Wednesday, May 26, 2010

Along the Scallops Edge

Phew, that post yesterday was long, ha. This will be more normal in length.
This is what I wore the first day touring around town with visitors. I figured shorts were needed for all the walking we were doing, a tank to catch some sun, and something over top because I'm always cold. Functionality is really important to me. If I'm not comfortable in what I'm wearing then why am I wearing it? Some people will say because you make sacrifices for beauty. That's fine. Sometimes I will, but not everyday. I don't want my life to be a huge heap of sacrifices and blisters. I might not be wearing 4" clunky heels hiking through the woods, but I will wear much easier to walk in very cute moccasins. I'm sure you'll be here some day when I eat my words and wear something completely ridiculous, ha, oh well.
These photos are all a bit blown out. If they're all blown out maybe it was on purpose. Yup, that's it. Hey guys look at all these super artsy photos!
I had a feeling when I came across this wooden necklace that it would become a staple piece for me. It was a practical purchase since I knew I would wear it over and over throughout the seasons. The  color palette really lends itself to most of my wardrobe and I love the feel of the wooden beads.
As far as the scalloped shorts, lets just sum it up and say I'm glad I own them. I had to run some errands before Trevor and Sarah came into town. One of the things I had to do was make some returns, which turned into exchanges in the form of these shorts. It's a good thing too. Until now I've been working with one pair of shorts. I know, ridiculous. Luckily there were a bunch of shorts I'd been eyeing on Urban Outfitters website and these were the winners. 
I tend to be more about small details than loud statements. A neutral pattern and pretty scalloped edge detail is just fine by me. Look, even a little continuation of the scalloping detail on the moccasins!...maybe.
Sucre Sunglasses, Gap Chambray Button Down, Madewell Top, Urban Outfitters Shorts, Minnetonka Moccasins
Vintage Wooden Necklace from Capricious Traveler

Do you tend to dress more for functionality? Or do you pull out all the stops? Blisters be damned! 

Photos are courtesy of Me, Kev, and Sarah. More on Sarah and Trevor's NY visit tomorrow. 
You can find Sarah on her site and her blog. She'll be posting on the trip over there too!


teenfashionista said...

I looove this outfit. The flower shorts are just perfect with the chambray top!

Little Ocean Annie said...

What a pretty outfit! Those shorts are so perfect for lots and lots of wear!
I absolutely dress for fashion over function. Josh laughs at me all the time, especially since I don't really own closed-toe shoes that aren't pointy or heeled, "real" shoes as he calls them!

Destined For Now said...

That is a perfect beachy outfit. I love it!

Lucy said...

I love your shorts so much!! You look fab.

Danielle said...

These pictures are so beautiful and scream summer! Lovvve this outfit, you look so cute!

La Historiadora de Moda said...

I love the wooden necklace!

Last summer when I was training for a marathon, I avoided wearing cute shoes if they caused blisters, but this year I'm back to my normal less practical ways.

Carys said...

Beautiful pictures, love the shoes!!
From Carys of La Ville Inconnue

Tieka, Selective Potential said...

I absolutely love the scalloped shorts! I've been lusting after some of those! Gorgeous photos too!

Rebecca, The Clothes Horse said...

It looks so nice there and the shorts are gorgeous. I definitely dress 50% practial and 50% pretty, I'll still wear my dresses on hikes, but I tend to put sensible shoes on!
P.S. The only adjustments I do to colors is to warm things and give them a more vintage feel; it actually makes them less intensely green than they are in person! It rains a lot here... ;)

Vicki said...

Love the shoes!!!! want a pair so bad!

katecreate said...

I love these photographs! They make me so happy about summer!

libys11 said...

omg!! i love your style!!! i've been looking for scalloped shorts all spring!! you have styled yours so well!! i would wear this everyday! :)

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