Monday, March 7, 2011

Staying In

As much as I love to travel and be with friends, I also really enjoy quiet weekends at home. Last weekend was one of those. I lounged a lot. I've been pretty spoiled lately, having friends around to take a few quick outfit pictures for me, but now that things are calming down I have to drag out the tripod again. Since I spent most of my weekend inside, I figured it was only fitting that I take pictures in my bedroom. 
As casual and comfortable as I wanted to be, I needed a little pick me up addition to keep me happy and busy around the house. That came in the form of wearing two of my Clyde's Rebirth necklaces. It's not much, but the long pendant chains really made me feel special. Jingling around the kitchen while I made granola, dangling from my neck when I stopped for coffee on the drive back to the city. It doesn't take a whole lot to make me feel good. Sometimes it's just one small element that can really uplift my day. 
I think how you dress effects your mood, and certainly your level of motivation. I wanted to be comfortable, but there were still some things that I wanted to get done at home so I didn't want to be too comfortable. At the very least I changed out of my pajamas and put on some color for the day. 
Sweater from The Gap, TShirt from The Gap, Old Skirt from Free People, Socks from Madewell
Pendant Necklaces from Clyde's Rebirth

What do you choose to wear when your days are spent lounging inside? Do you keep it simple with softer fabrics, grab an old sweatshirt and get cozy under blankets? Or do you get all gussied up no matter what how little you have going on that day? 
I'm actually on the first leg of a trip right now, so I'm sorry for the shortness of this post. If there ever was a time to be short on words, I figured now was the time!



Kate said...

This looks like a perfect stay at home outfit! I've been struggling a little bit with this whole thing, now that I am working from home. So far it has been a mix of things - I generally end up in a comfy dress (something easy to move in, elastic waist or flowy/non-constricting!) and tights. Simple, but doesn't leave me feeling frumpy. Other days though (like today, eep!) I end up in yoga pants and a tank or hoodie, usually until about lunch time until I venture out of the house! Kind of shameful, but I just take it day by day!

Pink Rock and Fashion said...

Perfect outfit to take a relaxing time. Sometimes is good stay at home enjoy just with yourself.

Leah said...

What a great colour! I love neutrals mixed with a vibrant splash of colour.

xo L.

Santina said...

Rest assured, Morgan, that this is much more gussied up than I get when lounging around the house. Since I'm not feeling myself these days and need to stay out of the sun and ocean (which is unbearable when I can hear the waves from my house), I find myself spending more time in just a sarong. Yes, a sarong!

Can't wait to hear where you're headed!

Liza said...

I love the color of the skirt. Sometimes it's good to stay indoors.


Between Laundry Days said...

You look absolutely gorgeous in these pictures, Morgan.

Ashley [Free Honey] said...

It depends for me....sometimes if I know it's literally going to be a day of Ashley & Couch togetherness then i hang out in my suit of grey (which is what i refer to mismatched sweats as....there might even be a song....ask becca). But if I'm going out at all, sometimes I like to get dressed up jussst for the heck of it. It makes me be a little more productive.

I like your mix between comfort and togetherness. Also, it's a girly lil outfit for you Morgan!

Hope you are otu there shaking the glitter off your clothing in Vegas!!!

xo, Ashley

Katya Moorman said...

Everyone should as elegant staying in! Love the color of the skirt, too.

Visit me :)
Style Defined NYC

Becca Jane said...

The colour of that skirt is so pretty!

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