Thursday, April 21, 2011

They Say It's Your Birthday

bday  bday
bday  bday
Happy Birthday to me! Twenty six years old. I have to admit I'm a little scared about this one. I was ever so gingerly reminded the other day that I am now closer to thirty than I am to twenty. At first it sounded scary, but it's not all that intimidating if I really think about it. After all, I have done some pretty amazing things this past year. 
planeshadow@316  flyclouds@316
tinyheart@316  scarfback@316
hello@316  withsarah@316
luafog@316  luadock@316
legs@316  hips@316
tomboytrain@316  lookbooktrain@316
travel@316  fall@316
ladies@316  cpark@316
kimbeach@316  NYE@316
feet@316  home@316
culllua@316  shoes@316
centralpark@316  Circa1962@316
onewave@316  surf@316
oldmtk@316  christmas@316
luanose@316  scottish@316
treesplit@316  snowcliffs@316
cullchoppy@316  cullsunset@316
allisee@316  blue@316
greenmate@316  mtkmate@316
lualook@316  luabeach@316
phillyhat@316  phillybrick@316
luakiss@316  luahug@316
lookb@316  defined@316
wwII@316  sunset@316

And now, I'm ready to step into twenty six with a different outlook, some new theories, fresh experiences, and a whole bunch of wonderful friends. Thank you to everyone for being there for me and making this past year such an amazing one!
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eat.sleep.wear. said...

A very merry birthday dear friend!!! I love seeing all these old photos of you and reliving some of these great memories :))) xo, Kim

tree and kimball said...

like a fine wine, you improve with age. oh, whoops... is that the most hackneyed expression ever? oh well... it's true, damnit. happy birthday, love!! xo

Emily said...

you are a freaking supermodel. look at you! I love the one of you and Lua's butt's Haha.
Happy birthday (tho ive said this on twitter already but u can't have too many right?)
p.s. i dont think uve changed since you were a wee lassie.
i didnt forget about you, im emailing u back before your next birthday ;)

Becca [Free Honey] said...

Happy birthday! Isn't it a trip to have such a great record of everything you did over the past year. It's been a big year! I love the collage you put together, let me tell you, you were one cute kid! I'm looking forward to another year of blogging and friendship - 26 is going to be a good year!

CAITLIN said...

HAPPY BIRTHDAY!!! i hope it's the best you've ever had :) i can't wait to see what's in store for you this year!

Liza said...

Happy Birthday! I know you have a great year ahead of you. I enjoyed looking at all the pictures.

Sarah said...

Happy Birthday chicky! Im 26 this year too so I know how ya feel. Im not going to worry about it and just gonna enjoy life x

Vanessa said...

Happy Birthday! I love seeing all the pics you've taken this past year, and so many of beautiful Lua! Congrats on being 26 :o)

Anonymous said...

Happy 26th! It is a beautiful retrospective.

honey and salt said...

Happy Birthday! I felt the same when I turned 26 this past December. But now that it's sunk in, it's been a blast.

Kate said...

Morgan, you are so beautiful! I adore this post. Happy birthday again, m'dear! You bring something so special & unique to this 'fashion blogging' world. xo.

amberly said...

Happy birthday, gorgeous! :) You're a beautiful spring child and soul! Cheers to many more exciting years!


Claire said...

Happy Birthday!

Maker said...

Ive read your blog for a while but never commented. However i had to today because it's my birthday too! I've been at 26 and now I'm at 29. It only gets better...really, really fantastically, deliciously, warm sun on your sandy skin better. I promise. Happy birthday!

Lynzy said...

Happy Birthday Love!! A cute lil tike turned into a beauty! :)

xo Lynzy

Abby J. said...

Happy Birthday! You are super fantabulous and I hope you had a great b-day!

Matchless Vision said...

Happy Birthday dear! You have so much to look forward to this upcoming year.I am glad to hear of your positive outlook.

kristin said...

HAPPY BIRTHDAY!!! I Love your gorgeous pictures!

Alyson said...

Welcome to the 26 club! High fives!

Happy Birthday Morgan!

Anonymous said...

Oh yay - hope you had a great birthday! I just turned 26 in February, so I know how you're feeling. Creepin on towards 30 - eek!

Keep on doing what you're doing and enjoy your birthday weekend!


Amanda Blair said...

Hey Morgan....we met last night at Pianos. I wanted to reach out and say hi! It was so great running into you, I love your blog. Email me and maybe we could grab a drink? Oh and my blog is

Oh, and happy birthday. I hope you had a fab night :)

SWF_Terra said...

I'm just sick I was out of town for your birthday. Happy belated my darling. You are entering some of the best years of your life. I cannot wait to see what you do next!

Fifth Sparrow said...

Happy Birthday (belatedly!) these are such gorgeous photos here lovely! And I just have to say that every time I visit your blog I get this overwhelming desire to hop a plane and go visit my dog (who now lives with my parents)... it makes me sad, but also extremely excited to see him again!
Keep up the amazing blogging! xx

Anonymous said...

Happy belated birthday! Yours is the same as my mom's!

Mine is tomorrow, I'll be 27, eek!

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