Monday, November 15, 2010

Scenes from a Trip : Denver, CO III

Saturday, October 30th - Denver, CO

On Saturday morning we all slept in. When I woke up Trevor asked me if I wanted blueberries in my waffles. Yes, I did. And bananas on top. We each ate two. Sarah had planned for this day to be our thrifting, relaxing around town day and that is exactly what we did. 
Sarah took me to some of her favorite places in town including Fancy Tiger which she always gushes about on her blog. We went into a few thrift and vintage stores and immediately realized the day before Halloween was a bad time to be looking for vintage. The stores were packed!
After exhausting our shopping energy we grabbed lunch and walked over to courtyard of the Denver Art Museum. It was such a nice spot to sit, chat in the sun, and people watch. Sarah and I had some time to kill so she took me on a little tour of all the places she's lived in the city so far. I really like getting to see things like that. It gives me a better handle on the city I'm visiting.
denver III  denver III
After my tour around Denver, we met up with Sarah's parents for some coffee at Sarah's absolute favorite place in town, Fluid Coffee Bar. And guess what? Guess what they had on the menu? That's right. Mate latte. My first out of house mate latte. I have to say I was really interested to see how someone else was going to make it for me. I liked it! It definitely tasted different than the way I make it, but it was wonderful all the same. 
We sat and chatted with her parents for quite a while. The sun was going in and out behind one of the buildings across the street and Sarah had to remind me why it was getting so chilly every time the sun went away. Apparently in Denver the air doesn't hold any moisture so the only warmth you're really getting is directly from the sun. Very different than growing up with the humidity at sea level. 
denver III
It was such a wonderful day walking around the city and being able to take everything in at an easy pace. I had been to Denver before but this time I saw a completely different side of the city. This was the side of the city that I needed to see. Now I understand why Sarah and Trevor love it so much. It was artsy without being pretentious, environmentally friendly without being smug, and homey without being dull. 
Sarah and I walked across the street to take some outfit shots after her parents headed back to the mountains and I snapped a picture of her with the baby bump. Then back to the house to get ready for dinner. Sarah had really outdone herself, again, when she planned a girls night out at Beatrice and Woodsley. I was so lucky to meet some of her good friends and they were so lovely to me. We talked about all girl topics and enjoyed some amazing food. It was just what I needed. In fact, Sarah had planned a girls night out dinner for me as soon as she knew I needed one, which happened to have been month's earlier. Better late than never. It was perfect. 
We decided to rent a movie that night and settled on The Hunger for some pre-Halloween creepiness. It was interesting to say the least (I read the book in college so I was ready for all the strange to come). Then we all snuggled up (in different rooms) and got some rest for a great Halloween the next day!
Thank you so much for all the wonderful comments on my post All I See last week. I'm still trying to go through and reply to everyone, it might take me a little time. I'm really glad that it sparked conversation like it did, and I can honestly say I  had no idea the reaction I would see. A few of you even kept the conversation going on your own blogs. Check out Amanda, Lauren and Paige's semi-related posts as well. 

By the way, I just found this online but it is definitely the exact message I was trying to get across in my post. Enjoy. All I See  - Kylie Minogue 



myedit said...

The Bump picture... clever!
I need to stop looking at your blog at night because the food pictures always make me hungry....

daer0n said...

Lovely photos, it sounds like you both had a great time. The bump picture, so cute and clever!

I also replied to your post "All I See", such a moving post that I could relate so much too.

Have a wonderful week!

archives said...

oh man the hunger! i havent seen that movie in forever!!! david bowie, catherine denuve (sp?!) and susan can't it be so wrong/right?!

Annie said...

Yummu breakfast. ;) And a beautiful blog! <3

eatsleepwear said...

omg. i want all the beverages in all your post. HAHAHAHAH!!! xo, Kim

eatsleepwear said...

omg. i want all the beverages in all your post. HAHAHAHAH!!! xo, Kim

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