - good for you! I must agree with Bec, I also like your scarf-belt.

xoxo, Ashley

Sidewalk Chalk said...

I just stumbled on you from Selective Potential. I really like your white jeans outfit, especially the fact that you took a bright scarf and wrapped it as a belt -- so pretty! Your photos look so serene. I hope you're enjoying the weekend and getting back to all the things you love!

Della said...

Sounds like you had a fabulous weekend! I'm seriously coveting your bangs...I'm about to take scissors to my now non-existent bangs. Sigh for rogue hair-dressers.

By Ellie Rose said...

Sounds like a lovely weekend. I love what you have done with your scarf and your outfit is very stylish! I am your new follower.

Ellie Rose

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