Saturday, October 2, 2010

Mad Merl

Sunday in Madison I woke up with one and a half eyes. I had taken the Benadryl the night before as the doctor has recommended, but it hadn't helped. I could feel my eye was still swollen as I periodically woke up throughout the night, but I sleepily decided not to worry about it until the morning. When I took that first glance of myself in the mirror Sunday morning I was not pleasantly surprised. I could only open my eye half way. I wouldn't say it was painful, but it was very uncomfortable to keep my eye open with all the swelling. Once Merl woke up we decided it was time to head out and fill the other prescription I was given. 
After all my medical woes were taken care of we headed over to Daisy Cafe and met up with Merl's Manfriend as well as my friends Brian and Alex. The food was once again delicious. Madison really surprised me with the quality and variety of food available. I had no idea the food would be so amazing there. Of course we all grabbed cupcakes on the way out. I went for the honey chai. Yum. 
We headed back to Merl's apartment for some down time and I iced my eye for a bit. I was supposed to help shoot more for the lookbook that afternoon, but it didn't look promising. Then, just like that, the medicine began to sink in and my eye slowly but surely went down in size. I convinced Merl that I would be able to camouflage the rest with some artistic makeup shadowing. It worked! 
We were able to shoot the rest of the lookbook that afternoon! I was so upset when I didn't think I was going to be able to do it. I don't think Merl would have appreciated a half eye in her lookbook. Luckily everything turned out well and we spent the rest of the afternoon frolicking through fields in vintage outfits. The day ended with some chocolate chip pound cake and Mad Men at Brian and Alex's house. Not a bad day. Not a bad day at all. 
Sunglasses from Sucre, Old Banana Republic Polka Dot Top, Madewell Sweater Dress
Anthropologie Speckled Tights, Vintage Frye Boots from Old Baltimore Vintage
I've said it here before, I know I'm repeating myself, I'm going through a bit of a life changing period. I'm incredibly lucky to have found so many amazing people through this community. People who's shoulder you can really lean on. At first it was strange trying to introduce Merl to my friends I grew up with, "How do you guys know each other?" "Hm. We met online..."  That doesn't really capture how I feel about all the people I know from blogging. So many who came into my life at just the right moment. I can't begin to explain how much these people have meant to me in the past months. They have been there for me in ways far exceeding my expectations. It just further convinces me that as silly or trite as blogging can seem sometimes, the benefits will always outweigh the costs. 
Merl wrote a post using these same pictures and a few more her Manfriend took. Make sure you head over there and give her some hugs. There's also a full body sneak peak up on the Mo Vintage facebook page. Check that out here
Have a great fall weekend!



November Grey said...

I just love your blog. I know within 5 seconds if a blog (or someone) is going to inspire me, and you got it, chica.

Thanks for making me smile with your dog photos and silly pix with your friend.

p.s. - great style!

I'm your newest follower!


November Grey

Sophie@Diary of a Young Designer said...

Aww you girls look like you had so much fun! It's my first time on your blog and must say I'm loving it.


Moon to Moon Interiors said...

What great photgraphs. looks like a fun day out.

The Daily Fashionista said...

You are so true when you speak of your blogging friends. I talk to my "online friends" pretty much daily, so at this point they're just friends. Although my IRL friends just find it strange. But whatevs. Fashion Blogging is a great community to be a part of, and I'm so glad I got over my shyness and started meeting new peeps:)

Love the photos of you and Merl! So pretty!

amanda said...

great post!!! i love these photos, great lighting and they just seem to capture how much fun you guys had. and i agree with you about the community and the friends you can make through blogging. sometimes i think my blog is silly and trite and i wonder why i do it. but then i think about the people who support me in this venture and how i would miss you guys if i stopped blogging. a lot of times when i'm down my readers will encourage me without even knowing they did it. it's pretty cool.

Caroline said...

I love the second to last photo!! You have the best style and I love love reading your blog! XO

Anonymous said...

u guys are adorable!!!! so glad u got cupcakes and these shots on the train tracks are GORGEOUS!!

xo, Kim

Grace, Money Smart Fashion said...

I love this sweater dress and the tights.

I'm so glad the swelling went down. It's also so strange when stuff like that happens.

Bridget said...

i'm so with you. i just got finished writing one of my blog friends a long email... and she seriously feels like a real friend. she IS a real friend. i get you.

also, those tights are awesome.

so is the little picture on the top right of yours and your pups feet. love love love it.

Tieka, Selective Potential said...

Gorgeous photos! You both look amazing - I lovee the lighting here! Hope you feel better soon and your halfeye gets better! Haha ;)

KristiMcMurry said...

Love the pictures! The sun makes them so pretty :)

Glad your eye got better! That happened to me in high school...except it lasted for several weeks because I didn't go to the doctor.

Archives said...

honey chai cupcake?!?! pretty much sounds like one of the most delicious things i can think of!!! jealous.

also, those boots are killer.

Between Laundry Days said...

I totally feel the same way about the blogging community. I've made real, wonderful, lasting friendships with some of the most amazing women I've ever met, and saying "we met online" just doesn't do it justice.

I love these pictures, too. You two look so happy!!

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