Tuesday, November 23, 2010

Scenes from a Trip : Denver, CO VI

Tuesday, November 2nd - Denver, CO

My actual last day in Denver was really only a morning. Sarah had a few early meetings so she left me on my own for the first time during my trip. We hugged goodbye and she was off. I set out my thank you note, ate my pumpkin bread and dragged my feet until I absolutely had to call a cab. The car showed up shortly after. I said bye to Roscoe and headed out the door. 
I arrived nice and early for my flight. As luck would have it I was sent to the same gate I flew out of over a year earlier. This time, my life looked much different and my flying companion was myself. Bye bye mountains. 
First stop was over three hours later. My layover was in Orlando, FL. For those of you who don't know, Denver to Florida to Long Island isn't exactly a direct line. The airport in Orlando was full of families toting around Disney bags and it made me remember how excited I was when my family had gone to Disney when I was a little kid. 
Next a shorter flight from Florida to Long Island and I was home. So tired, so hungry, and pretty darn happy about the amazing trip I had. 
I'm already thinking and salivating about my next potential trip. It's so much easier to think about all your life options when you're away from home. When you go back to what's familiar it's harder to accept there's a difference between your reality and your dreams. Until next time...
Thank you so much Sarah and Trevor for putting me up in your house and showing me around your amazing city! I can't wait until we get to see each other again. There might even be a little Meep running around next time!!
Phew! Back to real time. I'm heading to my parents tomorrow night after work and then it'll be full blown Thanksgiving prepare mode until the big meal. I cannot wait. 



Caroline said...

Have a great Thanksgiving!! Glad you had a great trip! Love the photo of you and your friend ... you both have great style. XO

Charlie, Feminine Bravery said...

lovely photos! glad to hear you had a wonderful trip! relaxing away from home is a great way to think over things in life, but home is where the heart rests.

xxx Charlie
Feminine Bravery

Linda W said...

These have been great posts. What a great way to celebrate your friendship and recap your time together.
I'm also jealous that your plane pictures are so crisp and clear.

The Auspicious Life

amberly said...

I love the shadow of the plane photo and all the pictures that you took during your plane ride! I recently flew back from La Guardia to home and the sunsets so early these days I couldn't see beautiful landscapes, only twinkling lights - which is beautiful too...but I love how you captured your trip! I've really enjoyed reading your Denver posts and how the pictures and your writing really puts me there. I can see you putting the little mouse ontop of your note, then taking a picture, or hugging Roscoe, taking that photo, and "heading out the door." You're an amazing blogger Morgan! One of my favorite things about people is when their stories can actually take me there and yes you do that with photos but your words and understanding and interpretation of everything you experience really pulls me in! :)
Your friends are wonderful people! Can't wait to see Sarah and Trevor's baby pictures!! Have a wonderful Thanksgiving, beautiful! I can't wait to read your post afterward, hehe.

Terri said...

I love the photo with the shadow of the plane, and thank you for the link to so much information on mate. I plan to try it soon.

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