Wednesday, December 1, 2010

Giving Thanks

Thursday, November 25th - Thanksgiving

On Thanksgiving in between resting and more resting I took Lua to the park near my parents house. It's the same park where I took these pictures, Park Walk, although it looks much different at the end of fall than the beginning. And it was much colder. Most of the trees in the park were completely bare, so I had to veer off the path a little to find this one that was still holding onto some of its golden leaves. 
This Thanksgiving I had a few things to be thankful for. I know I usually write in the negative, but for once I'm going to try not to. Alot has happened since the beginning of this fall. Some things were not so great, but I want to focus on the parts that were fantastic for once.
thanksgiving  thanksgiving
The fall started off with a huge fashion/blogger explosion in New York City. I went to all the blogger related fashion week events and was able to meet so many of the girls I had gotten to know through blogging. I was so happy, nervous, and grateful to finally hang out in person with some of my new favorite people. 
I went out to Madison, Wisconsin to visit Merl at the end of September. I saw a place I've never been, reconnected with old friends, and pouted my heart out for Merl's Fall Lookbook. Being able to help with the lookbook was one of the most fun and exciting things I've done in a while. I've never done so much posing in my life. There was the added bonus of having someone do my hair, makeup, and pick out what I was wearing and that's always fun.
Somewhere in between trips I found time to unwind, reflect, and come to almost terms with some of the things I've been struggling with over the last few months. Drinking tea, baking, pretending I was Scottish, and going to the beach played a big role. So did taking pictures and writing on this ole' blog. 
In October I took a mini vacation to Denver, Colorado where I spent some quality time with Sarah and her husband. I relaxed, I baked, I ate, and I admired a city I never knew I'd have a thing for. Traveling has always been an extremely rewarding experience for me and that trip was no exception. Of course I also got to see Sarah and Trevor settling into their new roles as almost parents. I'm already thinking about the next time I'm able to visit Denver and be with their little family. 
Pink Scarf from Street Vendor in NYC, Chambray Shirt from Gap, Terrace House Jacket from Anthropologie
My Mom's Sweater, My Mom's Pants, Old Riding Boots, My Mom's Vintage Coach Bag

Most recently, there was Thanksgiving with family. It's full blown holiday season now, which means more tea, more baking, and more brisk weather to bear. While there was a lot of crazy going on in my life it seems that things also couldn't be much better. I've met so many new people who have brought only the best into my life and I'm learning to settle into myself a little better. Not to forget that I'm thankful for Lua as well. As wild as she is, she's also pretty darn sweet. I hope you were able to find a few things to be thankful for this Thanksgiving. It's nice to have a reason to be in the positive when sometimes it seems hard to be.
This is what I wore during the day on Thanksgiving. More of that pink and mustard combination I was talking about. I changed for dinner into a silk shirt and high waisted jeans. The silk shirt ended up with a gravy stain and the jeans were switch for sweatpants as soon as the night was over so I could breath! Yay for Thanksgiving!



CAITLIN said...

first of all, i love your jacket. it's amazing in every way.

secondly, it's sad that i feel like we need to have a day designated to thankfulness, but i do think that the negative aspects of our lives tend to descend like a dark shadow and blackout all of the wonderful things.

i'm going to have to have thanksgiving more often. both for the food and the thankfulness :)

amanda said...

what a wonderful post! i know, i feel like we're bombarded with things we don't have and constantly shown how we don't measure up somehow. i'm so glad that a long time ago someone was smart enough to make a holiday that forces us to think on the positive and stop and be thankful for all we've been given.
and i must say that i am totally diggin the pink and mustard look on you. especially how you paired it with your riding boots and rolled up pants that's so distinctly 'your style.' fantastic!

Shallow Mallow said...

Loving the pink and mustardard. Still not tried it! :)

Rach is Ordinarily Urbane said...

Such a sweet post :) It's so hard to not get caught up in the daily struggles and frustrations but it sounds like you have so much to be thankful for!


Cubicle Chic said...

Lovely post! It's always wonderful to read about what people are thankful for :)

And I love the jacket!

SWF_Terra said...

We have much to be thankful for. I am so happy to see you choosing to focus on those things. The bad is always there, sure. But we need to make sure not to give it the power to consume us.

We simply must meet again. I feel we would greatly enjoy each other's company. I also really want to see this jacket in person so... yeah. Let's light this candle.

Anonymous said...

this color combo is SOOOO freaking amazing. Very fall and full of life!!! That jacket is to die for. Im stealing it from you. Lol. xo, Kim

Natasha said...

The details on that jacket are amazing!!
These are all such great pictures...the Fall colours are beautiful!

Make sure you enter my handmade belt giveaway!

The Owl Diary said...

Such a lovely post. & I just love the color of your jacket. These pictures are absolutely beautiful. ♥

Matchless Vision said...

It is wonderful you've taken the time to really appreciate this thanksgiving holiday. You are truly inspirational. It seems you have so many wonderful things in your life to be grateful for I am glad you have shared them with us. Thanks again dear! I hope the winter brings you many wonderful things as well!

Between Laundry Days said...

First, the colors in this outfit are INCREDIBLE. I first fell in love with the mustard/pink when you were in Denver, but this solidifies it. Stunning! Second, I love the sentiments of this post. Expressing thankfulness for all the good things in life is something we should probably all do from time to time.

Just lovely.

myedit said...

You tease... tell me more about this new jacket from yo Mama!
I love this jacket too... it seems you have a jacket collection worth stealing from?

Anonymous said...

Hi there, I just wanted to tell you how much I enjoy your blog. I appreciate the honesty of your posts, the earthiness of your style, and your lovely jaunts with Lua. I live in Denver with my two dogs, Lasya and Freya, so seeing my city through a visitor's eyes was especially nice.

~ Lara

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