Tuesday, October 19, 2010

Scenes from a Weekend : IV

Back to my parents for the weekend. I headed out Friday, stopped by the house quickly to drop off my bags and went to the park with Lua. This is where I took some of my favorite outfit pictures to date. I had packed the night before but when I was leaving there were still a few more things I wanted to take out for the weekend. I started throwing the rest of the clothes on, layer on top of layer. On the drive out I came up with an idea to pull it all together, but I can't tell you about that until tomorrow. While I was setting up the camera Lua pretended she was a Lion stalking her prey through the bushes. 
On Saturday I slept in. I'm convinced this is one of the worlds greatest inventions. After some leisurely wake up time I made more of the yerba mate I've been drinking nonstop. I sat outside with Lua for a while and in my comfortable morning stage decided to take some pictures. They ended up being my second favorite outfit pictures. In the afternoon I stopped by a friends house for a bit and headed to the beach after.
scenes wknd IV  sceneswkndIV
It was absolutely gorgeous at the beach. It was bright and sunny over the ocean compared to behind me where these ominous clouds were moving in over the dunes. It was once again nice to sit and be able to flip through my thoughts. I've been saying that alot lately, but the truth is I've needed alot of that time. Things haven't been ideal and at this point I'm still just trying to figure out exactly what it is I want. Sorry to be so Daria all the time here. Actually I love Daria. We even have some of our name in common. It's a sign. 
Lua did plenty of frolicking and swimming until an unruly dog crept up on us and we left. I went home, made dinner, watched the sunset and pretty much called it a weekend. 
Sunday morning tea and egg sandwich was delicious. I packed and cleaned the house then headed out in the afternoon. It was a very quiet weekend. Some successful moments within myself, some terrible moments too. Overall it was better than the previous weekend. I'm ok with that. Sometimes as hard as it, I have to accept all the bad to be able to see the good in it, or at least the good that may come. I'm still working on that concept.
How was everyone else's weekend? Quiet, crazy, mundane? Are you all settling in for the colder weather? From what I can tell it seems like people are starting to get really cozy with all this fall weather floating around. Which is perfect for me because I have some very cozy pictures to post soon!
If you can't wait for that you can check out some extra photos posted by Merl from the Clyde's Rebirth / Mo Vintage fall lookbook right here



Kim of eat.sleep.wear. said...

How I love all these photos so much. So beautiful!! And all the look book stuff turned out so amazing!!! Kudos to both of you!!! Cantbwait till Saturday!!!!!

Xo, Kim www.eatsleepwear.com

megannielsen said...

beach envy... major major beach envy

ps. you look amazing in the lookbook!

Linda W said...

These pictures are so serene. Lovely.

Glitter Scrubs said...

I saw your photos you were in for Merl's lookbook and I must say, you ladies make quite the team! Great work!
And now after looking at the photos on your blog I'm convinced you live in a National Geographic magazine. That beach and those clouds.. wow. I'm looking forward to seeing these "very favourite outfit" pictures ever :)

Between Laundry Days said...

I truly love your weekend updates. You always post the most beautiful, calming pictures. And I have yet to try your yerba mate concoction, but I'm determined to make it soon!

CAITLIN said...

wow, what a gorgeous beach. i think it's great that you feel comfortable sharing how you really feel on your blog--so many blogs are designed to showcase only the best, brightest and most colorful parts of life, which can make the rest of us feel like we're doing something seriously wrong (even if we know that nobody has it THAT figured out). everyone experiences these depressive times, and it seems like you are dealing with it in exactly the right way--taking time to explore the inside of your head in a peaceful and unjudgmental way. i know things will start looking up for you soon!

gina espo said...

these photos are absolutely stunning. hang in there girl, things will start looking up soon!


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