Wednesday, December 15, 2010

Scenes from a Trip : Philadelphia, PA II

Sunday we woke up bright and early for a post swashbuckling brunch at Sabrina's Cafe. I had the age old inner debate whether to go sweet or savory, but ultimately decided on the Caramelized Challah French Toast with bananas on top. Then I realized I was the only one with a sugar covered meal and it made me feel like a kid at the grown ups table. It was worth it though. Kim went with some Eggs Benedict. 
I don't usually have big planned brunch's after a night out. Especially not with the same group as the night before. I liked everything about it. During Brunch I kept thinking that even though I've just met all these people and barely know them, while they may not be my good friends, they are really good friends. Meaning they are good friends to someone, to each other, and seem like people who are just good at being friends in general. I love being in the middle of group dynamics like that, even when I'm not involved in it. It put me at ease to be around so many people who weren't trying to do / be anything. There was no alternate agenda. They just wanted to be together, have a few laughs, and enjoy one another's company. It was a great group to be around. 
After brunch Kim and I decided to head back to her place, relax and bake some cupcakes. I didn't have a specific time I had to leave by, so I was more than happy to hang out for the day. We stopped at Whole Foods to grab a few ingredients then walked by Philadelphia's Magic Gardens. This gallery has the largest public installation of the work of mosaicist Isaiah Zagar. His work is seen throughout the city and adds an unexpected pop of color and whimsy to the small streets of Philly. I happened to like it. Once back at Kim's I made everyone a cup of yerba mate. The day was gray and drizzly, and some warm tea and a few rounds of wii hit the spot. Even though I came in last every time.
Kim and I went out for a photo op later in the afternoon. We borrowed clothes, we laughed, and we tried to figure out how the heck to pose with another person in the frame with you. It was magical. One of her friends was nice enough to help us out and took some pretty cute pictures of us goofing off. After our photo trip around the neighborhood we got down to business and started in on the gingerbread cupcakes with lemon frosting. And since we were feeling particularly festive we popped in some Elf for background holiday inspiration.
I don't even know where the day went. We didn't do much, but it went by too fast. By the time the cupcakes were out of the oven it was time for dinner. We ordered in and I interpreted my procrastination to mean that I didn't really want to leave that night. I was comfortable, relaxed, and was just really enjoying being around everyone else's good vibes. The day had been so laid back and go with the flow I couldn't bring myself to part with it and end my visit.
philly  philly
We chatted and watched Christmas movies past midnight. Then it was time to say goodnight and get into bed. Kim's cat Miles crawled into bed with us and starting spooning me at some point in the night. It was pretty cute. Lua's certainly not as stealth as a cat. I got up in the early morning ready to drive back to NYC and go to work. The whole drive home I had this ridiculously genuine grin on my face reflecting on the weekend. I know that nothing dramatic happened, but something about all of these people and these specific events coming together culminated in this absolutely amazing weekend. I needed a weekend exactly like that more than I even knew until it was over. 
Kim and Brian, thank you so much for letting me stay at your place and being the most amazing Philly hosts (and people in general) I could have asked for. I don't think I would have loved the city half as much had you not been the ones showing me around. I cannot wait to return the favor, but more importantly I cannot wait to make the short trip to Philly again. 
Photos by Me and Dustin Kemper
Can you spot the Statue of Liberty? It's just another one of those iconic NYC places that I've never been to. Perhaps I should start taking advantage of my own city too. 



amanda said...

your posts are just visually stunning. i love how you make sure to capture every cool detail of the things you experience. i need to get better at that. maybe i'll practice while in florida for christmas. but all that food looks soooooo good!

Kate said...

You guys are so cute. Seriously. LOVE this post, the photos are gorgeous!

Caroline said...

Too cute!! You both have great style! And those cupcakes look divine!! xo

Anna Jane said...

great post. i've met a few fellow bloggers and love that i can relate to them so quickly, so i understand your sentiments!

great pictures and totally jealous you live in nyc. i lived there for a bit (chicago now) and can't wait to move back someday.


Anonymous said...

I love me some gingerbread cupcakes! and, yes, please do take us to the top of the Statue of Liberty.

Charlie, Feminine Bravery said...

lovely photos! that phot of you and Kim is really cute! ^^

xxx Charlie
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emily (tomorrow never knows) said...

Sounds like an awesome weekend!
I am so excited to get to meet blogging friends (finally) I totally feel like the odd man out. Am I really a man? you guys don't even know!
p.s. I am less than an 8 hour drive away, come accross the border to visit any time. And while you're here, can I ask you to bring me to the grocery store? I don't have a car.
Ha, i kid. except not about the car part, that's true.
oh and i saw your mate(?) drink thing sold somewhere near me... i investigated but did not purchase (yet)

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