Thursday, December 23, 2010

The Season of the Elf

Christmas, Christmas time is near. Time for toys and time for cheer. We've been good but we can't last. Hurry Christmas, hurry fast. This song has been stuck in my head all Christmas season. In fact I woke up this morning with it in my head. It's a good way to get in the spirit of things. Nothing like a little Alvin and the Chipmunks to kick things off. ...Me I want a hula hoop!
I felt particularly Elf-like walking around NYC with these green tights on. Especially when I realized my coat was just long enough to completely cover my shorts, leaving my bright thighs entirely exposed. It ended up being appropriate because I spent the day searching for last minute Christmas gifts for family and friends. 
After shopping Melissa and I walked pasted this slightly strange flea market. They had things like mummy heads, coffins, and bizarre paintings inside. Lining the sidewalk there were assorted pieces of furniture. In some ways it felt like its own little vintage Christmas set with all the different shiny gold fabrics. It was funny taking pictures as so many people walked past. They were probably just really confused be the whole scene. 
I'm just about ready for Christmas this year. Gift-wise almost everything has been delivered. I did the majority of my shopping on Etsy. This time last year Etsy was brand new to me, blogging was new to me, and I never could have predicted my life would be where it is now. It absolutely blows my mind how much things have changed. I'm ready to have a very different Christmas this year than years past. To be honest, I'm feeling pretty happy about where things are right now. And while I didn't see this years situation coming, I feel pretty ok with it. 
Scarf from Scotland, Wool Shorts from Madewell, Tights from Target, Socks from Madewell, Bag from DSW (old)
Banksia Top from Megan Nielsen, Vintage Sweater, Vintage Frye Boots from Old Baltimore Vintage

New friends, baking, traveling, beach time, and relaxing are all things I plan on taking full advantage of this holiday season. Now all that we really need is a little snow. 
Pictures by Melissa
I hope the holiday season is treating you all just as well. What are you looking forward to the most? The gift giving, eating sweets, sleeping in, wearing pajamas for a full day (just me?), some QT with family, or something entirely different? I can't wait for all of it. Merry merry almost holiday. 



myedit said...

It's not too late to send that couch to me... I want to put it at the end of my bed so that my older kitty can jump up on the bad easier.
Merry Christmas lady!

Matchless Vision said...

Feel free to take some of my snow! We have almost 22 inches of snow here. I can barely make it out of my front door!! I love your green tights, its such a fun bold holiday thing to see people walking around in them. The happiest of holidays to you my dear!

Kenziefaith said...

I LOVE your tights! Great color. I love your outfit :)

KF x


Aww, you look so happy! and I'm loving the color of your tights.

kelsey said...

I need those olive tights! Love.

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