Monday, November 8, 2010

Scenes from a Trip : Denver, CO

On Thursday, October 28th I hopped on a plane and headed to visit my wonderful friend Sarah and her husband in Denver, Colorado. I had been out to Denver once before, but I knew this time would be much different. Sarah and I had been talking for months about my visit and all the cozy fall things we wanted to pack into the trip. I'm happy to say that we accomplished it all.
On Thursday I packed the car with my luggage as well as Lua's for the coming days. My parents are able to watch Lua for quick trips, but when I go away for longer trips I usual board her. I've used the same place for a while, so Lua's used to the people and the routine there. I made sure to get a few fall pictures of her in the morning fog before we left. The drop off times are very strict so I had to rush from there straight to the airport. I only had an hour before my flight took off! 
Luckily I made it in time and was able to grab a warm drink and some snacks for the first flight. After a layover in Baltimore spent on my phone with this girl, and drooling over these photos, I boarded the flight to Denver. 
On my flight to Denver I exchanged exactly five words with the girl to my right when I dropped a paper clip that landed under her feet. "Oh, that's ok" I said, trying to wave it off so she didn't have to fold into a yoga pose to pick it up. I followed that with a, "Thank you" as she handed it back to me. 
Sarah picked me up from the airport and I almost had a mini heart attack when I saw a blond girl holding up a huge sign in the pickup area. Thankfully it wasn't Sarah. She was pregnantly, patiently standing off to the side. I gave her and her little baby bump a nice long hug. After waiting for my luggage, we got in the car where a very cute Roscoe (Sarah and Trevor's dog) was waiting for me. 
We spent the rest of the night relaxing and chatting. I of course asked for the tour around the house. Sarah set up the guest room for me, it was so cozy! It was great to be so far away and still feel completely comforted. When Trevor got home he made us a delicious dinner of gnocchi with pesto, peas, and carrots. Followed by the duck he made with apricots, pecans, and a sweet dipping sauce. We sat around the dinner table catching up and debating various topics until it was time for bed. I'd say it was a pretty wonderful first half-day in Denver. 
I'll be catching up on all my Denver posts this week. It will be nice to relive my trip over the next few days, especially since there was a freezing rain in New York this morning! I am not ready for the warm fall weather to end yet. Hope you are all keeping toasty and warm wherever you are. You can head over to Sarah's site for a sneak at other days from the trip



Caroline said...

I love the first two photos!!! Hope all is lovely!! XO

The Daily Fashionista said...

Sounds like a fun trip! I hope Lua isn't jealous when she's see photos of you hanging out with another dog;) hehe..

Mikhaila said...

Sounds like a great start to your trip, I can't wait to hear the rest. I love the last picture of the fireplace-so warm and cozy.

Anonymous said...

I've only been to Denver once on a business trip so I really didn't get to explore outside of the city at all. Such a pity because it seems like such a beautiful area of the country. Hope you had fun. Love the puppy pics!


CAITLIN said...

i've always wanted to visit denver, but have never known anyone who lives there! someday... sounds like you had a lovely time. you've been traveling so much lately, lucky girl!

Amber Blue Bird said...

sounds like a fun trip, your pup is too cute. I love that last photos, makes me want to put candles in my fireplace

archives said...

jealous of your trip! ive never been to CO. can't wait to see the rest of your pics!

Becca [Free Honey] said...

Sounds like a fantastic trip so far. You know what, I consider myself a pretty friendly person, but I abhor the idea of having to chat with someone on a plane. I travel once in a while for business, and I've ended up next to some chatty pattys! Yuck. Just leave me a alone with my music and my book. I love the peaceful feeling of being on a plane and not having anything else you could be doing that that moment.

Also, Trevor sounds like a fantastic cook! I'm eating dinner as we speak this, and I'm drooling over your dinner in Denver. My soup isn't holding a candle to it! Can't wait to hear more about your travels. I missed your posts while you were gone. Funny how I become used to hearing from blog friends (via their posts) throughout the week.

Jennifer Louise said...

Lovely post! Looks like you had a great time!

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