Tuesday, November 9, 2010

Scenes from a Trip : Denver, CO II

Sarah is a great organizer. This also makes her an ideal person to visit because she will organize the pants off your trip. Thanks to her I knew exactly what I would be doing my first full day in Denver, what to pack, and just how excited I should get. One of Sarah and Trevor's favorite places for brunch is a restaurant in Denver called Snooze. There were quite a few things I was debating between on the menu, but ultimately I had to go with something from their seasonal section. I ordered their french toast with a cinnamon apple compote topping and basically licked the plate clean. 
denverII  denverII
After we stuffed our faces and released Trevor to a day of work, Sarah and I picked up Roscoe and headed to Boulder, CO for pumpkin picking. Of course we chatted up a storm on the way over. I picked her brain about everything Denver and threw in some random emotional outbursts for good measure. It wouldn't be a car ride with me without some intense personal realizations. 
We went to Cottonwood Farms which ended up being not quite what we had expected. I'm used to seeing moist ground and grass at farms, and this was almost completely dry. I kept asking Sarah "Is this dirt we're walking on...or...what is this?" Apparently they grow the pumpkins elsewhere and then relocate them to the pumpkin picking patch area. Sarah and I had a great time regardless. We walked through the corn maze, along with several rowdy teenage boys, and then set out to find to perfect pumpkin. Sarah almost threw a fit when I told her that I'd never carved a pumpkin before so finding the right one was crucial.  
denverII  denverII
denverII  denverIIdenverII
We made our picks, paid, and started driving towards Sarah's parent's property in Golden, CO. I grew up in a very very flat area, so even the foothills of Colorado are pretty shocking to me. Driving up and into the mountains is one of the moments that has and will continue to stick with me long after the trip was over. 
denverII  denverII
I'm so glad that Sarah took me up to her parents. You don't always get the chance to explore beyond the city limits when you make quick trips to big cities. It gave me such a different perspective on the city of Denver. I'm sure it would be a similar experience for people coming to visiting NYC. If they came to my parents just outside the city for a few hours it might completely change their frame of mind. You can be in the middle of the energy of the city, and then a drive later it's absolute silence. That was true for Sarah and I except for the occasional sounds of shooting in the distance. Practice makes perfect. 
We spent a few hours hiking around and playing with Roscoe before we both (read Sarah is pregnant) got unreasonably hungry. We headed back to Sarah and Trevor's house in Denver, had some snacks and waited until our next move. 
Over dinner the night before we began talking about some of their other favorite places to eat in Denver. They both mentioned Fuel as being an absolute must while I was in town, so we made reservations. I have to say that they were right. The food was mouthwatering and the staff was accommodating of any requests or questions I had. I made the mistake of telling the waitress I was a vegetarian (I eat birds and fish) when I thought I smelt bacon in the appetizer. I had to sneak some of the chicken we ordered for dinner because I had unintentionally lied to her. The food and company were both way above average. I loved being able to talk so openly with Sarah and Trevor about every different thing. They make for some truly wonderful company. 
The end of my first full day in Denver and I enjoyed every minute of it. Goes to show you how important good friends, beautiful surroundings, and delicious food are to make a wonderful day.
Outfit post coming tomorrow!



Mikhaila said...

I love reading about your little trips! It seems like you guys had such a nice time together. I wish I had the ability to go visit good friends who don't live nearby. Maybe I'll make it my new years resolution to save up some money for trip taking. :P

amanda said...

love the pictures!! it makes me want to get the heck out of my little town and go somewhere beautiful. alas, that won't be til christmas and we'll just be going to florida to be with matt's parents for the holiday. which is fun and all but i'd rather do something much more low key than a family trip. oh well. i'll live through you :)

SarahAnn said...

Yay! It's like reliving the fun all over again! :)


I'm glad to see you had such a fantastic trip! I've never been to Denver, but the scenery seems amazing.

Anonymous said...

this is beautiful!!!! ps. stop hiding ur face. we want to SEE it!!!! lol. xo, Kim www.eatsleepwear.com

Amber Blue Bird said...

the scenery is so beautiful and that french toast is making my stomach growl

daer0n said...

Such wonderful photos, it makes me want to go out to take photos of nature and such, too bad our weather is not so photo friendly right now!

archives said...

wow, the mountains are BEAUTIFUL! being from the midwest, i swoon mountains. and that french toast - want!

Matchless Vision said...

What amazing trips you seem to always be on. I envy and adore your photos. Pumpkin picking and french toast...you are one lucky lady. Thank you for lovely comment. I always appreciate your support.

Cubicle Chic said...

I love Snooze! My best friends in Denver took me there when I visited and everything was just so delicious. NYC needs a snooze.

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