Wednesday, April 6, 2011

Half Speed

I feel like I've been moving at half speed the last few weeks. When I step back and take a look at what I've been doing I haven't really had that much to do but I feel preoccupied, absorbed, and busy. It could be just the way I'm handling it that makes me feel like I have so much to do, when the reality is that its a very manageable amount.
It's hasn't just been the list of things to do, but also the to-do lists that lead up to each activity. I find myself starting to break things down into sets of steps. I have friends coming into town means that I need to do a major re-haul spring cleaning to my entire apartment. The weather is getting warmer means I have to come out of hibernation and start taking care of my body again. I have a birthday coming up means that I have to start planning and checking out places to bring people. It's not just the occasions, it is everything leading up to them that fills my time, and is probably why I feel that it's taking so much longer to complete things than it normally should. (And other things on the agenda including work and life decisions and all that jazz.) 
purple  purple
I'm a procrastinator by nature. When it comes to pretty much anything I'll find a way to put it off. Even things like getting out of my car, or going to bed. This is probably related to the fact that I hate rushing. Being spontaneous and rushing are two very different things. I like to be spontaneous, book last minute trips, make quick plans with friends. Rushing places leaves me feeling frazzled, which is why I avoid it at all costs, which is probably why I always end up taking the more step-by-step approach. It pushes the final step further off.   
purple  purple
The hard part is that as of now I don't really know any other way to get by. I don't want to always be preoccupied with the next thing, and the next, and the next. I'm starting to make some changes that will hopefully help me feel more under control. Recognizing that I should be able to handle being busy in a better way is definitely a start. 
Silk Pants from Anthropologie, Jeffrey Campbell Oxfords from Modcloth, Belt borrowed from my brother
Top (Dress) Borrowed from Terra, Harness from Clyde's Rebirth

I know many of you also work full time, maintain your internet presence (whatever way that may be), stay on top of being healthy, have time to spend with friends, travel on the weekends, and on and on. It seems even harder to organize how to do it when I write it all out. Each part takes up time and emotional commitment. Those are the reasons I feel like I've been such a slow poke recently. How do you keep up with everything while staying sane? Organizational skills, therapy sessions, practicing yoga, unheard of amounts of energy? What works for you?
On another note, Terra and I swapped a few items a while back. I asked her if I could borrow any basic black pieces since my closet was really bare in that area. She sent over two dresses (one I wore here) for me to borrow. It's been a few months, but I finally got around to wearing both of them. I wore this on the drive out to my parents a few weekends ago. Comfortable and menwear-ish with a little sass thrown in courtesy of the first harness I bought from Ms. Merl. Now all that's left to do is impatiently wait to see how Terra decides to style the top I sent her.
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kate maggie said...

Where do I even begin? Honestly. I am obsessed with everything about this post. I cant get over that necklace. Gosh, what an amazing amazing piece. Clyde's Rebirth, if you are reading this, and there is a God, can you please make me a duplicate?!?!?! ;) And those pants! You look so good in them. I know what you mean..sometimes I get so overwhelmed with business that I just want to be invisible for a little while and pray it all goes away for a few minutes. I love calendars and daily diaries to put into my purse and have everything neatly organized. Post it notes are amazing! Bubble baths, good wine, and lots of vegetables also help with my daily happiness/sanity ;)

kileen said...

i'm loving that body harness on you and it's so amazing when layered over a simply black shirt. and as for keeping up with everything, lists help me. a lot. :)

cute & little

Angie said...

Daily sanity? What the shit is that? I don't think any of us are sane. I think that blogging and reading an imperial fuckton of blogs all of the time makes everyone have a false sense that everyone but them is sane and lives this perfect life full of love, happiness, unending wealth, and a great wardrobe. I think it's all BS...Which is why I have been following your blog for so long. I think you are true to yourself and have seen you go from a girl in a relationship, to a woman in her own. Sanity? Time management? All figments of the imagination. Do your thing girl! Because you are doing one hell of a job at it!



Caroline said...

You are such a brilliant writer!!!! I have a hard time juggling things, and I find myself over committing. Up and until just recently I would commit to things and ultimately feel stressed. I am slowly and refreshingly tackling what I can handle. Love the outfit .. you are stunning! xo!

