Thursday, May 27, 2010

Villages and Vintage

Day II
On Saturday of Sarah and Trevor's NY visit we drove up to some nearby villages. Sarah revealed that she'd never been to a town in New England! Although I don't really consider Long Island part of New England the particular town we were visiting had a very colonial style, quaint, seaport vibe to it. I'm glad Sarah got to see that. It was so strange for me to hear that she'd never been to any of those towns when those were the trips I grew up on. To her credit, I've never really been to middle America. I went to college in Pennsylvania, and visited Colorado last year. I've said it before but my Colorado trip was the first time I'd really ever been isolated like that in the center of this country. It freaked me out. 
I kept pointing out all the farms and vineyards we were passing on our drive to Sarah and Trevor. They just laughed at me, for even considering them fields. I'm assuming Indiana has more grassland than Long Island. ha. With that, look at all the pretty water.
They ended up really liking the little towns we visited. Sarah even claimed to have found her perfect forever home that she will live in one day. Complete with the whole Barbie gang. 

We stumbled upon a lovely vintage shop right in town! There were plenty of upscale antique shops that we stuck our heads in, because I love antique shopping, but that was mostly for fun. Sarah used the vintage shop like the old dress up trunk that you had growing up. Did you have one of those? Mine had all my used dance costumes in it, and some of my mom's old clothes. Oh, the good old days. 
Sarah loves her vintage. Playing it up in a Betty Draper-esque night gown, and St. Pepper's inspired jacket. They also had a full length denim halter flare legged one piece (hanging on the door in the background). Neither of us were bold enough to try that on though. 
See that 70's fringe suede bag right there? That's mine. Well it's supposed to mine, but I didn't buy it. Big time sad face. Now I'm having serious non-buyers remorse. I want it. Wait for me!
We stopped by a beach on the way out of town. It's on this stretch of road that is flanked by water on either sides. If you look out you can see the small islands just off the beach. I'd like to picnic there one day with that little boy playing in the sand.
After walking around all day, we headed back to my house to watch the fog roll in. The boys relaxed while Sarah and I hopped on the couch with tea and ate cookies. What I wouldn't do for a friend like that to live closer. 
I didn't get outfit specific shots. Sarah tried but I was being shy for some reason and kept making ugly, really ugly, ok heinous, faces at the camera. I think I was a little unsure of the outfit after I put it together. I don't know if high waisted things work for me. Something about not having much of an upper body makes me look like a little boy instead of defining a waist. Other than that, I'm a huge fan of the shorts. I really like the pale palest pink tone, exposed zipper, and lacey detail.
I got the Grasshoppers Wedges from the Little Ocean Annie shop on Etsy. They are beyond comfortable and I'm sure will be on repeat in my summer wardrobe. In fact, they're already packed for my trip this weekend! Thanks Annie! I love them. 
Madewell Button Down, JCrew TShirt, Shorts 'n' Sweet Shorts from Modcloth
Vintage Canvas Grasshopper Wedges from Little Ocean Annie
Vintage Necklace from Jess James Jake, Shell Bracelet from market, Amber Ring from Portobello Market

What do you think? What shapes work for your body type? Have you figured it out yet or are you, like me, still trying all the options? Any advice for a newbie?

We spent the night on my porch until we got the strength up to go to dinner. Travelling / having visitors is hard work! But I'm so glad they came. 

Photos are courtesy of me, Sarah and Kev!
You can find Sarah on her site and her blog


Carys said...

Beautiful pictures, I love your shorts!!
From Carys of La Ville Inconnue

Mikhaila said...

I wouldn't know what to do with myself in that vintage store...I wish I had one like that close to where I live!!

aimee said...

I'm loving all these photos! I grew up on LI and I miss it so much. It's so beautiful out east, isn't it? Sigh... I can't wait to visit agan now. Also, your shorts are adorable! I think they look amazing on you. It's really hard to get used to high waisted things. I just bought my first high waisted skirt recently and even though I love it, it took me a while to feel like it looked okay on me.

SarahAnn said...

Ahhhh. What IIIII wouldn't do for a friend to sit and eat cookies with me on a foggy day. (And HGTV and we'd have to live in a foggy place since it's not here.) This was such a great day.

You know I love high-waisted things. But that's me. :)

Leproust Vintage said...

awww! It looks like you all had a wonderful time! I all too often experience buyer's remorse too! :( That fringe purse was quite fantastic!

I personally don't believe in dressing to one's body type...I say if you like it, rock it! :)

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