Tuesday, June 1, 2010

Overlook Send Off

(Sorry for leaving you hanging over the weekend. Let's just pretend this post went up as planned on Friday...)

All the visitors left Sunday morning. Kev, Sarah and Trevor. We stuffed everyone back in the car for the trip to trains and planes that would take them off Long Island. It was a bit overcast. Sometimes that type of weather feels really cozy to me.
I’m so glad Sarah and Trevor made the long trek out to visit. It was nice showing them around. I always enjoy having visitors (anyone coming into town anytime soon??). I was upset that I wasn’t able to do more, like make my granola or chocolate chip coconut cookies. Those are usually staples for visitors, but I just didn’t have time! Sorry guys, next visit.
We pulled over for one last girl-on-girl photo shoot at this overlook. You can’t see it through the fog but there is more water past all those trees. It’s a large preserve. I kept telling Sarah to notice how different our flora and fauna are from Colorado’s. She did. Much more beachy. More deer. And definitely more ticks. Ew, ticks. Lua had 5 on her from our walk through the woods on Friday. I hate ticks.
And then we made pretty faces and posed for our respective love interests and forgot all about those stupid bugs, hungry and lurking in the woods behind us. 
It was a weekend packed with adventures. I hope they saw enough and were able to really get a feel for the places I love the most. Sometimes when I travel places I feel like I’m in a fog until the last day and then every thing finally clicks and I’m gone.
Clothing wise, I went for an easy outfit to drive everyone around in. I just got this cape / sweatshirt deal from Modcloth that I have to say is so comfortable and perfect for a foggy cold, snuggle up kind of day. I went for stripe on stripes with the tank and scarf, then more comfort with the moccasins. Tried for easy. 
Sucre Sunglasses, Gap Striped Scarf, Madewell Striped Tank, Sweatshirt Top from Modcloth,
Madewell Jeans, Minnetoka Moccasins
Vintage Belt from my mom, Earrings from Spitalfield Market

That’s the last of the visitors’ vacation posts! I’m going down to visit Kev this weekend (actually I’m posting from here/Delaware).
Trevor and Sarah, thanks so much for coming! I hope you guys had as good a time visiting as I did hosting. Are you missing the sea yet?

Photos courtesy of Kev.
You can find Sarah on her site and on her blog


SarahAnn said...

Yes. Yes. I miss the sea. And the wind. But mostly, I miss you!!!!

Anonymous said...

awww...what a great post! (sarah IS always laughing or smiling, huh?) ;) i'm glad ya'll had a great time!


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