Friday, November 19, 2010

Scenes from a Trip : Denver, CO V

Monday, November 1st - Denver, CO

My last full day in Denver, the day after Halloween, I woke up to Sarah blasting Christmas music from her computer. Very fitting for Sarah, she loves the holidays. For breakfast we had some of the pumpkin bread we had baked the day before. Sarah had work to get done before we headed out to run errands around town, so I sat with Roscoe for a bit.
I peer pressured Sarah into stopping at Fluid again to grab some hot drinks. I went with the Autumn Sweater, which was a combination of ginger and mate teas. Yum. Then we set off to Target via the scenic route so she could further entice me to move to Denver. Sarah and Trevor were trying to finish their basement so I helped look around for some special touches. 
After our Target run we headed to meet up with Zoë for some coffee near her work. Of course I completely forgot to take pictures, but there's some proof here. You would have found out she is much taller than me, and much cooler. We talked for a while about this and that. It's never enough time to get to know someone, especially someone as interesting as Zoë. I wish we would have had more time to chat.  Zoë is an incredibly kind person and I would highly recommend her company to a friend. 
Sarah and I headed back towards downtown and suddenly realized how hungry we were. We went to City, O' City for a delicious late lunch (where I started to take pictures for the day). I chose the black bean burger with avocado and a HUGE helping of fries. I really liked the vibe at City, O' City. Sarah and I looked around and tried to figure out the relationship between all the other couples. There were some interesting ones there to say the least. Father, professor, ...boyfriend?
We went to City Park in Denver to enjoy the end of the day and take some outfit pictures. Then back to the house to change and play with Roscoe. We met up with Trevor and some of their friends at a local bar for the Colts game that night. It was really great to meet so many new people while I was away. The whole time I was fighting this dreadful feeling that I had to leave the next day. We finished off the night with some delicious ice box cake, if I do say so myself, then hugs all around and off to bed!
I'm almost done with my Denver posts. Phew, just in time for Thanksgiving. It's the weekend! I hope you all have a relaxing, fun, and fulfilling one. 



Terri said...

So, how does one make mate?

Fashion Butter said...

Eeeee! I adore Denver. Great food and the people are soooooooooooooooo nice there.

Anonymous said...
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