Thursday, October 7, 2010

Playing Dress Up

In a lot of ways this outfit is a good example of what happens when a girl gets to play around in her moms closet. My mom has taken great care of her clothing over the years. For me that means I get to take advantage of all the things she has saved. There are a lot of jackets, belts, plenty of jewelry, shoes, and other miscellaneous things that have made it through the years. It's sort of like playing dress up crossed with a treasure hunt getting to go through her closet and the boxes that have been put away and stored in different areas of the house. 
little bomber
When I was younger I had a trunk of dress up clothes in the equivalent of our playroom. It was mostly full of old dance costumes of mine and my neighbors (I used to take tap and jazz classes), but some of my moms clothes were mixed in there too. My neighbor would come over and we would get dressed head to toe in the most ridiculous things and then make up these little shows. 
littlebomber  littlebomber
littlebomber  littlebomber
The most successful one took place around and in her pool and had one of her older sisters playing a wicked witch (special guest appearance). We were mermaids, obviously, but we didn't have those costumes put together yet. I remember in the opening scene I was wearing my moms silk camisole and short set and I was lying on a rocking sofa. It was very dramatic. There was even a night swimming scene.
little bomber
Our rehearsals ended very abruptly one day when I stepped on a bee and all my acting dreams were dashed. I'm sure we got in a fight because the offending bee was at her house and I probably ran home crying. It was my first bee sting after all. We never finished the play we were working on and never performed it for our families. It's a shame because I'm pretty sure we would have been famous had we been able to finish it. 
So, yes. In a lot of ways this outfit is like playing dress up with your childhood friend and putting on lavish plays. Except minus the childhood friend, long satin gloves, jellies, and dramatic bee sting induced tantrum. I even wore two belts with this outfit, which is something I feel a younger 80's me might have tried. The young 80's me was definitely pulling off multiple pairs of neon slouchy socks, so why not through in the double belt as well. 
Sweater Dress from my moms closet, Anthropologie Booties
Vintage Belts from my moms closet, Vintage Leather Bomber Jacket from my moms closet, 
Custom Necklace from Clyde's Rebirth

Anyone else play dress up and put on plays when they were younger? Do you remember the best one?
Did you know that I have a few treasured freckles on my neck? Tis true. You can find them in the header on Clyde's Rebirth, and technically see another sneak peak from the lookbook Merl will have completed later this week!



Between Laundry Days said...

Woah, classy lady! My sister and I used to play dress up and put on plays for our parents all the time. It was lovely, and I totally miss it!

Caroline said...

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Caroline said...

Oh and here is the link ... I use this recipe as a back bone and then tweak it. I pretty much have it memorized by heart. It only yields about 9 muffins .. kind of random so sometimes I double it.
ENJOY!!! And if I am ever in your neck of the woods we can make grilled cheesus and watch GLEE! xo

Kate said...

Those boots are fantaaastic! Lovin' them! Haha, and YES, defintitey spent a LOT of time as a child playing dress up... we had so many, mostly random hand me downs from my grandmother and pieces from old halloween costumes, always sure to make interesting combinations! Playing dress up & dancing around my basement = my childhood in a nutshell.

Justyna said...

Love that shearling, and you styled it so beautifully with the long necklace! great post!



myedit said...

Favourite ever... the dress, the necklace, the booties, the jacket!!!! I need a go at your mom's closet...
Love the story of childhood performances. My childhood bestie and I would throw a circus every summer and make all her little sisters and brothers (there were a lot) be the lion trainers, the clowns and monkeys. Ha. I was obviously the ring master... so damn bossy.

Ashley [Free Honey] said...

My mom has a bomber jacket that she's had for forever too. I never wore it when played dress up, though I want to snag it whenever I'm home, I don't because my mum loves it so much. My next door neighbors had a huge collection of ridiculous dressup clothes and we all used to go down there and get dolled up - I even used to be able to coerce my brothers into it sometimes. God, looking back I really wish that I still had some of that, I could do some great things with it now. I think that's where I first discovered my joy of putting on strange outfits and parading around. So illuminating.

Anonymous said...

great post, my dear. it has it all! funny, touching story...amazing awesome bomber jacket. wait, did someone say BOMBER jacket?! have i just been transported to the 1990s? love love love. only you could pull this off. ;)

ps. i still think lua looks like she's about to get her ass beat in that one photo. (mean mommy!)



Outofseasonface said...

I absolutely love this outfit, and love even more than some of it belongs to your mom! I used to play dress up when I was little with my best friend and have dance parties in them, we had the time of our lives :) I wish I could go into my mom's closet and steal her clothes, but they don't fit me very well.

Matchless Vision said...

Great outfit! Love the post!
I am sorry about the email thing. I guess I thought I had it up but did not. And yes! I am from Wisconsin!
I can't wait to hear from you!

Louise said...

Wow, what a lovely outfit. And a lovely dog! I just found your blog-- you have gorgeous pictures.

Louder Than Silence said...

Such a lovely outfit, and the pictures are divine! I love playing dress up too but sadly my mum isn't a great hoarder like me... if I ever have a daughter she'll be in for a treat though :)

Sally from Louder Than Silence

merl said...

When I was a little gal, I would go over to my friend Brianna's house where she had these gorgeous vintage gowns complete with hoop skirts and crinoline. Some days.. I would go over just to wear the clothes, not really minding if we played much. Ahh back in the day before boobs and butts.

Thank you for being so stupidly beautiful.. the lookbook wouldn't have been near as lovely without you shmizing in it. xxxxxxxo

KristiMcMurry said...

That jacket is pretty much exactly what I've been looking for! Maybe I need to search my mom's closet :) Well...maybe not because she was a lot smaller than me when she was younger.

Anyway, I used to do stuff like that with neighborhood friends too! This one girl and I (and her really cute older brother) did commercials together. Their dad taped them...but I don't know what ever happened to the tapes. I remember a commercial for Jenny Craig and one for Benadryl. I know we did more, but I forgot what they were. Those really were the days :)


I totally put on plays with my younger cousins when I was a kid! Though, I was always the director and in charge of wardrobe styling and hair and makeup. I was always more into being behind the scenes (see: in charge/the boss) then being in the limelight, I suppose. :)

Linda W said...

I guarantee there is nothing that amazing in my mother's closet. She did not care for fashion and now I am late to learning how to style myself.
You look great!

The Auspicious Life

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