Friday, November 26, 2010

Considering Color

Saturday, November 20th

On Saturday I kept talking about how completely different Melissa and I were dressed. She wasn't wearing any color, and I didn't have any black on. As we were shopping I kept noticing most of the pieces Melissa was reaching for were black or neutrals. 
It reminded me of the way I used to shop a few years ago. I remember looking in my closet and it was a sea of black. I decided to try not to buy any new black items for one season. At first it was very hard. I felt like black was the thing I looked best in and it was versatile. I could wear black to work, school, or out at night. It made me look more mature. That's what I thought at least. That still might even be true. 
After the season was over and I realized I could start buying black again, as per my self inflicted rule, I didn't even want to. I was telling Melissa that I think I have a very sad face, so when I wear mostly black it didn't really help the situation. When I was wearing more colorful clothing I felt that people were less likely to approach me and ask, "What's wrong?".
Pictures by Melissa
I still tend to stay away from black. I think there are so many options out there. Pairing colors together can be a little more challenging, and sometimes not always successful, but I do think that in some minor way it affects my attitude. 
Old Embroidered Scarf, Old Dress from Anthropologie, Bag from ShopRucheTerrace House Jacket from Anthropologie
Vintage Sweater, Vintage Frye Boots from Old Baltimore Vintage
Imperia Necklace from Tree & Kimball
I walked around all day feeling very girlie while Melissa was in a much edgier harder look. I really liked the way Melissa was dressed. It wasn't forced at all. It came together so seamlessly and I thought reflected her style personality well. Despite our differences in dress that day we managed to get along just fine. I think you can appreciate someone else's style without always seeing yourself in it. What do you think? Color or no color? 
This fluffy post was brought to you by an after Thanksgiving dinner mind, still a little sluggish. I hope everyone (that celebrated) had an amazing Thanksgiving with family and friends. Internet willing I'll have another post up later with more to share about the lovely lace necklace I'm wearing. 



In the Weeds and the Whimsy said...

I actually went to change after I saw this. Is that weird? I went from colorless to a much more fun combination. You just inspired me by your lovely choices.

Shallow Mallow said...

You both look amazing but as soon as I don't wear black either I fell more gushy over your outfit because I badly want your amazing jacket and oh my lord that embroidery is perfect!

Happy weekend!

Bess Georgette said...

You both look wonderful and I adore your orange jacket!

I went through a similar thing a few years back when I realised my wardrobe consisted of almost all black. While I do still love wearing black and all things greyscale, I like to think I've expanded my colour spectrum a little. :)

MUA said...

that's funny, I've decided not to buy black this whole season as it is ridiculous to have so many black items...But I still wear a lot those black outfits : as you said so versatile and flattering !

Caro xxx

daer0n said...

That is one gorgeous jacket, and you look gorgeous as well :)

jesse.anne.o said...

I actually really like black, navy and grayscale on *me*. I like color on other people but feel like it's just not a good fit for me -- and on bad days, it reminds me of soccer moms trying to dress up to go out (on me).

I wrote about this a little while ago here -

Every once in a while I'll wear something non-black. I wonder if I'll ever switch camps. I have never been on the color side before, and I'm not sure I ever will be! I do think it's funny that the subject is a "thing" though.

jesse.anne.o said...

I forgot to add that I really like your outfit though - that jacket it wonderful.

Eunice said...

oh wow i absolutely love this! that jacket is exquisite, and you look great wearing colours!

Keira said...

This jacket is gorgeous! I love that you styled it without being too frou-frou. Those boots are pretty great, too.

Anonymous said...

I love the cut of the jacket!

I have a similar problem with the color grey--I reach for it involuntarily, but I think Kendi's Remix challenge has broken me of it!

SWF_Terra said...

I adore Melissa. She's got a sexy, tough style all her own. I too used to only wear black. For all of the same reasons you stated. You're right though. Color is playful. It's fun. I still love a great black on black on black ensemble. But it's color that makes me feel most like myself.

I'm dying for that jacket/scarf. Ugh.

Ashley, Lions Lace Lattes said...

I love both of your outfits. They are so different, but both very chic. Your necklace is beautiful btw!!

veronika, tick tock vintage. said...

i used to be the same way; in high school, everything i owned was either black or aqua. i'm still drawn towards black and gray and i have to make a conscious decision not to pick it up. anyway, beautiful coat!

amberly said...

I love love love this outfit with this environment! Your coat and the leaves are lovely!! You're lucky to still have leaves on the trees! I love that you're taking a risk and wearing more color -- all my mom wears is black, her closet is all one color! And she's not even a New Yorker :)

Do you think having a style blog has helped you wear more color?

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