Wednesday, May 26, 2010

Coastal Vacation

Day I, Part I
We walked! A lot! All over town, on cliffs, through the woods, over rocks, in sand. I dragged them everywhere the first day of their visit. Since Sarah and Trevor live in Denver and don't get to see the ocean too often I wanted to give them some of the best views I know of.
These cliffs are nothing compared to the Rockies they have. But then again, they don't have an ocean.
Sarah pretty much loves to laugh. She's good at it. I'm more of a quiet smiler. We discussed this on the trip. 
Over the cliffs and through the woods to the rocky beach we go. 
Lua was not well behaved, not even a little. I think she was just really excited to have new people around. She did get a lot of swimming in though. Which resulted in her being a little bit of a sick puppy later. Dogs should not drink salt water, Lua.
Break for Lunch in town. Yummy.

Part II. Walk on the beach.
After lunch, and the much needed nutrition for energy, we walked to the end of the block to take a stroll on the beach.
A little something called erosion.
Trevor went for a quick dip. Emphasis on quick. Northeast ocean in May is very very cold, which is why he was the only one of us to venture in.
We had to put the leash back on Lua so she would stay out of the water. That puppy sure loves to swim.

Part III. Sunset.
A tired out sandy nosed little sicko.
I love this picture of Sarah. Content. Relaxed. Enjoying a moment after a long day.
Day I was a complete success.
At the end of the day we headed to grab some drinks and watch the sunset. It was incredible. I nice way to round it all out. Trevor even said that if he wasn't already married he'd definitely marry the sunset. I think I might have gotten them hooked on coastal living. And with days like this, who wouldn't be.
Photos are courtesy of Me, Kev, Sarah, and Trevor! We traded pictures throughout the weekend so I don't remember who took what or which pictures are from whose camera.
Outfit details to come, this post is way too long already!

You can find Sarah on her site and her blog. She'll be posting on the trip over there too!


Candid Phobic said...

Pictures are amazing! :-)

Mikhaila said...

Beautiful pictures!! Looks like you guys had an awesome time. :)

SarahAnn said...

Oh my goodness! You are so way ahead of me. Pics to part one up today...hopefully. :)

Joanne said...

What a gorgeous place to walk. Walking is so much more than what it seems, enjoying the company of others and of nature at the same time, reflecting, relaxing, especially near the ocean!

Bad Taste Toast said...

I just stumbled upon your blog and love it! :) Awesome photos!

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