Monday, October 25, 2010

A Comfortable Morning

Last Saturday I got dressed in the most comfortable morning outfit. I found this sweater in the back of my Dad's closet. I've been looking for a cream cable knit sweater for autumn, it was perfect timing. I knew I wanted to wear my big gray scarf because it's so soft. I thought I'd add more color so I put on my blue-green plaid scarf as well. Two soft scarves and an oversized sweater, makes for a wonderfully huggable morning. 
I made breakfast and some tea and was relaxing on the deck with Lua when I decided to take some pictures at my parents house. I usually venture out to find locations but I thought it was fitting to take pictures at home since this was such a morning with tea, shuffle about the house outfit. 
I mentioned a while ago that my Mom had found her old clogs in her closet. I think she started looking a little bit after I let the cat out of the bag about having a blog. I've been wearing a lot of her things recently. I'm actually wearing almost all my parents clothes here. It's a good thing they're ok with sharing. 
It's interesting to think about the fact that these things my parents have had for such a long time are possibly more in style now then when they first bought them years ago. I've seen so many classic cable knit sweaters popping up as well as olive tones and of course clogs have been everywhere. So without buying anything new I'm able to come up with something that is pretty current from used items found in the back of my parents closet.
Beyond that, I can imagine my mom wearing this when the clogs were new. A fall morning in the early 70's, my Mom walking around the house getting ready to go to beach to watch my Dad surf. That seems about right. This day I wore them around the house in the morning making tea and eating pumpkin bread then in the afternoon when I headed to the beach with Lua
Madewell Gray Scarf, Plaid Scarf from Scotland, My Mom's Olive Pants
My Dad's Ralph Lauren Sweater, My Mom's Vintage Clogs, Amber Ring from Portobello Market

This outfit wasn't just comfortable to wear, it was comforting to be in. The fact that I had on things that belong to my parents made me feel very relaxed and cozy wearing them. Sometimes a certain piece can feel warm and homey. Do you have any outfits or items of clothing that feel just like home to you? Outfits that feel like a laid back morning with tea and puppy kisses?
I did a little redesign on Friday, which is why I was unable to post these pictures then. It took all day, 9am until the wee hours of the morning spent googling and testing. There are still a few things I'd like to rework a bit, but I'm trying to give my brain a coding break. I hope you like it so far!



Linda W said...

I love this post. I love how cozy you look. I love that you are wrapped up in your parents' clothes. What a comfortable and comforting feeling.

The Auspicious Life

Caroline said...

That outfit looks so comfortable!!! Love love love this post. You quite frankly have the best style. XO!!

amberly said...

You are so beautiful and I love love love your mornings! It is so awesome you are wearing your parent's taste in clothes, and mixing them in a classic, yet current way. The clogs are great!!! Lucky girl! :)

So much love and light around you, keep shining!!

Mikhaila said...

Ahh you look so cozy. I just thrifted a oversized cream colored cable knit sweater the other day and I wore it for 3 days straight. :) I adore comfy clothes especially in the fall/winter season. It's funny that you took that sweater from your dads wardrobe because before I had found my oversize sweater I checked my dads closet! :P

Carys said...

I love these pictures!!! Your photography is brilliant, and Lua is so sweet!
From Carys of La Ville Inconnue

megannielsen said...

I love those elbow patches!! I steal things from my parents allll the time, and they're often my favourite things! I also refuse to give them back... hehe

Between Laundry Days said...

The perfect example of cyclical fashion.

You look sooooo cozy.

Matchless Vision said...

Aren't cozy outfits just the best? There is nothing in the world that beats the feeling of a warm oversized sweater.

Santina said...

I love sweaters and blazers with patches on the elbows! Paired with a plaid scarf and khakis, it looks perfectly preppy chic. And, I love that you borrowed the sweater and shoes from your parents. Besides the obvious comfy nature of those items, I can only imagine how much more comforting they are knowing they were worn by two people who are so dear to you.


PS - Lua is so cute that I often squeal (think: "Eeeeeee!") when I read your posts. A dog followed my boyfriend and I around on a deserted beach yesterday, and it absolutely made my day!

Kate said...

this sweater is fantastic.

Becca Jane said...

That sweater looks fantastically comfy and cozy, and what I love best? That it has elbow patches!! So great.

Kate said...

Man, who knew your dad was so on trend?! I love this sweater - the elbow patches just make it! You look so cozy & cute - I want to spend the next 4 months bundled up in something like this! & sounds like we had very similar weekends in terms of re-working the blog morning til night! So much trial and error when you don't know what you're doing! Gah! But it's looking good, lady!

Sarah {RavingFashionista} said...

There's nothing better than curling up on a crisp morning in a big cozy sweater.. These photos are making me want to buy the bf a new knit sweater just so I can steal it! :)

Eleanor ~ Shopping The Closet said...

I just found your blog recently(through Merl)and I have to say you have quickly become my favorite!
Your photos are dreamy and Lua is the kind of dog I dream of having...a true companion.
And Merl's lookbook?
I swoon!

Anonymous said...

So your folks didn't know about the blog? How'd they react?

I like the double scarves and the intense gaze between you and Lua.

Jennifer Louise said...

I love it how things come back in style! These photos are really lovely.

Ashley [Free Honey] said...

I like the redesign a lot! Not as much as I like your dad's sweater though. Elbow patches are one of my favorite things. They're up there with toggles. I raid everyone's closet when i'm home, usually because I drastically underpacked.

PS: about seeing me in the park...if you were to see me and I was with a tripod just casually taking pictures of myself, or would you grab Lua and just keep on walking...hahaha. Who wants to admit to knowing the crazy photo girl??

xoxo, Ashley

Becca [Free Honey] said...

Well, it's official, you're my scarf inspiration. You have so many great scarf variations. Also, you look the way I want to dress on weekend mornings. You look so cozy, warm, and comfortable. Unfortunately for me, my weekend morning look usually involves yoga pants and sweatshirts. All the coziness and none of the style.

Anonymous said...

I LOVEEEEEEEEEE how Lua is always so close to you in the photos, it warms my heart! (and makes me want to just hug my doggy)

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