Monday, May 17, 2010

Behind the Wheel

I was in the car either driving or sitting next to Kev for 22 hours between Thursday and Sunday. Let me explain. Thursday I left right after work to drive to Maryland. That took 5 hours and was not the most fun drive as I left at rush hour. That night Kev and I relaxed, did nothing and got ready for the drive the next day. Friday we woke up early, grabbed some Dunkin' Donuts for the road and headed to Virginia Tech to see his sister graduate! Another 5 hours later we were at VTech. Saturday we watched her graduate, hung out with his family, ate lunch, napped, ate dinner, and left that night to drive 5 hours back to Kev's apartment in Maryland. Sunday I woke up early, got on the road again to make it home for my mom's surprise birthday party. That took 7 hours, instead of 5, and I was late. That pretty much sums up the weekend in the car. And the reason I'm tired and a little cranky today. 
This is what I wore on Friday's 5 hour drive (minus the heels). The heels were just for the dinner part. We met up with the rest of Kevin's family that day for some delicious fish tacos. I've worn this outfit or a version of it for a bunch of different occasions. Friday drinks with girls, work, and now a pre-graduation celebration.
I realize this isn't exactly the most appropriate outfit to be posing next to quaint falling down barns but I wasn't expecting to be standing next to quaint falling down barns! I was expecting to be going out for a nice dinner with Kev's family. The ever trusty Garmin (ehem) mis-led us a little. It's ok though because this was a really pretty farm back road in Virginia. It was actually a little relief to get off the highways at the end of the trip. We made a quick pit stop to get a couple of pictures in before we finished out the last 45 minutes of the drive. 
Modcloth Top, JCrew Pants, Anthropologie Heels
Anthropologie Necklace, Ring from Morado

I like the blues, greens, and grays of this outfit. I'd say that I tend towards the cooler side of the color spectrum. And I just don't think I look that great in reds, oranges, and yellows, they don't do anything for me. I can only wear yellow when I'm tan. Then again there was a period of time when I thought I couldn't wear green, and now I live in it, shows how much of an expert I must be. Not one at all. 
Accessories. These are the accessories I wore all weekend. The ring from Purva at Morado and this Anthropologie necklace. I couldn't bear to part with the ring to be honest. I just can't get over the fact that it was made for me. I saw the ring here on Tieka's blog first. It was exactly the type of thing I had been looking for. Not to mention the fact that I could get a custom color! I sent Purva a link to these Anthropologie heels and she matched the color exactly. I can't believe how perfect it came out. I've been getting so many compliments. The shape, the size, I love everything about it. Check out her shop for all the amazing things she has! 
Dianne over at Candid Phobic was nicest enough to give me an award over on her blog. Make sure you check it out. Thanks Dianne!

Much more road tripping tomorrow! 


Mikhaila said...

I seriously love those shoes, and that ring is amazing! I'm off to go check out her shop! haha

Tieka, Selective Potential said...

Ahh, I so so so love the ring! The color is absolutely, perfect, you're right! :D

Kate said...

Ooh, love everything about this! Gorgeous colors, and love the layered top & crop pants! The ring is just perfect, too!

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