Friday, December 17, 2010

Creative in Philly

I have to be honest and say that I was really surprised by how much I liked Philly. I've never been for a real weekend visit. This past weekend was my first time getting a mini tour around the old city. Kim and Brian were so much fun to be around, which I'm sure helped me enjoy the city even more. 
I think Philly gets overlooked way too often. It seems to get forgotten about among all the other great cities on the east coast. My experience with Philly was that it is a city full of good whole food, quaint brick lined streets, and loads of artists. My feeling that there were so many artists may have had something to do with the fact that I was hanging out with all of Kim's incredibly artistic friends. 
flannelphilly  flannelphilly
flannelphilly  flannelphilly
In college I double majored in English and Art. Those are very loose titles. I studied both, I wrote many papers and even did some painting, but I can't say that I was an expert in either of those degrees. I remember distinctly walking back from class my freshman year and weighing out my options, trying to figure out who I wanted to be, and ultimately picking a life direction. Scientist, Artist, Philosopher, Writer? 
I decided that writing was something I had always enjoyed. I loved reading stories. Even more I love writing stories. At least I loved the idea of writing stories. I always pictured myself writing with tea in hand in a cozy cottage somewhere far away on a vast expanse of land, waves crashing in the distance. Art was something I'd always admired from afar but was extremely intimidated by. I had tried to draw growing up, but I always felt I fell short. It was something I was desperate to be good at, but could never quite grasp.
My second major in Art just sort of fell into place. By my senior year I had taken enough credits to declare it as a double major. I was happy about it, I just hadn't planned it that way. Since that moment my freshman year walking back to my dorm I had found things that I was interested in naturally. I loved being surrounded by all the creative people in my classes even though I never felt I was as accomplished at creating as they were. I loved being a part of that community and observing everything about their inspired experiences. I think that's pretty reflective of my personality as well, more of an observer, less of a doer. 
Then this past weekend I found myself in a city surrounded by amazingly talented and imaginative people. And while I love being around people like that, I still find myself getting frustrated that I am just not that way. In some respects, sure I'm creative. It seems different though when I meet other people who just get it, who look at the world with a truly artistic eye and cannot stop themselves from creating. 
Selima Optique Sunglasses from Sucre, Earrings from Australia, Amber Ring from Portobello Road
Madewell Flannel, Old Belt from Middle School, High Waisted Seven Jeans, Anthropologie Boots
Necklace from Clyde's Rebirth, Zara Scarf borrowed from Kim

It made me realize that as intimidating as it might be to be around people who are so gifted all the time, it might be something I need more of. I've lost that infatuation with creating that I used to have. Somehow I need to be inspired and get back to that artistic, creative girl that I once attempted to be. 
Photos by Kim
Oh hey. Kim took these pictures for me on Sunday when we went out for a little walk. We traded a few pieces for the day, I borrowed her scarf and she snagged my denim shirt. I wore a few of my go to items that I've had for years. I haven't gone a weekend without this year old flannel since the weather's gotten cooler. These boots have been the apple of my eye since I bought them three years ago. And then there's my favorite ring which I bought on Portobello Road when I was living in London. I love every darn thing about that amber ring. 



Santina said...

I love the scarf paired with those boots and the extra touch of a mustard tone with the amber ring! Not to mention your hair looks gorgeous.

I'm sure you'll find your creative spark once again. I think surrounding yourself with people that inspire you is a great step - sometimes the thing you wish for the most is right there staring you in the face if you're open to it. It sounds like the creativity is contagious in Philly!

I'm happy to hear that you were an English major. I often admire your writing ability while reading your posts and wondered why I couldn't be so eloquent...I blame it on my Biology/Chemistry double major. I'm more of a numbers kind of girl!

Anonymous said...

BEST. WEEKEND. EVER. and now you have a very shiny new sketch book to maybe get inspired and make some doodles, or scribble down some thoughts. Maybe there are even a few pages in there with some inspiration for you!

You are such a creative person despite the fact u arent creating things that are tangible, i think that your knowledge, and passion for many things in life maintain the fact that you have a creative soul. And whether you are spending time baking REALLY tasty things, or photographing your life, you my dear, are EXREMELY creative.

