Monday, May 24, 2010

Old Friendships, New Vacations

I had an amazing time with these two lovebirds this weekend! And thanks to their visit, I got to have my own little vacation too. They flew in on Thursday, I picked them up mid-work day, we headed out to Long Island, I picked up Kev at the next airport and then we headed out east! Besides the four of us and Lua being a little stuffed in my car (I tend to over pack, woops) it was a good road trip to get the weekend warmed up.
I met Sarah 5 years ago. We were both headed to London for our semester abroad and she sat in front of me on the plane ride over. I still remember the waffle shirt with cute flowers she wore on the flight. I can't believe we're still friends. We were in and out of touch over the years as our lives took different turns. When Kev and I went out to Denver last year I reconnected with Sarah and met her husband Trevor for the first time! We've been in touch ever since and have seriously bonded over the blog world. She was the one who helped me start my own. We're also writing buddies of sorts now, sending creative writing back and forth across the country. It was so nice to hang out with her in real life and spend some time getting to know Trevor better, even though we gchat all the time, ha. They are such a great couple and so much fun to be around. 
And how cute is Sarah on her travel day?! Wedges, and a vintage hat box as a carry on. I could never.
I'll be posting about the trip throughout the week, we did so many fun things there's no way I could fit it into one post!

You can find Sarah on her site and on her blog. Thanks for coming out guys!!


Little Ocean Annie said...

So awesome that y'all are still in touch! These pictures are super adorable!! Love them!

SarahAnn said...

Yay! The FIRST of the vacation posts! The best vacation ever! We're lounging in the hotel now, but about to head out to Williamsburg and hit Beacon's before we have to go. Talk to you soon!

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