Friday, December 17, 2010

The Kim and I

Kim and I took full advantage of spending the weekend together. After brunch and some down time on Sunday we changed out of our rain boots and went to take pictures with our mismatching top knots. We coerced one of Brian and Kim's friends to come out and take some buddies pictures of Kim and I.   
I cannot say often enough or with more honesty how much blogging has influenced my life in the past several months. I felt like it was especially a topic of conversation this weekend because I was with Kim as a blogger friend. When we were meeting new people my relationship to the group was explained by saying, "we know each other through blogging". 
It's a strange thing to constantly be reminded of. And it's a stranger thing to explain to people who don't blog. "No guys, it's ok I'm going to visit this stranger because I've been reading their blog for a really long time and I know they're normal by all the pictures they post of themselves with their cats." To be fair, I've hung out with Kim a few times before I went for the full on slumber party in Philly, but you get the idea. Being with someone who will let you take incredibly creepy prom pictures like this is also a really important component in a friendship. 
phillykim  phillykim
phillykim  phillykim
When people ask me why I have a blog I can say that this past weekend was exactly one of those reasons. I needed an outlet, a hobby, and I was in desperate need of meeting new people. Without having a blog I would never have met this amazing community of women (sorry any guys out there). I certainly never would have met Kim. In some ways, it's been the for my friendships. 
At one point over the weekend I realized I was being extra cheery, for me anyway. I am very much a person who is influenced by who I am surrounded by. Kim is a great influence. She's easy to talk to, she's caring, and I would have missed having her in my life even if I didn't know she existed. 
The best part of all this new friendship business is that Philly is only two hours away and I get to go back soon. That kind of news calls for a large spontaneous lunge. 
Photos by Dustin Kemper 
Happy weekend!! I still have a little Christmas shopping to get done and there's only one week left! I think I may have cleaned out Etsy today. Hopefully I'll be able to pick up the other odds and ends this weekend. Hope you all have a good one. 
Make sure you check out Kim's posts on the weekend too! 



Anonymous said...

your post just melts my little heart!!!!!!!!! I am so glad that I was able to meet you through this crazy thing called the internet!! And my favorite line "In some ways, it's been the for my friendships." SO. FREAKING. TRUE.

IT's amazing how blogging can connect you with people that have so many similar passions in life.

Ill say it again. Im so lucky to have met you and Brian and I will welcome you to our home anytime! CANT WAIT TO SEE YOU AGAIN FRIEND!!! xoxoxoxoxo Kim

Carys said...

You guys are so sweet, what lovely pictures!!
From Carys of La Ville Inconnue

Becca [Free Honey] said...

I've been thinking the same thing lately. I'm absolutely amazed by the wonderful women that blogging has brought into my life. It's surprising how many real life friendships I've started on the internet in the past 6 months. It sounds so weird to other people, but I get exactly what you're saying.

Going back to what you were saying in your last post about surrounding yourself with creative people, I guess blogging is sort of like putting yourself in a virtual room with all these amazingly cool, talented, interesting, creative girls. I feel so much more awake to inspiration since I started blogging and actively participating in the community.

Also, just a hint - you're next blogger trip should be to San Francisco! You have an open invitation.


This is lovely, Morgan! I'm glad that I follow your blog and have been able to see/read what a positive influence it has on your life. I can honestly say the same for myself! I've made so wonderful friendships and met so many great gals from my own blogging experience - maybe one day, our paths will cross too!

P.S. I'm sooooo sorry I haven't responded to the email you sent me last month (me=jerk). Life has been nuts - travel, grad school apps, work, holiday madness. I haven't forgotten, though!

Kate said...

This post is so, so cute. Holy. Is it weird to love someone else's friendship? Like, this makes me happy, and I'm not even involved. Anyway, faaashionably speaking, you look adorable! I LOVE this outfit, it's casual perfection. Glad you guys had fun!

Caroline said...

I love both of your styles!!!! And your scarf swoon!!!! XO!

myedit said...

You lunge spontaneously too? Whoa... that is big news for me!
This is a really sweet post... and you guys match in a unique but not too mtachy way.Love the topknots, the big scarf and the creepy prom photo!

Pretty Shiny Sparkly said...

MUST own your necklace!!!

♥ Kristina, of Pretty Shiny Sparkly

Bridget said...

awesome pictures. i think we shoudl be friends. not cause you're pretty or take cool pictures, but just in general (though those things dont hurt). like, you love dogs, i love dogs. you wear scarves, i wear scarves. you have hair, i have hair!!!

Becca Jane said...

You girls both look fabulous, and like you had a totally fun time!

iris loves fashion said...

you look so adorable!
lovely blog.

SWF_Terra said...

Wholeheartedly agree about blogging and the wonderful community of which we get to be a part. Kim is an exceptional gal. I'm so happy to have both of you in my life! xox

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