Thursday, May 20, 2010

On the Hunt, Neutrals

Dress from 13bees on Etsy, Dress from Verite Vintage on Etsy

Ok, I lied. No travel post today. I'm getting ready for some special guests this weekend! And the weekend starts on Thursday. In lieu of posting more on travel (are you fed up already?) I'm going to share what's on my to get / dream about list.
Dresses from Modcloth

I'm really digging his whole neutral trend. Let me specify, this whole neutral, flowy, wind blown, romantic, I ran away from home to pursue my dream of being a bohemian artist and ended up in this field that is of a different place and time from the here and now trend. Yeah, that one. 
So I'm On the Hunt for some things that will fulfill this gapping hole in my heart / closet. I found a bunch of things at Urban Outfitters. You should scroll through there if you're in a desperate scramble for something in Nude tones. They'll probably have it. 
Dresses from Urban Outfitters

Perhaps a clutch, heels, some oversized sunglasses and a headscarf? Done.
Clutch from The Greedy Seagull on Etsy, Heels from Tree and Kimball on Etsy
Sunglasses from Sugarlily on Etsy, Scarf from Jess James Jake on Etsy

What are your favorite neutral pieces this spring?
Have a super weekend! See you soon with a lot of exciting things!


Carys said...

Those are all so nice!!! I do actually have a favourite beige outfit which is perfect for the spring, I think it was actually a tennis skirt! I want that second dress so much!
From Carys of La Ville Inconnue

Mikhaila said...

Oooo I love everything you featured here...I too have been in love with neutrals, pretty pinks, blues, and peach's...all of my recent purchases have been from that color spectrum. I love the whole carefree, windblown, bohemiam look.

Have a great fun filled weekend!

aimee said...

New reader! I'm in love with the Cedar Chest Blouse from Anthropologie. - it's the epitome of everything you described above.
I also adore that dress from 13bees on Etsy! So cute!

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