Monday, May 10, 2010

This Place

I'm going to share somewhere with you that is very special to me. This is my favorite place within my favorite place. The beach that's in my favorite town.
I've never gone there and seen more than 2 other people at the beach. It's always empty. That's part of the reason I love it. It always feels like it's my own. I have it all to myself. The dramatic long staircase entrance and seemingly endless water view doesn't hurt either.
On Saturday I did have it all to myself. Lua and I were totally alone, until I was leaving when a very unfortunate thing happened. I was there for the good part of an hour, messing with my tripod, chasing Lua, relaxing, completely and utterly alone. There was a good wind whipping around and a loose, billowy, flowy top and high force winds don't always go together so well. I was walking up the stairs with a bag, tripod, and camera in my hands when I decided that I wanted to take a picture of the stairs. I put the bag down on the stairs and it promptly flipped over, throwing my keys through the stairs and down the dunes. At this exact frazzled moment a man on a scooter pulled up and began walking towards me. Lua isn't particularly the best with strangers so I grabbed her with one hand, and my shirt, and bag in the other. Oh yeah, and I was also in a wind tunnel causing my shirt to flip inside out and up no matter how hard I tried to keep it down. Frazzled moment becomes embarrassed, uncomfortable, mortified, thrown into a tizzy, mostly topless moment.
That was the adventure for the day. Back to calming thoughts. It was really nice to get out of the city and  take in all the quiet out there. Breathe easy, smell the salty sea, and look at the pretty sky. Or keep my head down to avoid getting sand in my eyes, either way. 
How many ways can someone wear the same boots? In my case it's not how many ways, it's more like how often. I'm ok with people having statement pieces though. Oh look there's that girl who only knows how to wear one pair of boots. I'm sort of ok with that. At least they're boots I like.
I bought the shirt on a little pit stop during my drive. I'm into all the neutrals colors I've seen floating around recently. This top certainly fits that description.
And I know it's still technically too soon for white pants, but something about the summer white jeans with a fall neutral suede boot, what can I say it just felt all right to me.
The most important part of this outfit to me are the accessories. I am the oldest girl cousin (on both sides) which means I get a lot of family jewelry handed down to me. Lucky! Those are the pieces I treasure the most. The ladies in my family have been not only stylish, but also practical. They didn't have any extravagant pieces of jewelry, so I'm able to wear what's been handed down to me on a daily basis. It always feels so special to put these things on and reminds me of the wonderful women who used to wear them.
Snake and Fly ring, from my Grandmother
Flower Earrings, from my Great great Aunt
High School Ring as necklace, from my Mom
Sucre Sunglasses, Madewell Flannel, Madewell Top, White Jeans
Vintage Frye Boots from Old Baltimore Vintage
Vintage Scarf from Beacon's Closet, Necklace from Kahili Creations

I want to let you know I'm currently wearing my brand new custom color green ring by Morado. I'm using it for some inspiration. When I was in college I used to do different things to help me write papers. One of them was eating pretzels to stay awake. My theory was if I'm chewing I can't fall asleep. I'm a huge procrastinator, so this was usually the night before the paper was due, well past 4am. Another thing I would do sometimes is wear something ridiculous. Like a cowboy hat that I had. Somehow it helped me focus on writing. Just an aside to let you know that I'm seriously excited about this ring and I'm going to wear it everywhere.

See? Long Island isn't that bad. And since my favorite place is there, I'm going to say it's actually rather great. 
I hope you all enjoyed your weekends!

p.s.  New Header!


Candid Phobic said...

I like the new header! Top is cute and so is Lua :-)

Little Ocean Annie said...

Love this beach! What a peaceful place (when there are no topless awkward encounters, that is). I really really love that snake & fly ring. That's so cool that it came from your special!

Mikhaila said...

It looks amazingly peaceful there.

The jewelry from your family is really beautiful, I love the flower earrings!

Carys said...

Looks like such an amazing place, lovely photos!!
From Carys of La Ville Inconnue

Sutton said...

what a lovely day at the beach!! love your collection of jewels too, beautiful!

Phuong said...

Great photos and outfit! Love the beach and your colour combination!

Leproust Vintage said...

These photos are SO sunning! The colors and lighting are incredible. Oh, and I totally do not think that it is too soon to rock some white pants! :)

BTW, I wanted to thank you for bidding on my flood relief auction last are awesome!

Chelsea said...

Looks like a peaceful little getaway you've got. Love those earrings...are they opal?

Lucy said...

Great photos!! I really love the colors and background!! You look fab.

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