Monday, October 4, 2010

Scenes from a Trip : Madison, WI II


My last day in Madison was a short one. I flew out of the Milwaukee airport Monday afternoon and it being a bit of a drive from Madison we had to leave reasonably early. Merl graciously offered to drive me back to the airport. It was nice to have the extra chatting time on the car ride. Don't be fooled, it was mostly blog talk. I made sure to give the kitties extra big hugs before I left. Clyde kept my bed warm whenever I left the apartment and Mo made sure to hop in my suitcase any chance she got. The third more reclusive kitten, Copa, only made brief appearances throughout the weekend and she was too quick for me catch and force a hug out of. 
[Clyde above, Mo below]
madison  madison
We bookmarked the trip with another Mermaid Cafe stop. I ordered the egg, roasted red pepper, and pesto sandwich with a chai tea. While we were waiting for the food I dove right in with the early morning deep thoughts. Merl humored me for a while. They weren't quite as deep as Jack Handey's, but they were moving none the less. 
Merl and I said our not so tearful good byes and I was off again. Flying out of Milwaukee I had great views of Lake Michigan. The water was so blue, it looked more like a tropical ocean than a middle of the country lake. 
I had a layover in Baltimore and the weather was a little spotty which made the landing not the most pleasant. I'm not sure the woman next to me could have squeezed her armrests any tighter. My next flight was delayed about twenty minutes and then off to Long Island where my Mom was literally waiting outside the security gates to pick me up. I got home sweet home, gave Lua a million hugs and headed to bed tired and happy. 
My trip to Madison was a complete success. Yes, even including the little half eye mishap. It's the details in a trip that make it memorable to me. Like when I decided to lie down in the tall grass for the "lying down shot" I told Merl I really wanted and then heard some rustling and rattling right behind my head. Or when I franticly ran into Merl's apartment before heading to the first lookbook shoot to change an essential item in my wardrobe, unexpectedly encountered her Manfriend and the only thing I could say to him was, "Don't look at me!" as I darted into the other room to change. These really are the good times that make a trip. So thank you Madison for being so great. Thanks Merl, her Manfriend,  and my friends Brian and Alex for showing me around a city that I'm sure I'll be visiting again very soon.  
It's officially the week of the big reveal. The lookbook Merl and I spent time shooting will be out on Friday. Are you ready? I hope my face doesn't frighten you. Mostly because that would upset Merl who's trying to sell vintage clothing and handmade jewls and I'm pretty sure she doesn't want her potential customers to be frightened by the girl wearing the products. The sneak peeks Merl released so far can be seen here, here, here, and the most revealing one here. It's going to be great.



Linda W said...

These plan pictures are beautiful, especially the last one!

Linda W said...

Oops. These plane pictures are beautiful, especially the last one!

KristiMcMurry said...

Love the sneaks peaks! Looks like the look book is going to be fantastic! Makes me wish there were people around here I could shoot stuff like that for! (that sentence was confusing...haha sorry)

Jen said...

I can't believe that sky view!! That is so amazing!

Matchless Vision said...

I am glad to hear you enjoyed Wisconsin! Madison is one of my favorite places in the state!!!

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