Wednesday, May 19, 2010

Graduation and Travel Day

Kev and I did alot of college reminiscing this past weekend at his sisters graduation. Possibly because it was the short stint of time when we lived down the street from each other. Living near the person you're dating? Woah, what a concept (Kev lives in Maryland, I live in New York).
It was interesting to walk around a campus like Virginia Tech. Kev and I went to a small college in the Northeast. At graduation I either knew everyone, or they at least looked familiar to me. Except the Engineering students. They were usually in their building being studious and smart. There are over 30,000 full-time students at VTech. I can't even fathom going to a school like that. The less than 2,500 students that went to my college sounds pee sized in comparison. I liked the atmosphere of a small school. I knew people. I knew my professors, the other student athletes, classmates, friends of friends etc. And when we graduated we were all happy for each other, or taking about "did you hear that so-and-so didn't graduate", but mostly happy for each other. It felt like the whole campus was involved and I liked that.
At VTech is was so completely different. There were graduations going on all weekend. They were separated by major, then each major was given a different day, time, and location on campus that they would graduate. It just felt very disconnected to me. It made me realize that I am not the type of person who would have done well at a school like that. Not to say that there's anything wrong, or crazy about it. I just know that at the end of the day I'm a small town (despite living in a huge city now), small college, let's get comfy and cozy with a small group of friends type of person. Which is also probably why I'd rather shop at a small boutique than the mall, go to a pub over a club, or work in a small office over a several story high one.
To Kev's sisters credit she did really well at VTech. Graduated with all sorts of honors, and left with her real friendships and relationships intact. She was there the day of the shooting. Which was a frightening experience for everyone, but she made the best of it. I remember when Kev (we were seniors at the time) could finally get through to her, the phone lines had been tied up for hours, and she told him that they let her out of class and she just bobbed and weaved her way across the quad and back to her dorm. Scary, but true.
Maybe we can say this is resilience, maybe we can just say that these are boys riding in the back of a pickup. And boys who just graduated and are riding around campus in the bed of a pickup will yell things at girls. The pickup came flying by and they yelled something, most likely ridiculous at me, as they were zooming past. This face is a result of that.
This was Saturday after Katie's graduation and after the BBQ at her apartment. It was the second outfit of the day, and the much more appropriate outfit for the 5 drive we had ahead of us. The flip flops are due to the fact that Kev and I decided to walked the mile to graduation Saturday morning. Which would have been fine had I not worn brand new wedges. When I sat down in the stadium I realized that I had two quarter-size blisters on both big toes. Woops/ouch. I had to ask the first-aid stand for band-aids, ha. So flippers went on for the rest of the day.
Madewell Jacket, Ezekiel Tank, Modcloth Return of the Mack-rame Belt, H&M Skirt, Havaianas flip flops
Morado Ring, Anthropologie Necklace
Everything about this outfit is comfortable which makes it the perfect travel outfit. Elastic waistband,  jacket of sweatshirt material for car A/C, breathable shoes, elastic in the belt, racerback tank, and a bandeau. Wonderful for 5 sitting hours. And I like I said yesterday these are the accessories I wore all weekend. Anthropologie necklace, Morado ring. What can I say, I like them.
And off we drove again, into the night. We took the pictures as we were heading out through campus. Don't mind all the smudges. My windshield was so dirty. Sorry buggers! We left at 7:30pm and hit the bed hard 5 hours later.

What are your opinions on size? Do you like to see a familiar face? Or do you like to get lost in the crowds?
One more word on road tripping tomorrow and that will be that!


SarahAnn said...

Trev and I went to a school of 2500 too. And I loooooooooooooved it. I remember around junior year, I felt like I had missed out on some opportunities or something going to such a small school; but that next semester, as a means of breaking out, I studied abroad and came back that last semester to my beautiful home of familiar faces. And I love looking back on college days now, thinking about sipping coffee in the "valley" and knowing and saying hi to everyone who walked by.

Kate said...

Your outfit is really cute, love the skirt and loooooove your ring! Might have to order one myself, it's just so pretty!

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