Thursday, March 3, 2011

Scenes from a Weekend : XII

This past weekend I escaped the city and drove to my parents for some quiet time. Lua and I hit the road as soon as possible on Friday. I was out with plenty of time to put together a quaint dinner for one and take the rest of the night off to relax. I woke up on Saturday and got right to it. After tea and some hearty granola with apricots, strawberries, and honey for breakfast I was ready for a day of errands and bouncing around town. 
I stopped by my friends later in the day to hang out while they were whipping up a few batches of tasty beer. They've been brewing beer for several months and I still haven't gotten to taste any! I'm always out of town or busy when they do a tasting. Next time I'll have to be sure I'm there. I've only heard good things.  
I got back to the house in the afternoon and put a batch of granola in the oven to have ready for the week. I'm glad I've been making the effort to always have granola around again. I fell out of the habit for a bit but it's good to get back into doing things that make me feel healthy. Saturday night I was lucky enough to get a phone call from the girls in Tahoe! Thanks to my latest tech purchase (see above) I was able to see all the girls and get a tour around their cozy winter cabin. Even though I wasn't able to meet up with everyone in Tahoe for Paige's birthday / engagement / baby celebration, I'm so happy I got to see their faces and hear their lovely voices! 
The perfect way to kick off Sunday morning was to make myself a heaping bowl of the fresh granola. I packed up, made a quick stop at the beach, and drove into the city to spend the last few hours of the weekend at my apartment. The weather was so nice that I decided to take Lua for a long run before the sun went down. It was one of those weekends that absolutely flew by. I didn't do much, but before I even realized it was time to start a brand new week. I'm very lucky that I have a place like this to retreat to when I need some quiet time away from all the noise and activity of the city. A weekend out there always does the trick. 
I was especially lucky this week because Kim came in for a mid week slumber party! She had some things to do in the city and I was more than happy to share a bed with her for the night. We went to a new burger place in my neighborhood, indulged in plenty of girl talk, and caught up with each others lives back at my apartment. It was so nice to see her, even though it was only for one night. Can't wait to see you again soon Kim!!
Hope everyones week is going well!




Lovely pictures. I adore your photography. And yay for girl talk, always so therapeutic. I am having the gals over on Saturday and can't wait. Happy almost weekend to you. xx veronika

Between Laundry Days said...

Your granola looks delicious. I used to make it in college and grad school, but have fallen out of the habit of it. Storebought granola is so pricey, but I love it! So I have to kick myself into gear and start making it again.

Glad you had such a lovely relaxing wonderful weekend. :)

myedit said...

I grew up always having granola for breakfast on the weekends (during the week, we had porridge... yeah, for real) as a treat and I secretly hated it for years. And now I still can't really stand it but your pictures make me want to try again...maybe.

eat.sleep.wear. said...

I hope i didn't talk in my sleep this time!! BAHAHAHAHAHAHHA. It's always lovely when I get to hang out with you my dear!!! Always a little jimmy fallon, matte tea, and fun :)))

LOVE this photo of u and ur new iphone! WELCOME To the iphone fam. xoxo Kim

mancina said...

Everytime l am reading your blog i feel such calm and joy. your photos are truely amazing and by watching them l start daydreaming of NY and all the wonderful places there.
btw youf breakfast looks soooo delicious!!! yummy =)

Tieka, Selective Potential said...

This looks like a lovely, relaxed weekend! Lua melts my heart - so cute! :)

Jacquelyn said...

omg you're making me crave granola now!! lol

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Love & Lipgloss,

Orchid Grey said...

ahh that last shot is so dreamy! Can't wait for the beach to be warm!

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