Rachel - Firebird said...

This is a beautiful post, but I am besotted with that body harness - it's an amazing piece and you have styled is beautifully.

Selma Janina said...

I am so amazed by your Outfit! These are nice pictures and your dog is so adorable looking and behaved.

I am Inspired!

Selma Janina

The Daily Fashionista said...

I wish I could give you some good advice, but I'm pretty much the same way with taking longer to get things done. I blame my predicaments on my crazy work schedule;) I think what does help me though is just spending my weekends to get things done. Work week is pretty much useless. I hope you plan some fun things for your birthday! Birthdays are always a fantastic reason to let loose.

Between Laundry Days said...

Bah. I've been feeling the exact same way lately. There is so much to do, and my anxiety is through the damn roof (which drives me crazy, since I'm usually way more laid back than I've been acting lately), but I feel like I'm running underwater. Honestly, it kind of blows.

HOWEVER. I love this outfit. That harness? SO fucking good. Oh, and I've been brainstorming a ton about a M&L inspired post. It's gonna rock.

Lynzy said...

Morgan, this is definitely one of my favorite outfit posts of yours. The combination of the harness and the purple pants is gorgeous on you!

I hear you on the being busy and trying to maintain everything at once. I work in the hospital 40+ hours a week and maintaining a blog, working out, being social with family and friends --its always hard to keep a good balance. Thankfully I like being hella busy all the time :)

I just love your glamorous faux fur! You look gorgeous!

xo Lynzy

Ruby Girl said...

interesting top decal. love it, haven't seen anything like it! <3

Kayla said...

Oh you look amazing here! Those purple pants are so chic! I completely agree with you. Lately I have felt as though I can't seem to get my head above water, and like my To-Do list continues to grow. The truth is that I am adding to my list with detail things that don't necessarily deserve their own line, and thus making things harder for myself. I am spending nights resting instead of tackling projects and mulling over my ever growing list. Eventually we will both get through it all!

KristiMcMurry said...

The harness looks great with that outfit! I can definitely relate to you on keeping up with all the things to do. I feel like I never get to cross off ALL of the things on my to-to list. I used to be a rusher...but I've really mellowed in the last year. It's definitely a better way to live, even if you are slow about getting things done. Being in a constant state of FRAZZLED is not good for the body or mind.

Santina said...

I totally understand the mentality of a procrastinator. I'm much too obsessed with living in the moment to worry about what's happening next week. I've also been thinking about my approaching return to the "real world", which means a full time job, getting to the gym, blogging, exploring a new city and hopefully making some friends (I know no one in SF)! I think I'm going to have to sacrifice some of my cherished spontaneity and adding in some scheduling of my time. That, and lots of caffeine!

Your harness looks gorgeous! I think I might have to get one myself once I find a job and start making some money again!

Sweet Laundry said...

I like this outfit alot. It's amazing that you're wearing this dress as a shirt. It's a good trick. I'm also loving these oxfords. I'm on the hunt for pair and I just can't seem to find any I like. I'm going to check Modcloth and see if they've got anything I like.

Oh, and that last picture of you and Lua is so incredibly sweet.


SarahAnn said...

Oh, love. You ARE on top of things. I was just thinking about this yesterday when we were tweeting about your yoga. I am amazed by you and how far you've come, how you put your mind to things and who you want to be, and then you just do it!

I think we all have times in life when we crave order, organization, a makeover--but to live life constantly in the throws of order and organization is to not really be living it. You hit the nail on the head talking about not living for the next step--figuring out how to live in the present moment, even if the present moment is messy, is the key I think. At least that's what I tell myself these days when I can't get anything done except to hold my sleepy baby. :)

Collections said...

Love the body chain, your blog is so beautiful!

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Anonymous said...

I'm a procrastinator (I'm procrastinating as we speak!), so I feel ya. To do lists help me to keep everything straight, but honestly I'm a crazy, harried person, so sometimes I don't know how I do it! Sometimes you just do.

Also, that harness is sick. Love it.


Bad Taste Toast said...

Wow, this harness is really cool! You pull it off! I think I couldn't wear something like this without looking ridiculous :D

mvelis said...