Much philly love, Kim

amanda said...

i graduated with an english degree too! see how i'm using it? it irks my dad to no end that i don't even capitalize my words anymore. anyway, i do totally get what you're saying. i used to be so much more creative than i am now. i would write poems and short stories all the time, read real books and not just ones with great love stories and sex in them :) i used to sew a lot and try new recipes. i rarely do any of that any more. and i do miss it at times, my creative side. i am far more passionate about other things now, which i think i'm okay with. i do still love to be around creative thinkers and doers because they push me to be more of who i used to be. but it is strange to really think about how quickly our lives can change and how easy it is to lose the passion for things we used to love.

amanda said...

oh and you look fabulous in those boots and jeans :)

What Would a Nerd Wear said...

i love the complementary color effect of the scarf and flannel, plus the juxtaposition of cozy shirt and super-sultry boots.
(glad to find another english major, too--and i agree with others--i hope you find that spark again and it turns into big big flames)

amberly said...

I am so happy I found your blog.

You are so beautiful, inside and out, Morgan!

I am like you; an observer. As writers (I majored in journalism) I think we take a look at everything and soak it in, not really pushing our own thoughts on others, but listening and learning from them. I want to know stories, why people do the things they do, their influences, their history...I'm not here to shake them up or change them. But I, in the process, learn and maybe change myself. I like it that way.

I dated a guy a several years ago and every single one of his friends were musicians. We'd all get together, drink, and then they'd all start jamming. Guitars, drums, voices... "Sara, you can play the tambourine!" Um, no I can't. I can spell tambourine though. Being around these amazing, creative and rhythmic made me want to learn guitar, and I was always so inspired after hanging out with them.

That is the beauty of friendships, we inspire each other to branch out, try something new, find our hidden talents...

And I'm okay with looking at their talents and admiring them. I love surrounding myself amongst them. So often my friends will get philosophical and talk for hours, and I just sit and listen. And I wrapped it up by saying, "Wow, its wonderful that we can all have different opinions and views about the universe." Haha, let me wrap it up in a closing sentence for ya.

But, now that I'm 23, I feel like a shell. Because I just listen and don't have a definite view on things, I feel a little empty. I can't hold a conversation on what I think about Time or String Theory. I am just here. I am enjoying myself. But I haven't defined what I think. Maybe I don't care? I don't know.

Sorry this is getting long and more therapeutic for me, but your posts do that to me!! I don't fly through your posts like other bloggers, I take in every word, every tone of every sentence. You are an amazing story teller. God, and such a beautiful soul.

In a nutshell, you ARE creative, in your own way. Your photography, your writing, baking, your STYLE. Don't forget those things! And, well, let's pick up some clay or a canvas one day and see what unfolds :) You have it in you girl, we all do....

merl said...

So I was going to write something witty about comparing you to a tall cup of yerba mate but I don't actually know coffee/tea/yerba slang and it was over before I started typing. But you smell what I'm stepping in right?

I felt this exact way in college sometimes.. I was friends with the really talented people in my classes, and I would literally eat up their designs, hungry for more, and turn to mine with disgust. Sometimes I was even embarrassed to show them what I was working on. But then we got a really fun assignment to design an ad for a business we would like to see open in the town. And my prof was so impressed with mine that he showed it to the class one day and I don't know whether I liked the audible 'holy shit that's awesome!' or the jealous death glares more. I think you just have to get out of your own head sometimes.. Just start writing but don't judge every piece like it's your life thesis. Just write because you enjoy it, and once you stop putting so much pressure and expectation on it, it will being to flow more naturally and you'll wow our socks [with sandals of course] off. I have faith in you darling.

Sarah said...

One of my best friends paints every single day and has done so for a few years now. And I've always been jealous but I can't to be be as productive or even get close to it but I admire her passion soo much.

Anyway I hope you find some inspiration, I'm sure you will if you really want to.
And those boots are beautiful! :)

Anonymous said...

the shirt looks so well loved. The boots are beautiful and you certainly know how to wear a pair of jeans!

As for the creativity, I'll be it is alive and well, but needs to be coaxed out into the light of day. Of course, there's a bit of risk involved...

Capricioustraveler said...

Love that necklace!

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