Wednesday, October 27, 2010

The Adventures of Morgan and Sarah

Long, long ago--like all the way back in 2005--a sea-loving gal named Morgan felt adventure calling. At the same time, just in a very different place, a mountain-obsessed lass named Sarah heard and answered the same call. While the two did not yet know each other, to hear this call and answer simultaneously seemed to bond their hearts and spirits before their meeting, a premonition of their friendship to follow, one that knew not the bounds of time and space.
Set off on her journey, aboard an aircraft bound for London, Sarah turned around to look behind her seat.

"I like your waffle shirt," said the dark-haired girl behind her. That dark-haired girl was Morgan. And neither of them would ever forget that shirt.

As fate would have it, predestined, perhaps, by the bond previously formed, the two adventurous girls' first countryside destination was Portland, England; and lo and behold, they were assigned to the same home for a family stay. During the day, the gals became friendly, joyously taking in the beautiful rocked coast; gushing over the same little British boy; and making desperate attempts to create s'mores from English versions of biscuits and marshmallows.
Then that night, the other students rushed to Weymouth, the neighboring town, for a time likely filled with debauchery. Seeking a new experience, Morgan and Sarah were not drawn to such excursions. They explored the shadows of the seaport town; drank tea at the pub filled with tired, smelly fishermen; and, sharing bunkbeds at their family stay, giggled until all hours of the night about their homes, their plans, and their dreams. The bond of friendship was realized, confirmed, and sealed.
Now time, as it always does, along with other adventurous calls, led the two girls to various earthly corners and new paths in life. But the bond could not be broken; rather with time and distance, their friendship was strengthened.

Sarah traveled to share Morgan's love of the sea.
Morgan ventured to the mountainous center of Sarah's world.
And today, as the story goes, is a special day, for adventurous Morgan is venturing out again. Today, Morgan is making preparations to head out to the Wild West and back to her friend of years ago. Yes, today, Morgan is packing for Denver, for Sarah's home, for an extended weekend reunion of adventure, late night giggles, and a continued, inexplicable bond of friendship that will surely only be further strengthened.
That, friends, is why I visited you today. I'm just sitting here with Roscoe, anxiously awaiting Morgan's arrival. I hope you enjoyed our little love story. Stay tuned for more adventures of Morgan and Sarah, or pop by my blog to keep up with us while Morgan is in town!


Caroline Starr Rose said...

This is lovely! My dearest friend lives far away, and we only get to see each other every once in a while. Just this week we've been scheming to go to Prince Edward Island together for a little writing retreat. Bliss!

Caroline said...

What a great post!! Cheers to good friends! xo

Haiku Ambulance said...


I actually had no idea that you guys have been friends so long! That is so wonderful, oh!

{i can't wait, i can't wait, i can't wait}


SWF_Terra said...

There is little to say except, ENJOY. Every second. Relish it all. xo

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