Monday, July 26, 2010

Down by the Bay

down by the bay
Style, July 9th
Kev and I hopped, skipped, and jumped out of bed in the morning. We had already both already been up at 5am. I got up to let Lua out and I believe this is when Kev got his second migraine of the vacation. After all was taken care of we went back to bed and woke up a little later in the morning. We went to the deli for some coffee and then drove down to the bay to take pictures and enjoy the morning. Kev sipped on his coffee, while I walked around in my dress. Then we realized it was in the 90's. And I realized I was wearing nylon. 
down by the bay
On bloggers honor, I changed after this trip to the beach. I threw on a more breathable cotton coverup. The weather was again, on and off. We caught the beautiful morning outside then headed home while some rain storms came through, and back to the beach later in the day when the sun came back out.
...I can't get enough of freckles. 
down by the bay
down by the bay  down by the bay
down by the bay
The Q & A I did for Rachel's blog made me think more about what I'm doing here. I spent some time this weekend (in real time) thinking about my favorite movies, bands, books, bloggers, and what I really want to accomplish. I knew I would be a little uncomfortable starting a blog, but I want to push it further. I want to move outside of what I know to be predictable for myself. And I want to be everything I've always envied. 
down by the bay
down by the bay  down by the bay
down by the bay
down by the bay  down by the bay
down by the bay
JCrew Hat
My Moms Cuff from the 60s, Amber Ring from Portabello Road, Vintage Emilio Pucci Full Slip from 13 Bees

I understand that's a lot to ask for. I also realize it's a gradual process, you know, the whole becoming the person you always envisioned yourself to be thing. There is still so much that I admire in others that I have yet to accomplish. Whether it be style, their outlook on life, or simply the way someone approaches each day. I think it's something I have to constantly remind myself of. It's so easy to fall back into patterns and the ease of what we already know. I want to move forward. I want to stop wanting everything and I want to actually have it. 
down by the bay
down by the bay
Does anyone else struggle with this idea of who they are against who they want to be?
down by the bay
If you're wondering why there are still posts from vacation popping up it's because I made sure I'd have enough for the three week time period I wouldn't be seeing Kev, aka my photographer. The good news is that, I'll see him this coming weekend so next week will be fresh summer outfits and a few surprises.

On an unrelated note, I'm so glad Mad Men is back. 


Santina said...

I constantly struggle with who I am versus who I want to so many ways. With my blog, I really want to be one of the lovely ladies who inspired me to start one in the first place. I try to remind myself that their blogs didn't happen overnight and they worked really hard for the success they now have. In a bigger sense, I find it hard to reconcile the differences between what I expected my life and career to be and what I have actually become and done with myself. I look forward to my upcoming break and thinking long and hard about what I want to do and who I want to become. I love change because it's hope for something new and possibly better.

Pucci on the beach? How glam of you! Next thing we know, Lua will be sporting a Prada collar. :)


joelle van dyne said...

these photos are so lovely! it looks like a very nice, un-crowded beach. i love your dress and hat. ~joelle

Kate said...

You just voiced so many thoughts that are in my head! Blogging has actually made me realize that my style isn't quite what I want it to be, and has definitely made me want to push further. Interestingly, it's also made me want to differ myself from other bloggers, to not conform, and to figure out what my own true personal style is. My blog has taught me that I'm too safe. And I want to work on changing that. Though then there is the fear that people will then think the 'new you' isn't the 'real you' and so on - anyway, all we can do is keep striving to be the best people we can be, and to stay true to ourselves & to our style! Here's to the journey! xo.

Becca said...

It's interesting how much soul searching and self-awareness blogging requires. I've found myself thinking along the same lines in last few weeks. It's difficult to reconcile who you are versus who you want to be, especially when who you want to be is heavily inspired by other people. Although I want success for my blog, and I aspire to develop and enrich my personal style, I want to remain true to myself.

Although there are some incredibly inspirational (and aspirational) ladies out there in the blogosphere, I want success and creativity on my own terms, which I believe is a lot harder than going down the path of strict imitation. I think starting a blog was definitely the first step in your journey towards becoming your better future self (I suppose that goes for both of us). Now I think the rest of the journey is just going to take some more time and plenty of hard work!

Mikhaila said...

I definitely have some of the same feelings you do. I want SO much more out of life but sometimes feel stuck. If you ever feel like talking, you know where to find me! ;)

Anonymous said...

i heart this post. i want to see more of kev (we talked about this today.) i love that he was sipping coffee and you were wearing the beach...on a hot summer day. nice try trying to make it look fall-ish outside. rude, actually. but alas...i heart you and this post. :)

Chiho said...

Love the dress! so cute:]

I came here from chictopia, and I love your blog! Now I follow it.

Please visit my blog and follow it~;]

Fifth Sparrow said...

wow... are you me?? Lol! The big dog, the internal struggles and the big floppy hat... geeze it's like looking in a mirror! I love your blog, I'll definitely be back so of course I'm a new follower!

And I'm learning to enjoy the trip to being who I'm supposed to be. I mess up constantly, but I also learn from each mistake. Hopefully I'll look back in a few years and see how far I've come. xx

wowowowzah said...

Hey girl! so nice and inspiring blog u have ! :] Like your style and I love when dogs are included on posts :DD I have a dog Bichon Frise and his sometimes in my posts!

If u like, we can follow each other?

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