Monday, November 22, 2010

Friendships are Funny

Monday, November 1st - Denver, CO

Sarah and I have known each other for the last five years. We met while studying abroad in London. I was starting my junior year and Sarah was going into her senior year in college. We were both in very different places in our lives, but that didn't matter. It's an ongoing joke between us that I still remember the shirt she was wearing when we first met on the plane ride over. She was sitting a row ahead of me and wearing a white long sleeved waffle shirt with little flowers on it. I remember her occasionally popping her head and big blue eyes over the seat back to chat with everyone. I don't know why I remember those things so vividly, but I do. 
As luck would have it we ended up being paired to room together on our home stay. We stayed up late writing in our respective journals, talking, and bonding over so many of the things we had in common. All while laying on bunk beds in a townhouse in Portland, England. When we arrived in London and started classes we went our own ways connecting more with different groups of girls. We would always check in on each other though, whether it was drinks or stopping by each others room to catch up. We swapped a few foreign boy stories and talked about the people we were missing back home. It was as if in just that short time she had already become one of my oldest friends. It was comforting to be around her. 
Over the years we fell in and out of touch. I always kept tabs on her, though mostly online. There were scattered phone calls, "So who is the Trevor guy you're seeing?". Then in February of 2009 I went out to Denver with a completely unrelated group of people and reconnected with Sarah. We were in touch daily after that. I started almost obsessively following her life through her blog and we would chat about everything going on with ourselves. From what we were craving for dinner, to our most sincere thoughts and feeling. 
denver sarah
Basically, friendships are funny. Sarah and I share so many of the same ideals and interests yet we're such completely different people. For example, Sarah doesn't really care for the beach (GASP) and I can't imagine living without it.  I think it works because she doesn't put any judgement on me for the way I am. Sometimes I think she knows me better than friends who have known me much longer. Or maybe it's just that she has more respect for who I am as a person than other people do. I was upset about something the other day and Sarah knew that I needed time to think and stew and form my thoughts before I was able to talk about it. No one has ever said that back to me and it made me feel like she was saying, "It's ok, I know how you are." There was no judgement about it, no rushing me to handle situations like she did, just understanding. She knew who I was and was letting me be me. You can't ask for much more than that in a friend. 
Sucre Sunglasses, Madewell Navy Sweater Dress, Gray JCrew Tights, Old Sweater, Old Riding Boots
Necklace from Clyde's Rebirth, Banksia Top from Megan Nielsen

So that's why I had such an amazing time in Denver. It was because I was able to spend time with a friend that has not only spanned the years, but also the many states separating us. And just to pat myself on the back a bit in our friendship, I completely knew something was going on with Sarah through an email conversation we were having a few months ago. She called moments after I hit send to tell me they had just found out she was pregnant. 
Pictures taken by Sarah
By the VERY IMPORTANT way, do you see that cute collar poking out from beneath my navy sweater? It's handmade by the one and only Megan Nielsen. I have gotten so many amazing compliments on it so far. You can shop her Fall 2010 Perth Collection here. There are only a few items left, but I would highly recommend picking some things up. The design, fit, color, and quality was above and beyond my expectations. Plus she's a good egg. You should invest in some of her designs based on that alone.  
If you were wondering, Sarah's blogging was one of the main reasons I started down this path myself. Friends and the crazy things they get us into. Well I have to go talk to Sarah on gchat now. Bye! 



SarahAnn said...

Awwww, yayyy. I love our funny/amazing/long-term/"I get you" friendship. :)

Caroline said...

What a great post!! And I love the last photo!!! XO

Carys said...

What a sweet post!! I can't imagine not liking the beach (although one of my friends hates sunshine)!
I love these pictures, they're beautiful!
From Carys of La Ville Inconnue

Shallow Mallow said...

Love the collar :)

I've got to get back in contact with two very good friends but have been putting it off feeling guilty not to have called to say hello earlier (like, one and a half years earlier ehem) It 's funny how with some people it doesn't matter how much time goes by when you see each other everything comes natural.
Very sweet story :)

Anonymous said...

Hmm, I don't think I have a friend like this. It is curious to me that I've found your blog...but not Sarah's.

Becca [Free Honey] said...

Friendships ARE funny! It's odd the things and people that we remember from our pasts with such vivid clarity. And I'm always amazed by some of the new internet friendships I've struck up by blogging. I'm usually a very emotionally reserved person, but starting my blog has made me feel so much more comfortable sharing intimate thoughts or feelings that I never would have said aloud (or typed) before.

And now, onto the clothes. That collar! I had thought it was part of the dress, but I think I like it even more now that I know it isn't. I've been hearing lots and lots about this Megan gal, I think it's high time I check out her stuff.

Mikhaila said...

I love yours and Sarah's friendship, it's just so obvious that you guys truly adore each other and that your friendship is such an honest one. I have only one friendship like that, she's the one person that knows me as well as my family and Frank. We are so different but it works for us and she is the most supportive person in my life. I wish I could say that all of my friendships were that true but sadly, I can't. But it just makes you cherish the ones that are that much more!

I love this outfit and set of pictures, you look so pretty :)

amanda said...

love this!!!!!! the collar is so beautiful and it's just the right amount of feminine/ladylike for this outfit. and the story is just as beautiful. i have a friend like that. she's the one who i just found out is pregnant. i don't have a lot of super close friends, but the ones i do have are more precious to me than i can say. so glad you have someone like that :)

myedit said...

Great post. I could go on and on about friendships... they are indeed complicated beasts. Some of my friends have moved far away but I know they are true friends when a hug and deep conversations happen after a year apart.
That collar is great... I am loving your style lady!

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