Thursday, December 2, 2010

Scenes from a Weekend : VII

My post-Thanksgiving weekend was mostly spent at the beach. I stopped by my favorite spot on the way out. It was bitter cold, the wind was whipping, and it was gorgeous. When I pulled into the parking lot I noticed an older dog wandering around. I then realized he was blind. A few phone calls later, a short walk down the road and he was home safely. Lua and I had the beach all to ourselves. 
By the time I got back to the house the sun was down. I spent the night out catching up with friends. I woke up bright and early Saturday to bake some chocolate chip cookies. When my friends were life guards I would bake cookies for them almost daily. I decided to whip up a batch of the original recipe since it was a special occasion. Then some pumpkin bread and tea to tide myself over while the cookies got warm and tasty in the oven. 
Everyone met at the beach at noon. Polar bear plunge time. Two of my friends are moving to Australia for a year, so they decided this would be an appropriate send off. I'm glad I was appointed photographer / cookie baker for the event. I had no desire to get in that water. It didn't last very long. We were the only people at the beach, certainly they were the only people in the water. 
The rest of the day was spent relaxing at a friends house and finishing off the cookies. It was great to be with some people I haven't seen much lately. We switched around between a few different movies and chatted about what's new in our lives. Then home for more R&R and sunset time with Lua. 
Not a mummy. Just a really sick boy. 
On Sunday one of my friends came by for a bit and we caught up over tea and coffee. One of the things we talked about was working out. I've once again fallen off the bandwagon. Since the ten mile Broad Street Run in Philly this spring I have ran maybe twice. I know it's good to work out, but I really can't find the motivation right now to get up and do it. Add to this the fact that it's winter and dark before I'm home from work, it seems like the odds are stacked against me. I think I'll get back into it when the time is ready. I'm just waiting for that one big push (That's what they all say). 
Instead of going for a run after the talk I packed up and headed home. I stopped by the park on the way out to take some pictures and let Lua run around for a bit. We had the place to ourselves again. Thanksgiving weekend went by very fast. It was a welcome break for me. Some time to relax, bake, eat, reconnect, and be away from the day to day week schedule. I think we all need that sometimes. Those weekends when there's no melodramatic scene, no build up of emotions, no deep reflecting on our lives and how we've possibly messed them up. Just a good old fashioned time. I'm glad I snuck one in there. 
Thank you so much to Cayce for featuring me on her blog Madame Joy. I'm lucky enough to be in the company of some very fine ladies for Cayce's fashion files (No.1). Thanks again Cayce! 



Caroline said...

I love these photos and how you tell stories!! Chocolate chip cookies are my go to study snack. I just whipped up a batch last night! XO

Carys said...

I love hearing about your life, it's so interesting, you and Lua watching the sunset is the most adorable thing ever!! These pictures are really nice, it sounds like you had the funnest time!
From Carys of La Ville Inconnue

Eleanor ~ Shopping The Closet said...

Upon having the worst week ever, your posts are like a breath of fresh air in which I can look at your stunning pics, read you narratives (which always leave me feeling warm and fuzzy)and click away from it feeling a sort of contentment I don't get from others.
You are such a deep and introspective person, and you spend your days living this life to utter fulfillment.
If more people spent their time enjoying the simple pleasures of life as you do this world could definitely be a better place.
Sorry to gush on and on, but if I could jump through your monitor and tell you what an amazing person I think you are I would.
(And not in a creepy, stalkerish way ~ don't worry! ;)
I just hope you see yourself as we do...brilliant!

amanda said...

gorgeous pictures!! it sounds like a super fun time. and i don't blame you for not getting in that water. if it's not roughly the same temp as a soaking bath, i want nothing to do with it. and i do hope you get the motivation to run soon. not for any other reason than the fact that i love it and it's one of my life's great pleasures to get other girls to love running (and read the outlander series but that is neither her nor there).

sartoriography said...

This looks like such a wonderful, relaxing vacation. Love the photos! And if you ever get the hankering, you may feel free to also bake me some of the delicious looking cookies! :)

cayce said...

thanks for the shout-out! :)
i actually had a hard time picking just ONE of your outfits because i wanted to use them all! i figured that might blur the lines of creepy vs. inspired side of things! :)

Between Laundry Days said...

Wonderful pictures, and enviable weekend, as always. Your cookies look great, and that water looks COLD. I know some people who do the Polar Bear Plunge in Lake Michigan in February. They actually have to chip a hole in the ice to jump in! Not for me, I gotta tell ya.

Kate said...

Can I have a cookie, please?

Pretty Shiny Sparkly said...

First thing I thought of when I saw those stairs? "Something's Gotta Give." if you've seen it you know what I'm talking about!!

Looks like a grand time dear!

♥ Kristina, of Pretty Shiny Sparkly

Jen said...

I love that you feature your dog so much!! I have two dogs and I consider them my best friends/little buddies so I love hearing about you and your dog's relationship. It sounds like you had a great Thanksgiving break, I also had a relaxing 5 day break which was awesome. I'm excited to see what you post next!

Anonymous said...

i always love seeing all these photos. This is such a magical placce. I can not WAIT to join you there :)))

This polar bear swim makes me shiver looking at it!!!! lol. amazing weekend it looks like :)) XOXOXOX Kim

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