Love the harness with that outfit! I dont know if I could rock purple pants like you. My favorite part is your hair! Why can't I create a bun? It looks simple but when I do it never stays put Hmph!
I thought I was the queen of procrastinating? No?
Lets trick for keeping it together( if you can call it that) is my morning workout. I have a husband and a chold at home so my morning workouts at the gym are my time. My time to go through the day in my head from what I am wearing to work to my afternoon meeting, to my sons evening baseball game to when we can fit in dinner. My days are very busy this time of year but all I need is that hour and a half of me time and I am good to go!


Morgan oh my goodness can I just gush over your sweet, sweet dog for a moment. I just adore the ones where Lua is looking up at you -heart melting! And of course I adore your lovely take on these trousers, you've given them such a gorgeous vibe with the harness & oxfords.

As for keeping it all together? I'm guilty of trying to do it all. So that means I'm usually far too tired and under slept for my own good. But I'm trying to learn to slow down & I'm with you, I too hate rushing. xx veronika

Becca [Free Honey] said...

First, I love the purple pants. Second, I've been on a ridiculous organizational kick - trying to fit in and improve all aspects of my life. I've been all about making charts and writing everything down and breaking things down into small measurable goals. It sounds silly, but I find myself wondering how I ever found the time to fit in a full time job. Keeping up with all these things and only working part time seems hard enough!! Sometimes I think about the ladies who are working, blogging, staying healthy, and taking care of kids! How do THEY do it!!

A Lost Feather said...

i'm a baaad procrastinator, too. but i end up rushing at the last minute to get things done.. so i'm tryinnnggg to stop procrastinating, but it's been a life long battle! you at least seem like a very organized procrastinator! organization definitely helps.. but, i wouldn't know haaaa

Lara said...

I LOVE Clyde's Rebirth but the harnesses are so pricey. i always want to buy one but, I just cant do it!

Monique said...

Your outfit is comfortable and cute. I love your shoes and those pants rock. I myself suffer from a tough case of procrastination and as well and find it difficult to find time for everything. I suggest meditation. It sounds silly but just taking 20minutes to not think about anything really helps me and then I'm able to put plans into action.

Savannah said...

This is an absolutely beautiful post. I love everything about it. You look amazing!

Laurel said...

Oy. When you figure out how to organize your life please let me know. I am working four jobs and still not really making ends meet, PLUS trying to be a good blogger which takes up a ton of time as well...I actually might have counted it as one of my jobs...
But really, I think you are doing well just by being able to write it all out. Half the battle is saying what you need to do out loud, I think!

Jennyboo said...

What a lovely post! I have never seen anything like your necklace before. It is so original and intricate- two things I look for in any jewelry that I purchase. You styled this outfit so well- the purple pants are a great touch. And your puppy is wonderful! I also feel like I have been moving in slow motion....I need more sleep and more energy! xoxo

Nicole said...

I really love and admire the fact that your style is simple but interesting and fashionable. Sometimes those words don't go together, but you make it work. From someone who over-thinks everything in life, kudos! :)

Anonymous said...

this is lovely hun! great blog...

ps. I would like to invite you to the first giveaway on blog!


Emily said...

That last picture of you hugging Lua KILLS me. that is exactly how I hug Hurley... almost to the point of suffocation... sometimes I'll just drop my whole body weight on him and make him struggle to escape. I'm like a psycho mom squeezing her kid too tight.
I feel ya on the hectic life. I'm a procrastinater... tho i try to not me. I don't even wanna have to get up to go pee, I put it off till I really need to. And I HATE rushing. I need plans and organization... it's like some messed up contradiction i think.
Oh well.
In lighter commenting news, you look adorable. I can't wait to do a Morgan outfit. I think I may do that this weekend since it's the first weekend I actually have no plans (yet)
have a good one pretty lady. Hope you enjoyed my cafeinated commented.

megannielsen said...

On a completely vain note - I am in love with those pants. That colour is amazing.
But on to being more serious - don't worry, we all struggle with that. I have the same issue where one to do list, creates another to do list. ugh. Right now i'm so busy I just keep spinning in circles doing nothing. that's the worst. Hopefully we'll all figure it all out someday!

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